Nice trail. Need 4x4 for the second half due to monsoons washing parts of the road out. Stock 4x4 should have no problem. Beautiful views along the way.

Beautiful plants, flora and landscape. Trails are marked very clearly, reccomend to hike the full loop. Shaded in some areas, not much uphill walking, great for birdwatching as well. $15 fee per person. Restrooms available, bring your own water & snacks especially if doing the full loop. Great spot for families.

Beautiful. Loved exploring this place. So many unique things to see along the way.

ohv/off road driving
1 month ago

Went on 4-7-20. Beautiful trail. So many plants and trees to look at. I would call this more of a walk than a hike. The creek was running. We saw lots of birds and butterflies. Some areas are very shaded, but some areas offered no shade. It’s worth the $15 dollars and the hour and a half drive from Phoenix.

Nice trail. Easy hike.... Road to trail pretty rough.... I wouldn’t take a low profile vehicle.... The trail is pretty boring at first but hang in there the creek is beautiful!!

Definitely suggest the guided tour along wirh this one

One of my favorite spots on earth. Always a nice walk, excellent for pictures.

no shade
washed out
2 months ago

Wife and I did a 3 day trip up to Reavis From Rogers Trough. Had to park a mile form the trail as there is a very muddy inclined section just before Rogers trough that my truck (2WD) could not pass. So parked just below it and hiked to the trail head. The Fire devistation is extensive on the trail up. There is limited to no shade.. in addition, fall and winter rains caused extensive washouts and damanged a lot of the trail, making large sections of the path very rocky. At this time there is a LOT of water in the area. Round trip, we counted 104 times we crossed streams and creeks. Combined I would rate this as difficult right now with the rocky path and washouts. Trail is well marked with cairns however and was not difficult to follow. Trail also has new Sign posts marking the trail. The Temps were warm/hot during the day but in the mid to high 30's at night. (there was ice on our Aluminum tent poll in the morning) Still. The views are beautiful, Reavis Ranch in good shape and some of the landmarks are unscathed such as the giant tree and the Stump full of rocks.

mountain biking
2 months ago

Great hike to Reavis ranch. Hike through a lot burn area and flood damage. Still a great destination.

Really beautiful this time of year (March). Lots of grass and wildflowers. Good amount of water in the creek too, had to cross MANY times.

left a pair of hiking shoes lying on the ground at the trailhead :( please let me know if anybody found them! Thanks!

Absolutely beautiful! As others have said, it is worth the $15 fee. The trail is super easy and allows you all the time and space you need to fully enjoy the wonder around you. Unfortunately, the high trail was under construction, so we only got to experience the main trail. It did not disappoint, but we were hoping to explore more.

2-16-2020. Amazing Hike if you go beyond the trail up the road to view Devils Canyon! Pass the Windmill!! On your way back descend off trail following the river into the canyon and you will find yourself on top of a huge waterfall. Saw 3 white tail deer too! Enjoy!!!

I’ve been to several arboretums but this by far is the most beautiful one. The trail is easy and the fauna and floral is most breath taking. Well worth the fee.

3 months ago

This place is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! An easy walk suitable for all ages and abilities (wheelchair accessible) and the collection of desert plants from all over the world is 2nd to none. As a professional horticulturist I was blown away by the plants, trees and gorgeous mountain setting. Well worth the $15 adult admission.

ohv/off road driving
3 months ago

Gate was closed as mentioned so I explored cottonwood canyon and mineral mountain. Saw some incredible petroglyphs and had a great time despite getting turned around a couple of times.

Beautiful hike even after the fires. The drive to the trail head is a tuff at spots, but we made it in our 2018 AWD Honda CR-V.

Super simple trail, but totally worth it. Doesn’t feel like you’re in Arizona. It’s absolutely breathtaking. I ended up picking up a season pass so I can visit more frequently!

1-17-2020. Enjoyed a mid morning easy hike on a beautiful scenic trail! Queen Creek River was flowing, Trail to waterfall was closed. Worth the $15.00 admission. Plenty of parking, washrooms and gift shop.

I’m pretty sure this hike needs to be re rated to difficult. The fires last year took out all the ground cover than the rain wiped out or made for difficult hiking large sections of the trail. Navigation is very difficult in spots. I’ve been doing this hike since the early 90’s and the fire and erosion damage is staggering, the Ponderosa pine forest just after Reavis Saddle is basically gone. Good news is the two HUGE Junipers are unharmed and it looks like only one or two apple trees burned. I think the Reavis grave site at the bottom of the switchbacks is completely gone. I used to be able to find it but that whole area pretty much disappeared. I never recorded the GPS coordinates maybe if some one did they can confirm? Still a great hike, looking forward to seeing how the forest recovers in years to come.

Park is absolutely amazing. It was our first time there today and we will definitely be back. Great place to allow people who cannot hike in the mountains to feel like they are. Of note; While the majority of the park is wheelchair accessible, you cannot make the entire loop in a wheelchair. There is a section by the creek where a wheelchair will not fit. We found this out the hard way today as we had my mother-in-law and disabled son both in wheelchairs.

5 months ago

great hike. wide trail. flooded at the fork. don't go after a lot of rain haha

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