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This 1 mile hike is great and the views from the top looking into the valley even better. The hikes is not half as daunting as so many reviews state. As long as you are ok with a little bit of scrambling, you should be ok. The hike itself is not hard but the scrambling makes it interesting and sometimes challenging. But the views are super rewarding. We finished the hike in 2 hours including the hour we spent up top taking in the view and tons of pictures.

great hike, some scrambling, but doable, just take your time, view is great, felt the energy of the vortex on top

3 days ago

Good climb great views

Nothing is more fun than getting on all fours during a hike 5/5.

rock climbing
7 days ago

Harder then devils bridge but shorter. About 60% was on all fours or almost on all fours. The view at the end is worth it. Don’t stop at the cave - the end of the walk is marked with a sign. Follow the white paint. Moderately hard hike for average fitness hikers.

It was a scramble, but I made it and I'm a novice hiker. Follow the white trail markers painted on the rocks. The sunset from the top is gorgeous, just make sure you find a seat to watch it because the wind loves to blow in the evening. If you climb maybe 3/4 of the way up to the top, stop and listen. The wind blowing through the spheres sounds like the mesa is humming or singing

Views were incredible, as was Buddha Beach if you choose to venture down the rocky trail to it. 10/10 recommend!! Not to strenuous took my mother with me who is still very new to hiking who also has slight mobility issues and she did just fine.

Incredible reward that is Buddha Beach if you follow a rocky trail down into beautiful flowing waters where you’ll find rock art like you’ve never seen! Climbing the rock itself was very scary for me but my husband pushed me along. You’re definitely scrambling in spots and I scooted on my butt down when I go scared. This is one of those challenges where you just gotta say DO IT bc the reward of Buddha beach is enough to bring peace to a challenging hike.

9 days ago

Incredible views and challenging enough but still fun! This rock is so big that you’re never feeling too crowded.

10 days ago

Absolutely my favorite hike of my trip to Sedona. Short but strenuous at times, this hike involves scrambling up rocks & boulders which requires the use of your hands to help hoist yourself up at times. The trail is very well marked and very heavily populated. We went at about 8:30 AM on a Saturday and only experienced crowds on the way down. I do not recommend that you take your dog with. Saw many young children on the hike. Stunning views from the top which makes the climb so rewarding.

Great quick and easy hike that tops off with a phenomenal view.

12 days ago

went for sunset which was awesome! Great hike up. Be careful huge rattlesnake on the trail, and I also heard someone saw a baby one up there as well.

13 days ago

There is a certain energy to this place that is captivating once you reach the top. The views on both sides of the peak are breathtaking and even more so if you almost step off the edge and die (oops). So so so worth the hike and the slightly difficult rock climbing

Beautiful views! Go early before it’s too hot, there’s not much shade.

Worth it!

Oh my. I’m used to difficult but “scrambling” is not for me. It is spectacular once you’re up there-coming back down...uh I found that a challenge. We didn’t stay for sunset bc I was anxious about tackling that in the dark! ;-/

One of the real gems and fosters a memorable experience. A “ must do” hike.

Really difficult for this intermediate climber, but a lot of that was the heat—Sedona is not forgiving temperature-wise. The view up top was great though and if you head left after the end of trail sign and hike a little higher the mountain opens up to a great view

18 days ago

One of my favorites in Sedona. Heavily trafficked, so try and get out there early in the morning. Requires scrambling up some rocks, but my dad (65 years old) was able to do it without trouble. Not much shade once you get past the initial leg of the trail.

Moderate hike with an incredible view at the end. Great ledge that's wide enough for some awesome pictures.

Nice trail when you need something simple.

24 days ago

All reviews are accurate — excellent trail finding skills needed once you’re reaching the summit and cannot be afraid of heights and sheer drops. Beautiful views with incredible outlooks over Sedona but Not for the faint of heart! I was the only person on this trail yesterday and having it to myself was amazing — unless something had gone wrong, I’d of been in trouble. I can easily see how people get up but can’t get down, never climb what you can’t descend as well! Some spots need light canyoneering and lots of scrambling. Worth it!

Amazing views.

24 days ago

great for everyone. views spectacular... location just a few mins from town. parking a bit of a challenge when crowded.

Wonderful views. Not a bad hike if your take your time.

28 days ago

SPECTACULAR. Great workout and phenomenal views. You gotta do it!!

28 days ago

I really enjoyed this trail. I guess that it is too short and too little elevation gain to be rated as "hard", but I have to say that there are a few sections that are full on scrambling.....you are for sure using your hands and feet to climb up steep bedrock. (Definitely not "just" a hike.) I got to the top of the trail at sunset, which is an especially lovely time of day to view the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona.

One of my favorites! Short and sweet if you don’t have much time but want a good workout with amazing views fast. You must climb up a portion of the trail. It’s easier than it looks. Going down is a bit harder. Just go back down on your rear end and it’s much easier. Wear shoes with excellent traction and be prepared to get your hands dirty climbing up! It can get crowded so go early.

There are a few options. If you’re not a climber, or are afraid of heights, you can stay on the first level and hike around the base. It’s very pretty and a nice hike in and of itself.

Worth the work! Be sure to spend time up at the top!!!

I wouldn’t recommend it for people not in good shape and comfortable climbing. And please leave you 1 year old and your dog at home. Not appropriate for canines and babies.

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