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23 hours ago

Good hiking and there are challenges in landscape and following the trail signs. There is very little shade so be mindful especially if you are taking your dog. Your dog must be in shape to get through this hike and there are places you will need to unleash them to get over boulders or obstacles so be sure to have a great recall for your dog. Not a hike for dogs under 50 pounds.

1 day ago

Easy for Beginners... First trip with the kids they enjoyed the Hike except the Lack of Shade on the way up but it was a quick 35 minutes up with a few stops to rest and hydrate...

$7 entrance fee. More like a little nature walk with lack there of “waterfall” at end.

I dont care for desert scenery too much, and while this isn't exactly forrest its a nice compromise being so close to town. This hike is classified under hard but I feel most anyone in shape would have no real problem with this trail, as long as you come hydrated and bring water!

this app isn’t working for me..it keeps flipping to the pro version which i don’t want

11 days ago

It was a good trail to start with. Most of it is in the sun, not a lot of shade until you reach the waterfall area. There isn't much climbing, so very easy on the knees and hips. There was a small flow from the waterfall so that was nice to see.

23 days ago

I like this trail. Most of the climbing is at the end (or half way through as it’s a there and back trail) but the reward is the shade by the falls and it’s also great when there is water running but that’s not too often.

Great trail. Lots of vertical. Saw lots of wildlife.

love this trail . great for beginners.

Waterfall not always present. Nice, not over groomed, trail.

1 month ago

I decided to try out this trail since it appears on a trail race in the Spring. Late August early morning hike. The initial climb had me hiking vs jogging. Once you get to marker 2 (going counterclockwise) I could have jogged it but decided to enjoy the new area. Overall a great hike. Can't believe I've lived in the area for 16 years and this was my first time hiking. Should have started getting in shape years ago now seeing what I read missing...

Nice easy trail if you just want a nice walk.

Nice easy trail. Well taken care of.

I did this one in June 2018..it was a 106F and it was a test of my endurance and will power, but it made me take up serious hiking..you need to be in good shape to do this in the heat. I went through 2 gallons of water , 4 bananas, 2 energy bars and 2 cans of bloody mary mix doing this and I was absolutely beat by the time I was done..

1 month ago

Definitely challenging if you hike all the way to the summit and back. I brought 2 liters and 2 bottles of water and I ran out 1/3 of the way back down. So be prepared! Don't try making it to the summit during the summer, during the afternoons it becomes super hot and there's little to no shade on the hike. Great hike though White Tanks!

2 months ago

Easy access and decent walk. Waterfall area was worth the less than two mile walk.
Update: $7 park access.

Great vistas, moderate elevation changes, and mule deer on named trail and a mountain lion in parking lot at library.

Good “walk at lunch time “ trail.

3 months ago

It was tough at the beginning but doing it in the morning made it easier. Saw multiple deer groups and other wildlife!! A hike worth your $7 and more. It was summer so we started at 5:00am, I would say start at 4:30!

This hike is beautiful, definitely the most gorgeous trail I’ve been on in the Valley thus far. It has a variety of terrains you traverse; from switchbacks to a little bit of scrambling, and multiple miles of walking too. There is something for a variety of hiking experiences.

UPDATE: You can’t start at 4:30am due to the gate being closed — 5am is the earliest start time.

One of the few trails in the greater Phoenix area that offers descent/elevation gain. Pretty good for backpacking/distance hiking training, most of the elevation gain occurs early in the trail.

This was a good hike, not to hard, great workout.

Love this trail for it's diversity. Beware during the spring and summer, there is a significant increase in rattlesnake traffic. The switch backs in the wilderness part of the trail will provide a hiker with the most solitude. I'm usually the only person on this part of the trail. if you are lucky, you might she see a deer, fox, havelina...There is only a water source at the trailhead. .hike will take you through the typical desert landscape, boulders, a 8' wall to scale, dry dam, sandy river bed, wilderness switch backs, great view of the city in the distance. ..I enjoy this trail early in the morning, around 5:30 am or 6am to avoid the heat and any possible traffic from other hikers...

4 months ago

I believe that this is the most challenging trail at White Tanks because of the distance and the gradual climb in the beginning. Be prepared in the summer with lots of water and trail snacks. There is no water supply on the trail. This trail is not as diverse as the Ford Canyon trail, but easier to follow the trail. Cell coverage might be a problem. This hike will take you very close to the towers in top of the mountain. ..not a well traveled trail..after first mile or two, I'm always the only one on the trail.

4 months ago

Did the Ford Canyon loop from the bike/horse staging area, out past Willow, and onto the Mesquite back. That bumped the hike up to about 11 miles. No individual part of the hike is particularly challenging; there are a fair number of level portions, none of the inclines or scrambles are technical, and all of the switchbacks are pretty mild. However, the number of times you encounter these things over the distance is what bumps this into the "hard" range. There were three or four different hills to climb via switchback distributed throughout the loop.

I don't condone ever skimping on water, but in regards to the recommendation for 3+ liters, I went with only three and had about a liter left when I finished, and I sweat a lot. There are definitely people who sweat more than I do though, so measure at your own risk.

Took about 4.5 hours with a couple of breaks to photograph the scenery. Started at 7:30, which was a mistake, because I finished at noon to a pleasant 107 degree temperature. Go early!

Not your typical trail. The lack of clear trail in the wash area and especially the big white boulders area climbs add a stress factor to be ready for.

very nice friendly little Trail about half of it is paved the last half is a little bit of climbing but really minor it's an easy Trail good for families

4 months ago

5 months ago

Hikes this trail today (5/10/18) with a class of 4th graders.

Easy hike..paved half way with solid dirt trails.

Last portion are cut out rock steps and a few large boulders.

Gentle incline kn several spots.

A lot different from 20 years ago when I was here last.

5 months ago

Easy hike, go during the week. Usually overly crowded on the weekends. Rude city hikers, trashing trails, trashing rest sites instead of walking 5ft to a trash can and trampling vegetation off the trails.

easy hike nice all around. the waterfall area is a great place to chill.

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