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16 hours ago

Do NOT try to go the whole way to the falls with dogs. There are very large boulders that make it extremely difficult for them and for you. This was a very fun hike and the falls are beautiful. I will definitely do it again WITHOUT my dogs. Also wear closed toed shoes. Chacos or tevas might seem like a good idea because of the water but the sand and small rocks will get into them and make it a very unpleasant hike.

This was my first real hike since moving to Tucson. I did this in mid August with a group of about 12 or so. We started about 7:45am and were at the pools by 8:55am. It was physically and even mentally exhausting to get there, but man was it worth it. There was a section where the water was 10 feet deep and some of the guys in the group were jumping off the cliff into the water. One needs to do some scaling of the steep and smooth side walls to be in a position to enter and exit the deep water sections. Water was cold but felt good after the hike. I decided to take it slow and take pictures on my return journey, so that took about 2 hours to complete, mainly downhill on the way back. I'll return but probably won't want to do it solo though.

23 hours ago

If you're new to Tucson and this whole region of the world like me, and fairly active, this is a great trail to get accustomed to doing cardio in Tucson outdoors. I have joined a fairly large group of exercisers that go up and down the hill early in the morning before work and catch the sunrise. It's taking about 25 minutes to walk from the bottom to the top and 15-20 minutes back down. I see many joggers as well. I'd assume they complete faster although. The second uphill stretch is a steeper incline and the pavement is grainier than the first part which is pretty good. There are folks going up and down with strollers but they all recommend the 3-wheel running strollers. I see that mountain biking is listed in one of the tags here, I've never seen a person with a bike. Today morning I saw a runner had fallen face forward running downhill, I can't imagine how a bicycle can be safely handled here.
My first time I went up was actually during a summer afternoon (albeit rain clouds were coming in) and I didn't see anyone until the top where I saw a girl doing yoga perched on one of the rocks overlooking the city. I did some sun salutations the next time from the same rock during a sunrise, it felt pretty epic. Otherwise though it is really busy during sunrise and sunset even on weekdays. Making this climb a daily habit has helped me find a non boring cardio option that's high intensity but not shattering on the joints and bones, and also has prepped me for the other longer hikes in the Tucson area.

1 day ago

Great trail for jogging and sight seeing! Would do again!

2 days ago

A great hike! The Super trail as it raps around the south side of the summit is a little over grown right now, so bring pants. Also be mindful for snakes and large predators, We found quite a bit of large predator skat, looked like bear and mountain lion.

5 days ago

6 days ago

Awesome hike. Water wasn't too high but crossing the stream took some time to find the right way to cross each time. The falls were beautiful!

Beautiful trail! The super trail runs along a stream and it has wonderful views!