off road driving
1 day ago

Very scenic road going either direction. I would not recommend driving anything but a higher clearance vehicle on this road. 4x4 is not exactly necessary. It gets bumpier all the time and the Jeep tour operators want it that way. It's their bread and butter to have it this way to thrill the tourists. I did take a little Honda Grom outfitted with knobby tires up and down this road and the Pink Jeep Tour guides were going nuts taking pictures and calling me their hero. It's rough as heck in some places but definitely doable. Leave the Prius home if you are wanting to go up/down Schnebly. Sure you could make it, I guess, but your little car will not be the same as when you started. Do yourself a favor and get some exercise by hiking up Mund's Wagon Trail to see Schnebly in all its glory.