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Great hike! In the summertime, I'd recommend hiking this in the morning for obvious heat reasons. This loop is quite varied in its vegetation and granite boulders. You follow Mint Creek most of the way, and at times the creek is quite full, so water shoes would serve you here. It was not full when we went though, despite it being monsoon season. Lots of wildflowers, trees, boulders, slight ups and downs--an easy hike but it still makes you feel like you accomplished something. I think kids would love this trail too, since they can explore the creek and spot tadpoles :). Trails go in all sorts of directions here, so it's easy to find yourself on a different trail, but it all connects back to the same parking lot and it's all beautiful! Highly recommend!

Nice short easy hike. Great view of the surrounding area.

I liked this alternative to Sabino Canyon......

This is my favorite hike in the valley. It is a good challenge and you can also backpack on top flatiron.

13 hours ago

This is a great beginner hike to get in shape.

Nice introduction to trails in Tucson . Interesting hike with every kind of iconic cactus you could imagine.

Great hike. Not a lot of shade going down. Switchbacks and plenty of water stations on the way up. Challenging full day hike. Start before sunrise and rest at Phantom Ranch. Classic hike.

Beautiful day hike. Plenty of rest stops and water stations along the way. Highly recommend if at the South Rim and you're looking for a great and challenging day hike.

I did it today, it’s really nice but bring a lot of water with you

The view at the end his so nice, it was the best hike of my life !!!!

Lots of ATV use and little side cuts from them.

so beautiful!

No parking on the east side.

Our favorite trail in Phoenix.

Nice nature walk if you have young children.

Awesome hike. Well marked unless you're myself on the way down. Definitely for more experienced hikers or more driven people in general. Beautiful views of wildlife and the city.

It was a good hiked! Bring lots of water. I had 2l with me and it was enough to get back. We started the hiked at 12:15p and we got back spot on at 5:15p. Along the way you’ll see the pictures of the 19 firefighters, it was a heartfelt walked. Once you get to the observation deck which is the vista of the mountain, it was a 2.50 miles marked, then its time to go down the hill for .63 mile to get to the monument where their body was found. The .63miles was the journey when they were running down the mountain for safety, unfortunately ☹️.
I loved how they designed the monument. It was worth it for me to go down there and see how it was. Do not give up while you’re already in the vista! Take the journey down just like the HOTSHOTS. The .63 miles is nothing, it will only take you 25 minutes to get back to the vista. Just do it!
You only have 2l of water in your back. They’re with you along the way! ENJOY!!!!

1 day ago

Great hike that leads you on two adventures. Go up to the top and then hike down to the river. Parking is in the middle. Lovely day!

1 day ago

Love this hike. The views are worth it. Only downside is how busy it is at the top. People will stand in line to have their solo moment on the bridge and literally just make people wait until their 50 spread photo shoot is over. Unless you're like me and you walk across the bridge to sit at the end of it, out of their picture. Sorry, not sorry.

Highlight of our trip! If you love climbing and exploring, this trail is for you! A very easy 3 mi out and back trail that has a huge payoff at the end! Highly recommend climbing up into the rocks and exploring around. So beautiful and you feel like you’re on a different planet.

Very easy to get off the main trail! We were off track for about 30 minutes. If you ever question “is this the trail?” You’re not on it!! The main trail is about 3 ft wide the whole way. Pretty easy to cross the creek - need some balance at some parts. Would recommend wearing hiking boots and bring plenty of water!

Easy walking trail mostly on red sand. Highly recommend climbing the rock wall at the end of the trail - AMAZING views of Sedona!

Great for a quick cardio sesh with some very nice views at the top.

We did the full 11 mike loop. Gorgeous and easy to follow the trail. So many mosquitos! TONS. I’ll be back when there are no mosquitos! Hike wasn’t too hard. We hiked it clockwise ...about 5.5hrs with breaks

it definately has opportunity to try different trails. it does spider off and connect to other trails randomly. the trail makes you feel like you're in the middle of the desert but you know that the freeway is close by. I have run into a snake before, no big deal. the wild life is very scarce. great starting area!

My first time hiking this trail...and LOVED it!! What I learned:
1) Trail is rocky, wear comfortable, supportive HIKING shoes, your feet will appreciate it. Take water shoes or sandals (Teva is my favorite) for when you’re ready to jump in the swimming holes
2) Have PLENTY of water to drink!! When you think you have enough, take some more. Other option is to fill your water bottle at the spring.
3) Watch our for critters...2 fellow hikers saw rattle snakes and 1 saw a tarantula...I got lucky and saw a deer.
4) The sun can be a bit brutal so make sure you have a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses
5) Pace yourself on the way back up, take breaks in shady areas (when you can find one), the trail is exposed to the sun
6) Pack light snacks
8) Have fun!! Happy hiking!!

2 days ago

Great trail. Tougher than we thought it would be, but we are fairly new to hiking. Bring more water than you think you’ll need! Ran into a few that ran out of water before they even made it to the crack. Loved the swimming hole.

This trail is very nice and finished by a waterfall !! We took 3h to reach it. At the crossing roads between "Spring" and "Dam", the first one is a little bit longer and you have to cross the river just before the fall but the trail has more shadow and follow the river. Bring a lot of water (we have 3 liters per person), because the return climbs.

Great trail, quite a challenge one you pass the hat and hit the paved trail up. Take your time.

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