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absolutely beautiful. Try to start around 6 am as during summer it gets hot pretty quickly.

Decent hike. Pools were disappointing as there wasn’t much water, but the area is obviously gorgeous. Made a loop out of it and came back down the Soldiers Pass 4x4 Trail. If you have an hour to kill I recommend it.

The full Parsons trail is long but beautiful. Pace yourself and take plenty of water (a filter is ideal so you can refill). There are some places where the trail has washed out or crosses a rock field; take the time to make cairns. Most of all enjoy the beautiful scenery!

Beautiful! Amazing trail!

Very scenic and fun. There are pink Jeeps all over which is a bit annoying but you can follow them around to see the good spots. There are a few steep hills that test your brakes and a few large rocks that take a bump to get over. All in all lots of fun trail.

2 days ago

Great, hike. Moderate, some climbing required

2 days ago

beautiful trail. at the crossroads at top of ridge where you hang a right, we stayed straight for about another 0.25mi and wound up on a small rock with fantastic 360 panoramic views of the awesome Sedona landscape. worth a stop if you're up there already.

2 days ago

Such awesome views! We had four kids in our group and everyone was entertained.

3 days ago

Hiked this on July 6th. The parking lot was full when we arrived, so we parked 1/2 mile up the road and paid the $2/person walk-in entry fee.

This was our second time here. The first was in winter, presented with a fantasy of icicles on the red rock overhangs and crust ice on the pools. Not this time. What a wealth of biodiversity. One highlight was a bright red, black and white king snake, later keyed out as the Sonora mountain variety. Also many hummingbirds and butterflies, many unique pockets of plant and insect life nestled in the curves of the creek. Don't get me wrong, I love the deep cut red rock canyon and the patterns of white and black minerals, but more, the way sunlight reflected off the creek plays on the darker walls.

We hiked and waded about an extra mile past the official end of the trail. I wore Teva' s and my wife wore tennis shoes. Follow the instinct to continue, well worth it.

a really nice hike in beautiful Sedona. An easy day trip from the Phoenix area that you will never regret going on.

Beautiful hike!! Probably one of favorites. Good shade when it’s hot, you have to cross creeks to be sure to wear, a bit longer than 7 miles but totally worth it. Pet friendly but bring booties, there is hot sand and rocks.

Alot of great scenary pretty breathe taking, you will have to follow your nose to get around but you won't get lost. Def go

Worth the trek to the top. The view is amazing and I highly recommend it! Do it!

4 days ago

Trail was easy going, and refreshing.

absolutely breath taking

Awesome trail! I did it in January, and even with a little bit of snow left, I really enjoyed crossing the river so many times, and so did my lab.

A nice/somewhat easy trail with beautiful, photographic views in every direction. However, the trails are not marked well... I was lost a few times and relied on the direction of other hikers/cyclists, as well as the downloaded All Trails map. It was clean and I didn’t see too much garbage. Not too busy during the AM weekend hours. Plenty of shade but make sure you pack sunscreen and water anyway!

5 days ago

For the more Adventurous, go under bridge. There are a few places to jump off Rocks that are about 15 and 25 feet high. The Water was plenty deep, i didnt even touch the bottom. Just watch where other people jump first. So you know where the safe places are to land.

Picking a favorite trail in Sedona is like picking a favorite child... difficult to admit. This big hike holds a big space in my heart. We double parked this one, so we ascended the south side from Midgley Bridge, hiked the north canyon and sedona overlooks, then descended the north down Oak Creek Canyon. I love every foot of this trail, and it never feels like I'm doing the same hike twice. With the elevation change, the terrain changes quickly and very significantly as you hike up- from the iron crusted sandstone, to the grey limestone, dense green pinyon pines, and finally onto the black basalt boulders that overlook the canyons and formations. The weather may also have noticeable differences with the elevation change (snow remains on the plateau much longer, wind is more intense, etc.). The north side is much more green and wooded, which was nice to hike down as the day got hotter. This side is also much steeper with loose rock, so watch your footing, especially when coming down. Wildlife is abundant, especially during the warmer months. We saw two species of horned lizards, deer, possibly a bobcat, and other reptiles and insects. Lots of animal tracks in the mud as well. Not much shade, bring sunscreen and lots of water (1 hr per person, per hour of hiking in the summer; it took us 6 hours to do all the trails with a long break to eat). Both lookouts offer great views- might as well do both since you already hiked up the hardest part! Still my favorite out of so many great hikes in Sedona.

My family and I hiked the trail this morning, before the rains came in. We had a range in age from 9-68. Everyone was able to complete the hike successfully! Absolutely breathtaking views from the top! We walked the entire thing, with breaks, in 2 hours. Highly recommend!

7 days ago

I went with my 4-year-old, and we got as far as the first opportunity to walk into the river, and he planted us there for about two hours, skipping stones - or trying to...It is super beautiful, and really easy to get to. But I didn't get all the comments about four parking spots. I made sure I was in the right place. I even asked the parking attendant, whose advice to me was not to believe everything I read on the internet.

8 days ago

Beautiful easy path through canyon. When you get to sign that reads ”end of maintained path” keep going. Once above the tree line you can see Bell Rock on the horizon. The path is than a bit rugged and a little hard but will get you to the back of the canyon.

Fun trail, found the sink hole, but the rest of the path to 7 pools were not marked well

Fun hike, awesome views at the top

Awesome hike, parked at the trailhead and then hiked the long way up past chuckwagon. Amazing views from the arch.

9 days ago

The final mile to half mile stretch is not worth going up. the difficulty is only rewarded with a mediocre view but the walk back does have alot of great views

Very nice, relatively easy, and short hike. Toward the mountain) or where you might loop back) it becomes a crap shoot as to where the trail goes. Bring the app to help guide you back. Quite lovely!

9 days ago

Top 5 in Arizona

Great views, easy short trail. Definitely a must do!

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