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Be real careful taking kids around there. Lately, nudest frequent inside rainbow room where the hot tub is inside, or in the outdoor, luke warm, hot tub triangle pool, and they are super friendly, but they don’t typically move or leave and just chill out there sometimes nearly all day it seems, especially the ones camping there; so if that makes anyone uncomfortable in your party, just be for warned and have a plan ahead of time to try again another time???

Can camp there up to 5 days, too, but didn’t see any camping fee or permit required. Cave at the hot springs was kinda interesting. .One restroom in campsite, but none at hot springs. There is a changing area inside the rainbow room but it is not private as it is next to the hot tub without walls dividing the two areas. Camping area (on opposite side of river) had lots of neat shade trees right along river, but must read rules on fire pits and bbq restrictions. One tent was camping right next to hot springs and had its own firepit made of rocks; looked kinda safe, but not sure how legal that was.

We took Child Powers road because heard other road weeks earlier (I assume Dugas Rd) was gated and closed from rock fall, but not really sure about that. We left from Camp Verde around 11 am and got there around 1 and left around 3 or 4pm and got back onto I-17 before dark in mid Nov. We went 15 miles on Fossil Creek washboard dirt road to Child Powers road for maybe another 5 miles down to campsite, but last 500 feet or so of road was horrible with pot holes even with a 4x4 truck, so just took it extra slow and did fine.

No signage for the hot springs trailhead, but it starts just outside campground along old power station building. Used gps to help guide us or might have felt was getting lost.

It is more like a hike than just a flat short walk. Not recommended for everyone, but most people used to any hiking would do fine. Had to rock climb a little bit, took the dotted line shown on gps from this app on where best to cross the river so don’t run into an island and have to cross twice. The dotted line crossing was narrowest and closest to the hot springs, and looked like a boat ramp area, too.

Don’t kayak this area with a lot of experience with right kayak. Apparently kayaking was or is still a thing there. (I recommend kayaking Verde up around Clarkdale and Cottonwood where longer stretches with less technical rapids.)

I recommend crossing the river even in Nov like we did today, but bring appropriate clothes that dry fast and watershoes and switch shoes just before crossing river. Yes it was cold but only mid thigh deep and current wasn’t too, too tough while we were there, but maybe after heavy rains it would be too high and fast and too dangerous; not sure.

(Fossil Creek 1 mile waterfall trail is on way there or on the way back, and I recommend doing both hikes in same day to take advantage of both since sooo close together and if you get a real really start in the day, but fossil creek requires a permit April 1st to Oct 1st and you really want to select the closest parking lot online or may have to walk a long, long ways just to get to trailhead itself. Fossil Creek is worthwhile and not a nudest hangout from what I recall.)