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Tucson, Arizona Map

Great views of Tucson most of the way. Really awesome view from the top. Watch your feet and hold on to your hat. It was pretty windy at the top and I biffed it 3 times along the way. Still a nice hike.

Great views, not that hard for a disabled 60 y/o with two bad replaced hips to hike by taking it easy.
Trail is easy to navigate.

Lovely little trail with a peaceful place to sit at the end, but the last section isn’t marked well. If you go all the way to the end, it’s a bit difficult to pick up the trail on the way back.

Just shy of 4 hours round trip. Like other said this trail starts moderate but the last mile is pretty tough. If you're not used to loose rock trails you'll want to take it slow or you might slip in several places. Nice views of the whole Tucson area but the peak itself isn't all that interesting a place in my opinion. Also, the trail is marked well and very easy to follow.

1 day ago

Great training or exercise hike. It does get busy, but the more the merrier. The view of Tucson from the top is amazing.

Easy and not so long Trail
Beautiful day on december
Superb trees and cristal water

Easy to hike with good elevation gain. You can park at sanctuary cove and head to the trailhead which is right by Sundance event center. There really is no hiking at the trailhead so you have to walk about 100 yards from Sanctuary cove parking.

Pleasant hike off the main road that runs through Catalina State Park. There is an immediate elevations change via man made steps... Beautiful views... variety of cactus . .

I did this hike solo in just under 5 hours. It was absolutely stunning. The scenery was amazing. The hike isn’t technical or overly difficult, just long and sunny. Bring lots of water and lunch so you can eat it atop Wasson Peak and enjoy the view.

3 days ago

Took a December hike up King’s Canyon and did the loop for some variety on the way back down. While the climb up got the heartrate going, it was a hike for all age groups. The loop is a bit longer than the out and back, but seeing the west side of the ridge in the late afternoon light was totally worth it. Absolutely no sun cover, so bring a hat and 2 liters of water per person. Cacti are massive!

elivation gain is more high-moderate in my opinion, but the pay out at the end of the trail is so worth it!! make sure to climb down to the left to see majority of the pools, missed them the first time I did the hike!

one of my favorites! never disappoints. water makes it such a gorgeous trail. good for summer (if appropriately prepared with water, hat, and sunscreen!!) or winter.

3 days ago

Great trail, we did it with our dog. Flora is just beautiful

Loved the trail. New to the hiking scene in Tucson but could completed this trail in 3ish hours. Like all the other reviews said, keep going till you see a sign that says this is the end of the trail ! All the sweat is worth it ;)

4 days ago

Quick, but steep- a good workout you can do in about an hour or so. I always go at night for the (almost!) 360 city lights scenery. Around this time of year (early winter, late fall) there’s a lot of people around 5-7 pm even though it’ll be pitch dark.

Super easy trail that runs next to a small creek.

5 days ago

Some really nice moments on this trail. Starts with a climb that tops out quickly with some great views all around before heading into the canyon. Shady section near the springs with huge old cottonwoods is really beautiful. Overall, though, as other reviewers have noted, it felt like there wasn't really a destination, just a point where hiking over the rocks has worn you out and you decide to turn around. Feet took a beating on this one, even with boots...very rocky.

5 days ago

Great trail on the Northeast side of Tucson, ascending up into Pima Canyon. The trail was very narrow at times as trees, grass and vegetation grow onto the trail (yes, trees!)

Didn’t see much wildlife although I know there is a lot around. Beautiful day, mid 60’s and bright sunshine. Trail was heavily travelled, we saw lots of people.

on Rock Wren Trail

5 days ago

first of all, a WARNING: the "alltrails rock wren trail is NOT a loop! It's a beautiful, rocky, but mostly easy trail that ends 2,4 mile from its trailhead. if you want to get back to the parking lot from whence you came you will need to turn around and go back on the rock wren trail another 2.4 miles. there are several other trails you will encounter that you can create some kind of a loop for yourself out of when you start out, but the tucson mountain county park map at the trailhead clearly shows the rock wren trail NOT to be a loop. why alltrails calls it that beats me. if you leave for a short hike a little late in the day thinking the trail is a loop you could wind up spending the night on the trail.

6 days ago

Wonderful hike, gorgeous scenery. Well-marked trail and not too much people traffic. I took the paved road up to the turnaround (tram Stop 9) then continued onto the zigzag trail to get on Phoneline. Stunning views. Definitely raises your heart rate!

This was a good one, we saw mountain climbers and had great views. We also found the abandoned house. We took our dogs and really had a great time. In the beginning you walk through a really nice neighborhood and you meet the trail at the end of the black top road. ...

Underestimated this hike; started at 9am, 6 hours to The Window (totally worth it) and another 3h 45m descent (hiking the last hour by moonlight and iPhone flashlight). Bring sandwiches.

Wear pants as the trail is super narrow and over grown, not to mention rocky and rugged...and know that every plant out there is sort of trying to kill you.

This was an intense hike! Gorgeous views! I’m assuming hiking sticks are suggested to alleviate some of the leg strain. Don’t discount the altitude gain, I was certainly very winded on the way up by mile 2. Keep all trails map handy, met a few others who’d wandered off trail like we had. In total, our out and back was 10.8miles :) very easy to keep walking and miss the actual trail. Took us less than half the time to go back down-which I didn’t find difficult. Trail is rocky and overgrown. I suggest sleeves/gloves, pants or socks. I slid my hand on a few cactus. Bring tweezers!

Great easy fun hike. Able to do without any problems being 7 and a half months pregnant :]

trail running
8 days ago

Easy trail that I was able to run. The trail is relatively narrow though, so there were some areas where I momentarily wandered off into the washes. Beautiful hike with amazing views. Would highly recommend.

Great loop drive! You can spend an hour or all day...

Took kings canyon trail up to Wasson Peak and took this trail down to golden gate road , where we had a ride pick us up and take us back to vehicle at kings canyon entrance , this was a lot of fun to go this way, provided you have a ride. I will do this trail from beginning to end soon instead though.

Great trail, annoying small rocks for about 3/4 mile in the beginning , but rest of trail is great to top!

11 days ago

Beautiful trail, loved how I could watch the vegetation change with the elevation. I did this with my pack and camped at Juniper Basin. Definitely cold and subject to cloud cover this time of year (December), but no one else was out there so I had Tanque Verde peak to myself.

Loved the hike.
Went there twice and will do so again next trip.

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