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I will say. Beware man cause there are dead ends everywhere. The trail is terribly marked and so easy to wonder off just a few feet and your toast. I’m no beginner and yes it was 4 am and pitch black but I was running circles for 2 hours till I found the correct siphon to climb to summit. Still a killer hike and reckon you plan to get lost a few times if your not familiar with trail.

Lovely walk/ trail for families or the less adventurous. I'd pick a crazy backcountry hike over a paved path any day, but I was still able to really enjoy this. There's a big enough variety in plants and scenery to keep it interesting. My mom can hardly walk on flat ground without being in pain, and she was able to do this ok.

A perfect get away from the city. Kid and elderly friendly!

While the “trail” did display BEAUTIFUL views it was BEYOND a hard rating for me and the group that I was with, and we ARE NOT novices at “hiking”. This was more mountain climbing than hiking to us. The trail was unmarked after a certain point and quite dangerous out a few points in my opinion. Maybe we had gotten “off trail” at one point on the way down but I was seriously praying that I wouldn’t die!!! There was literally nowhere to get my footing or nothing to hold to. It was serious rick climbing!!!

Again the trail was beautiful once we got to the inside of the mountain but it needs to be marked A LOT better and that rating should be extremely difficult. This was a once in a lifetime hike for me. Glad I survived it!!!

Awesome experience. Challenging in so many ways, and the views from the summits are worth it.

Fun and tough towards the top. Was worth the drive out.

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2 months ago

Well, it's not a groomed dirt road anymore, the summer monsoons have washed the switchbacks and quite a few of the washes out. We went with a group of 4X4 Toyotas and had a blast. Just the right amount of technical with awesome views. The switchbacks put the rigs under some stress as the temps were 105+ but we knew that was a possibility going into it. Lots of cool places to stop and enjoy the scenery, landscape changes galore as you go from low desert to pine. Overall an enjoyable drive and one that would be even better at lower temps. Also, a few places looked like they would be pretty great campsites, not too far from the trail but traffic didn't seem that heavy.

My wife and I did this hike / exploring and had a great time, a lot to see and a good place to take some fun and great photos, recommend it to everyone,

Good workout. Took me 2’40”. Used 1 quart of h2o. No issues with getting lost or losing the trail. Lots of loose gravel and rocks made it a little difficult on some of the descents.

5 months ago

Very nice hike, last quarter of the hike gets a little rougher otherwise a really nice hike to enjoy. I got on late start and it started heating up but I still enjoyed it. Dont forget your water.

Solid hike. Fun way up, but trail was difficult to follow. But whatever, since there was really just one way up. Views at time were fantastic though. Could see Weaver's Needle, Flatiron, and Browns peak from the top.

Coming down was very dangerous. Lots of loose rock and trail meanders.

I prefer Flatiron to this one for sure!

Outstanding...& hard. Left very late: 1600, which means I had to really hustle. Did lose my way a time or 2, both on the ascent & descent. Spent only 10 to 15mins on summit...

My boyfriend and I were very excited for this hike! Thankfully someone had marked the trail with chalk and set up many carnies to help us out. If you don’t see one in like 10-20 steps, turn around cause you’re likely going the wrong way. He really enjoyed searching for them. The view was so pretty and the mailbox was very adorable. The only downside was really coming down. No joke about loose gravel! It’s almost half of the trail going down. Be VERY prepared with water, for this was our biggest downfall going down. Thankfully we made it and bonded more over that. Overall the hike took 6 hours round trip, which would have taken longer if not the markings, so plan for spending a day here with lots of water. Not much shade so enjoy it while you find it!

April is a fantastic time to visit before it gets too hot - lots of wild flowers in bloom. And the new pathways are beautiful.

This little hike is more fascinating than anything if you have a hankering for botany... it’s a very easy little loop. The arboretum is the only thing really keeping the town of Superior alive, sadly, so I would recommend checking it out.

It was aight. The view was pretty but there’s so much lose rock which made it so annoying. The trail is also hard to follow there’s arrows and stacked rocks just make sure you’re paying attention! Be careful take your time especially going down

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6 months ago

Lots of trails but please take out what you bring in and help protect this land.

My first time up to Picket Post and it was lovely. The trail ended up being easy to follow because someone has recently marked the route with chalk, although the cairns were quite good as well. As others have mentioned, you should look back often on the ascent so you have a good idea of where the trail goes when you return. The only part I disliked, was the loose gravel/sand on the steep bits going down. Take your time!

