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Great easy hike. I won’t be doing this trail again only because it was too easy for me and there wasn’t any running water at the time. Also heard it’s packed when the water really starts to flow. Other than that I’d recommend it to anyone who is just starting off hiking or wants to get in a little cardio on the way back up.

I loved this trail! There wasn’t much water when I went so I’ll definitely be going again. A lot of flat hiking then a lot of incline towards the end.

Great hike in Tucson! It’s fairly sleep and off putting at the beginning but it was definitely worth it. I loved seeing how the flora and fauna and the geology changed as you went up the. Went mid July, started around 8am and caught the start of a monsoon around noon. There isn’t any cover so be prepared during monsoon season!

horseback riding
23 hours ago

Beautiful desert county. Lots of wildlife curious about the ponies.
Pretty dense and narrow in places.
Some hairy spots where I felt more comfortable to dismount my mare and lead her.

It was hard, but amazing views and at the end the Seven Falls!

Great hike. As some of the other reviewers stated we also ran into a mountain bike rider. However very nice and shared the space with no problems. We started the hike with other hikers on the trail however there are so many off-shoots to this trail we ended up not seeing any other hikers. The trail is well marked and easy to follow. There is not a lot of shade so the temps can get warm. Plan on hiking early and bring lot's of water.

Went out today for an afternoon hike. The trail is in great shape. There was a lot of water today. We were able to swim at the pools at the falls. Lots of frogs and lizards on the trail today.

Lots of wildlife since monsoon season has started. We just went an hour in, hour out. It was evening. Came across a rattlesnake in the middle of our path; he wouldn’t let us cross him so we had to make our own way around to get back. Trail was clear. Only two spots where it was narrow enough that the brush touched us. Didn’t see any goats this time but it was highly trafficked for being so close to sunset. A must do and easy trail for anyone!

I don't really have anything to share that others have not expressed already. Take plenty of water. My biggest piece of advice is to preplan your trip here! My brother and I hiked this as it sits right outside his neighborhood. The views are great and you will be rewarded for your efforts just plan ahead and familiarize yourself with the route beforehand otherwise you may/will get frustrated with the lack of directions. I would wear a good hiking shoe, he lent me a pair of his as I only had cross trainers and couldn't believe the difference it made.

Awesome workout, I enjoy watching planes takeoff and land while listening to Air Traffic Control on my phone. This hike restores my faith in humanity, seeing so many families out working out together and trying to get in shape. This hike is definitely not easy!

Super refreshing swim at the top! I enjoyed this hike. The best part was it wasn’t crowded!

Awesome refreshing swim at the top! Can’t beat it!

9 days ago

The views were great but the end of the trail isn’t very cute. I expected something else I guess

No water yet. We found tadpoles in some small puddles. Make sure you bring extra water. Very fun and easy hike. Can’t wait to go back! My 8 year old did great

Beautiful views! Nice easy hike. Watch out for mountain bikers if you are hiking or walking a dog. They are respectful but can come up fast if you’re not expecting it.

13 days ago

If you are looking fora work out, this is the hike you want. Summer get really hot in Tucson, so 630 to 730 is a good window to scape the Tucson hot weather. I loved it.

As many times as I have done this trail, it doesn’t get easier but by far my favorite trail!! Happy lucky Sunday, saw big horn at pretty close distance, 8 of them!! And a Gila monster at the top!! Well worth my Sunday!!

15 days ago

The best cardio workout you can get in an hour! Dawn is my favorite time as it's beautiful and you can beat the crowds. Tons of wildlife and I regularly see deer, javelina, coyotes and rabbits. It's paved but could be hard on your knees on the way down. Stunning views from the top! Totally recommend!

fairly easy trail rocky most of the time. beautiful scenery once past the homes. took me and my younger boys about 3 hours with a couple short breaks. shady 80% of the time coming in if your hiking in early.

Good views. Relatively easy trail. Only took about an hour.

I don't mind the sights and sounds of the nearby city. Beautiful views that change a lot through the course of the hike. Lots of saguaro including young saguaro. Great views of downtown Tucson.

One of the tougher trails in the Tucson area. The cooler option hangs a left and back-countriez up to the gaurd above finger rock.

20 days ago

Pretty difficult but totally worth it. Took me four hours. My iPhone recorded 7.5 miles for the trail.

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21 days ago

I spent a lot of time trying to stay on the actual trail very poor job they have done at marking it. Past the second set of pools trail seems to end. I wandered around for awhile finally able to find out that you cross the creek to the right and the trail picks up again. I had this happen multiple times. I made it in about 7 miles and determined that I wouldn’t have enough light or water left to finish the 18 mile loop. The first half of the 18 miles is majorly up steep inclines so plan accordingly for water. I had 6 liters to start, probably needed another 2-3 if I would have done whole trail. After first set of pools I saw no one, which is what I like. Overall I liked the hike because it was a good challenge, good inclines no people. Hells gate is the hardest one I’ve done so far, which really isn’t what I would call that difficult. This trail is definitely challenging. I will be back next Saturday to conquer it. This time no more wasting time with finding the trail.

Easy hike for my kids!

Steep at times and the heat can make it that much more challenging. Bring plenty of water, take breaks, and be ready to be in the sun the entire time. Levels off after a while and the hike is easier. Headed towards the falls, but they had dried up. Some great views on the way back down.

25 days ago

Great hike. Obviously better when it is cooler. Went early to beat the heat. Lots of flies this time of year (June). Long sleeves and hat helped.

Just hiked this trail on the 24th . No running water, just some standing pools; despite that it was an absolutely beautiful hike. Watching the sunrise over the mountains as you're in the canyon makes getting up really early worth it!

28 days ago

Started at 5:45 in the morning and the trail was busy. Not sure what hasn't already been said about the route. Definitely felt the burn on the way up and the downhill bothered one of my knees but I probably would have been ok if not for doing Mt. Lemmon yesterday. The trail signs gave me an excuse to stop and catch my breath. LOL. Crowds were a little much on the way down and I don't understand large groups that hog the path by walking side by side. But, all in all, was a good heart pumper before my drive home.

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