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Pretty steep but fun!

easy and causal hike

It is a nice walk but half the trail is closed off at the moment due to construction =( The park is beautiful and there is fishing on the lake.

my 4 year old and I did it in flip flops. great view of Tempe and ASU. will do it again.

Loved this it was easy and fun

I utilize this mountain for a quick cardio session..it takes about 5-10 mins from the bottom to the top of the paved part..u can climb higher using the stairs if you want. I try to do 2-3 up & downs on the paved part only..they have a little paved way where ppl go sprints or walking lunges up. This is kid friendly too. My 3 year old broke her femur..i month out of her body cast she was hiking this with me..at her checkup the dr said her bone fully healed and no physical therapy was needed..

Awesome incline/cardio workout. Great for pictures at the top then you can either hangout a bit and look at your surroundings or head back down. Super quick!

As stated, nice inclined walk for "urban hiking". It's covered in garbage at the top.

not a hike just a nice little walk lots of trash at the top :c

Short, simple hike. Pretty steep at some parts, but not too bad due to how short it is.
Beautiful view over the city!

This trail does not go all the way around. The bridge to cross over does not have a way back on the trail on the other side of the lake. At least not right away, hard to see since there’s construction going on. Hope this makes sense. I’ll try and take a pic for reference

Great trail to drink a 40 and smoke a j.

1-11-2018 Great Incline Workout....Urban Hiking!

Nice morning hike!

Solid for views, not really a hike though.

Beautiful sunset

Easy climb for a view if you don’t like to hike

Fairly easy trail but steep in some parts. Once off the trail it's rocky in some parts but with some nice views. I did it at sunrise and sunset.

A neat view! Not a particularly challenging trail and with all of the railings and built-in stairs this is less hiking and there isn’t really a summit... just a cell tower with the gate closed. It gets your blood flowing though but again, nothing fancy.

road biking
7 months ago

The best cycling path in Pheonix/metro in my opinion. Slower pacing around the lake due to it's popularity but as soon as you get north of the lake you can open up on the peddles. The path skirts along three long and skinny golf courses and several parks for something interesting to look at for the duration of the ride.

90% of the trail opts to go under the roads rather than making you use the cross-walk so better flow to it, less stopping than the canal rides.

Connects to "Grand Canal" and "Arizona Canal".

Fun, first hike I did in AZ. Not too hard but steep at times

great for running

great for a quick steep hike

Great for hill running or beginner hikers. very short walk but steep incline. Half of trail is paved.

7 months ago

Great work! Be aware the trail is pretty steep. Many uneven steps to get to the peak but great views. Short but yet effective!

8 months ago

De passage pour le travail ! Parfait pour un coucher de soleil express !!!

Easy peasy. Good views of Tempe, and even downtown Phoenix from here, and I love the downtown Tempe/ASU area.

trail running
8 months ago

Nice, quick and challenging for an uphill run. Try running without stopping. I prefer running this after getting done with the gym. Even nice to just walk up it.

It's a semi-iconic walk up a short path that puts you right next to some radio towers. If you are a local I suggest you "hit it and quit it" if you feel left out because you're the only person in your group of friends that hasn't done it.

Definitly not a must do for an actual hiker. Easily accessible from Mill where you can get loaded on the cheap after conquering this "Mountain".

This is a fairly straightforward trail. I actually hiked it, spur of the moment, with a friend, in sandals and a dress with no problems. It is a really short trail, but there is a great view of Tempe from the top. There are paved sections, which kind of took away from the outdoorsy feel. But it’s good for a quick hike if you’re already in the area. I certainly wouldn’t drive a far distance to hike this trail though.

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