I read the reviews and thought, how hard can it be? Especially with an All Trails map! Even with a track to follow this hike is challenging and we managed to get off-course. Gloves are definitely helpful because of the rock climbing and possibly slips on loose rock. The view at the top is awesome and of course the bench and mailbox are super cute! But there is a lot of loose rock which I didn't enjoy sliding on during our descent. This was not only a physical challenge but a mental one as well. There was a lot of thinking/navigating involved. It is well marked with cairns, which proved to be very useful. My legs are scratched from rock and cactus but it was worth it. Beautiful views and a challenging climb!

Make sure you take gloves. Coming back down left my hands raw. Difficult hike but definitely worth it.

6 months ago

Definitely more scramble than hike, strongly suggest not going solo for your first time unless have strong route finding skills. At the end of the day it is a short tough scramble to the top that is both challenging and rewarding. Please do not even consider using spray paint to mark a trail.

This trail was more mentally challenging than it was physically though you’d better be in good shape if you want to take this one on. The trail is the worst marked and hard to follow that I’ve ever been on. I marked the trail I used on the way up with markers which saved me a ton of time on the way down and saved my neck when I went off trail on the descent. I ran into another lone hiker on the way up who claimed to have almost died because he took a wrong path and ended up stranded on a cliff. This would be a better hike if some effort was put into marking the trail correctly. Do not try this hike if are not good at reading trails and terrain. It is correctly rated as hard for good reason.

Took three of us four hours out and back. Two hours to reach the summit, and another two to get back down. We would have made it down a bit faster had we not gotten off trail. Markers can be hard to find at times, especially on the way down so just be aware and best to go with a partner if it’s your first time. A lot of scrambling and a few large rock formations you will have to climb carefully. Amazing view, challenging at times, climbing is fun, well worth it!

I guess what I should have said is make rock cairns, DON'T USE SPRAY PAINT!

For the person who said take a spray can and mark the trail, give your head a shake!!! If you need the route marked out for you best stay in town.

Great hike. Hard to follow the trail at some points and definitely a challenge for beginner hikers in terms of climbing rocks, but beautiful views the entire way and lots of fun!

I'm not sure how this is considered dog friendly, but I would consider it very hard. I'm a 30 yr old, avid hiker and found this to be very challenging. the trail going up was almost impossible to follow, I had to keep stopping to see if I could find the next marker. I got off trail several times which made for some really sketchy dangerous climbs. The way down I actually found it easier to spot markers. Whoever said this is like a mini flat iron, I found this to be twice as hard as flat iron. Wear good shoes and don't give up. Use the map on this app as a guide. And be careful!! I got up in 2 hours and down in 2 hours and both included getting lost haha. I wouldn't recommend doing this hike alone... I wish I hadn't... But proud of myself for pushing through.

Awesome hike

One of my favorite hikes. This is one where the view from the top is SOOO worth it. If you are a beginner - it is definitely a difficult hike, so go with a group of friends. For avid hikers, you should be fine. It is definitely hard to follow the trail, watch for the cairns. That will help you on the way up. The way back, it is much harder to find the cairns and you will be looking for them frequently. Look for landmarks on your way up and this will help you down. It also helped seeing other people on the trail and getting to where they were. There is definitely some rock climbing/scaling involved, wear sturdy shoes. Climbing up is pretty easy, be careful on the way down and don't go too fast or you can end up with some bumps and bruises. Also, bring a pen so you can write at the notepad in the mailbox. The mailbox is the ultimate best part.

Hardest hike I’ve endured yet...alone. The gain in elevation wasn’t the hardest part to conquer , but more-so the staying on the trail. I got lost too many times to count and the rocks can be very lose at times, allowing for a good fall. This isn’t until about 1.7 miles into the hike...I was rock climbing for part of the trail. There were tons of bees around, and they love the smell of sweet sweat so try to avoid them if you can. On a Tuesday afternoon I only saw two other groups, and they were coming down as I was going up. I didn’t see any snakes, but prepare for that accordingly. I tried using the gps trail the best I could, but it messes up a bit when on different levels of the mountain, just try to stay west of the wash.
To Bring: lots of water, gloves, pants, jacket, plenty of salty snacks, bug spray, weapon for safety, flashlight, solar charger for phone, sunscreen.
Also, if you are experienced and plan to do this please take up a spray can or something with you and mark the trail...that would be super awesome if you could...
&& there is a mailbox at the top, it needs another notepad for people to sign, I would have brought one have I had known!
Don’t be scared off by my post, I did it alone and I’m alive, but just be careful and take your time if you aren’t an experienced hiker/ have any climbing experience.

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