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Not for the faint hearted... the mountain teaches me something every time ... the view at the top is like no other in Arizona

Super hard, but is well worth it!!!

Awesome view to finish with!

Had a great time! Got there at 6am. Perfect time.

This is a pretty hard hike as it’s a very steep uphill that requires some bouldering. They have added the railing to assist but it’s still a challenge. Amazing views and a great workout though. Definitely go early in the day!

Quiet and relaxing.

This was an early morning hike, just after a summer monsoon rain. Great way to start the day.

7 days ago

My favorite hike so far. Very moderate steep incline for a while but after you get passed that it is easy. The views from the top are the best in Phoenix in my opinion. Very pretty, worth the hike for sure.

Pretty hard hike in my opinion. Lots of climbing up rocks and using all limbs. Some slippery rock there too. Make sure to go early as it gets very hot.

First hike in Phoenix area. Short but strenuous. Started 500am, so heat not an issue.
Nice view of the city.
It’s a good workout. Would do it again for exercise.

Beautiful mountainous hike up a steep slope.

Rocky desert trail gives you good exercise

Great and challenging hike. I wouldn’t do it in the peak (no pun intended) of summer because it gets hot on this trail and there’s no shade even in the colder months. Bring lots of water! It’s hard but doable. Rock scrambles towards the summit. I wore handgrip gloves and it helped significantly!

11 days ago

Current alltrails map for the trailhead is wrong. Correct location to start of trail is at 28777 N Pima Rd, Intersection of Pima and Dynamite, Scottsdale, AZ 85266-9008.
Trail is pretty much all flat. Great for mountain bikers but not so much for hikers. The whole trail is underneath a powerline, not a scenic view which is why I gave it such a low rating. Went 3 miles and then turned around as it seemed to keep following the power lines in a straight line.

What a beautiful trail. Met a an amazing woman who is a regular on the trail and was climbing it for her 75th birthday! took about 2 hours to the top and back.

I hiked This trail today with my 61 year old father, 13 year old daughter and 10 year old son.
We absolutely loved it! I would suggest wearing sunscreen and a hat. Bring more water than you think you’ll need

15 days ago

Good hike. Was pretty flat in the very beginning leading up to the incline then it gets pretty steep as the trail progresses. Cool view at the top of the 3,848 foot mountain including Scottsdale Airport and the greater Phoenix valley area (downtown and Camelback Mountain) to the southwest and the greater desert area to the north and northeast.

This is a good trail to do as soon as the preserve is open. You can hike up to the pass before the sun rises over the top. I was half way back when the sun hit me. It's a good workout with nice views on the pass.

Beautiful hike! Very difficult though, would suggest closed toe shoes I ventured in Chacos sandals and with the climb down I scraped my feet up a little. Also I would suggest the earlier in the day the better because there is little shade and if you are not used to AZ the sun is brutal! Some of the trail is a climb and they have metal railing to help you but with the heat it’s almost better to move along without it because it is very hot to hold on to. Views there spectacular but know your limitations! This is marked hard for a reason.

trail running
22 days ago

Fun trail to run! Some good climbs in the beginning middle and end. Amazing to do first thing at sunrise.

Cool thank you

Fun trail to hike or run! Beautiful views in all directions. Lots of elevation changes to keep your heart pumping. Gorgeous desert vegetation and landscapes and lots of reptiles if you look closely.

Super tough yet equally rewarding hike!

This is an exciting rock scramble pretty much in the city. You get plenty of nice views, a great work out, and memories.

Great for all levels of hikers. For the less experienced be sure to bring LOTS of water and take breaks when you need to.

Word of advice for all when heading back down the mountain: don’t hike, fall with style!

29 days ago

beautiful hike, great for families. Bring water!!

Hello fellow hikers, I hiked this peak on a cloudy day of mid June’18 with tiny drizzle. Its a beautiful hike through the ascend and descends of two peaks. I could spot name plates of well maintained biology. I must say, the Authority folks are doing their job very well. Its a easy hike and not a loop.
P.S - carry the water cans placed at entrance for pick up and drop at designated spots if you can, that shall help water and nourish the biology en route the trail.
Happy hiking and good health!

29 days ago

This is an amazing trail... it’s a great workout and definitely a substitute for interval training.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Smooth and flowy desert ride. I did it counter clockwise and would probably do it clockwise the next time I go...

Absolutely LOVED this! I will admit this trail is marked extremely hard for a reason. I am not an experienced hiker but I had a blast climbing up the rocks! Bottom part was honestly the hardest for me cardio-wise since it was basically incline walking. After the first couple sets of stairs and rock climbs it does get a bit easier to climb but be aware it it’s pretty much straight rock climbing to the very top. View was totally worth it! My body will be sore for a few days but I would love to do it again!!

1 month ago

First time walking this trail and I loved it. A leg workout for sure, first part is a little tough but gets easier up top. This is a huge hiking area so I did not have too much time to explore side trails as much I would love too. Definitely returning and exploring more. Highly recommend this trail! Bring plenty of water! I was almost out walking down the hill.

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