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very easy hike

Super easy but nice views from top.

New to the valley and waited for a cool day to try this and loved all the amazing rock formations. The backside of the loop seems like a bushwhack but you can see the main trail so it’s easy to stay on course.

The trail and red rock make the hike very picturesque! The stairs are an interesting sight but that’s where the positives end. The trails really provide no real challenge, the entire park and trails are covered in glass from broken beer bottles. Completely underwhelming hike. Wouldn’t recommend

Lots of fun and beautiful nature

Little to no shade. recommend doing it early in the AM or late at night during summer months. Fats Man Pass and the tunnel were fun to explore! I did this with 3 friends of mine. It took us awhile due to the heat and time of day. bring lots of water

So fun. Always try to hike here when it’s raining because the water flows are amazing! Just a great short hike!

This trail is great for kids. Took my 6 yr old there and he was entertained the entire time. The rock structures are really fun (tunnels, sliding rocks, ...). We did make it a day-long picnic trip though since it is pretty long (well, with a 6 yr old ...).
Highly recommanded (but not in summer !)

Joke of a trail especially around 4am. Fun little hike at night with really nice views at the top. Bring lots of water, you'll need it!!!

I started hiking South Mountain in June and have loved every minute of it. From the steep climbs to flat ground, I definitely get a good workout. The views are incredible in the early morning hours.

Great hike! Neat view of the valley. The morman trail itself is easy to follow, the loop part is not very well marked in my opinion. Definitely good to have a map on hand and extra water.

Not difficult, but a great trail through the South Mountain area with lots of offshoots for different trails. I did get off trail somehow, but due to lots of people around and high visibility, I wasn't concerned. I'll definitely do this one again!

This part of the trail is well built, and even has a lot of lights if you want to use it at night. Like a previous commenter said, it's not easily apparent how to take the entire loop, due to the construction. I actually continued on past the main parts of the trail in both directions as you can see in my recording. It was a nice bike ride. Outside of this main trial section, the trail is not always amazingly scenic or anything- lots of ugly electric posts. :(

Good easy inner city hike.

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easy casual

great hike anytime

Great for a quick cardio sesh with some very nice views at the top.

Great trail to take the pup on!

Short and steep! Not really a hike but worth doing I guess. Good views from the top. Paved road most of the way. I doo this trail when I needs something quick but still want to work hard. It’s only easy because of the distance. It is steep so keep that in mind.

Great trail! It's probably best to go in the winter but I went in the summer and it wasn't too bad (bring lots of water though!) I recommend going early in the morning otherwise you will lose the little shade there is on the traim. The tunnel is awesome and I love the saguaro like usual. Definitely a beginner's hike and can be done in a couple hours even with some breaks.

I’m an avid hiker so I found this trail very easy. It’s a good workout and has some great views of downtown.

Nice challenge for a beginner level. The Classic Trail rocky terrain made it cool. I hiked today, while cloudy and windy.

I will definitely hike this again.

not much of a challenge.. had to jog it or venture off and go up mountain side without paths just to feel my heart rate increase. Over all pretty though.

Great Hike beginning at 5:00 am in time for the sunrise! It was beautiful and a great first mile plus incline workout...Moderate Hike with awesome rock formations. No washrooms on site, but plenty of parking, Water and Picnic Tables.

Great hike, and beautiful scenery. We were able to enjoy a rare rainy day in June. I can't understand why people will not clean up after their dogs, the trail had alot of dog crap on it.

Pretty steep but fun!

easy and causal hike

A good little trl. Pretty exposed.

This is my favorite trl in the Valley to take friends and guests too. Not too difficult. Cool sights at the top. Not too long. I am a fan.

It’s easy to get turned around once you are at the top. I’d suggest taking the alltrl app to make sure you don’t end up on the National trl.

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