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We had a great time making this loop and visiting the two National Monuments along the journey. We look walks in each of the National Monuments. The drive between the stops provided a real variety of ecosystems and some great views of the volcanic activity that created the area.

Real easy drive, no obstacles to speak of. The scenery is great and enjoy coming down the mountain as you pick up speed. Picnic tables at the top are great for a break and the observatory while not open has quite a few informational postings that are really interesting.

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2 days ago

Took Bloody Basin Road from I-17 all the way to Sheep Bridge and back. 4wd is not necessary but be prepared for a long drive. Plenty of spots to stop and take pics, take a break for lunch or camping areas and the last 1/4 before Sheep Bridge gets kinda rocky/bumpy so your speed will slow down. Sheep bridge is a great place to wander and explore.

What a rad trail in side x sides. We staged down at the lake and were told try going straight at the big rock with CK pointing right. It’s 15-16 miles longer but so much fun and terrain variation. No jeeps in our way!! Perfect for utvs!! Go prepared. Dropped 30 degrees, up 7000 feet, and dumped rain on us. Had to buy rain gear and warm clothes at the store !! Great food and beverages at the restaurant too!!

gets you from point A to point B. cool with regards to views of the lakes and the canyons, but the road is too narrow at many places for the amount of traffic there is.

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7 days ago

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8 days ago

Wonderful drive with views along the way and vistas at the end. make sure to catch a 3+ mile hike in as well to really take in the majesty of it all.

March 2018 with Michael

When the sign says “high vehicle ground clearance required”, believe it! Allow at least an hour from the highway to the parking area.
The trail was very enjoyable and provided great views with a variety of surfaces to negotiate.
As others have mentioned, leave early and bring plenty of water.

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11 days ago


Take Price Road to trail...much easier an shorter than Cottonwood trail..

Very scenic ...very rocky..the upper an lower loop with the ledge...take upper..ledge is crazy..made it in a RZR..I wind not try the ledge with stock anything..my stock 2016 900 RZR amazed me how it performed..much of this trail was so rocky 5 mph was about tops..took 11/2 hr to go about 7 miles..very fun an beautiful but extremely tiring to wrist an arm holding steering wheel straight on the rocks an being thrown side by side..but absolutely wonderful..great app..easy to get lost with all the intersection trails but with app saved us more than once.phone might say no service in spots but gps on app keeps working..also you must bypass first part of trail around cattle farm..gate is locked an says private..no trespass..easy reroute

This place is a gorgeous and seldom visited oasis, every bit as impressive as the Grand Canyon and without any of the crowds. Only one hiking trail is accessible by the public and has its own listing on AllTrails. Otherwise the canyon floor is accessible only at a cost with a Navajo guide. The 2 roads, south rim and north rim, are paved and carry general thru traffic as well as well as there being residences throughout. There are a series of well marked turnouts for the viewpoints with vendors stationed at most, even when signage is posted prohibiting. Drive 10 minutes, take in the view, hop in the car, drive another 10 minutes, lather/rinse/repeat. Entrance is free. There are a decent number of services available in Chinle for being on the reservation, but otherwise this is pretty out there which keeps the crowds down. I brought my dog to every viewpoint but in keeping with park rules, left him behind for the white house trail and of course clean up after him everywhere we go. The Thunderbird lodge provides the only pet friendly accommodations in town and we had a really nice overnight there, was unexpected but would return without hesitation. Visited south rim in afternoon/evening and north rim the following morning to catch the best lighting. Beautiful to visit but this isn't much of a "Trail" kind of destination.

great ride on the dirt bike! Fairly challenging though not for beginners.

Great drive especially for those not wanting to get to far from the city. Found a few hiking spots on this road too. There aren't necessarily marked but some are legitimate trails. I found them using this app.

Awesome trails. Definitely need high clearance 4x4. Very rough for a 2 wheel drive quad. but can be done.

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22 days ago

It was fun and a bumpy ride, did a night run and we saw a sign that said you were required to have a permit to enter the area not sure it was for those that went for target practice or for everyone. Ran into some beautiful wild horses also!

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28 days ago

A great trail for a novice, I had no issues. The views were spectacular and I'm certain to return... to venture out and explore different side trails as well as some night sky photography.

Ran this trail on Presidents Day. Was nice out and overcast and just a few sprinkles. The trail setting on the app was quite accurate once you hit past the old abandoned house and traveled north. Overall a fun trail with some challenges once you drop into the river bottom.

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1 month ago

Fun Four Wheeling trip .. Loved exploring around Rock House .. Would like to know history of it ..

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1 month ago

We drove the Montana Loop today with a stop at the Rogers Trough trailhead. FR-357 / Hewitt Station Rd is closed to off road vehicles. We took the detour FR-252 until it split to the north and Bomboy Mine to the south, which we followed to FR-357. All of the gates were open, the rivers were dry, and only a few puddles still left on the trail. Off FR-650, there were a number of RV campers throughout. Uploaded a gpx of the route we drove.

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1 month ago

We just finished a portion of the trail - it was really great with spectacular views! Definitely some deep rutted and moderate+ climbs and overall fun! Did not do the entire loop. Went to point 6 and turned around.

great trail, done this a couple times. great views. You need high clearance in some areas. Nice because the trail changes each time after heavy rains.

Great side trip to get off the more heavily traveled trails while in the Box Canyon, Middle Gila Canyons area. Unbeatable scenery. Trail is closed to vehicle's approximately 1.7 mi from the old Martinez Mill and mine. The hike to these historic relics is well worth the effort. Trail follows the wash and I would rate as easy.

Great topography!

Box Canyon is amazing!! It has some difficult places, but we had no problem in a four wheel jeep. Others did fine in Razors and Four Wheelers.
Come back the same way you came in, unless you have LOTS of hours of daylight to find you way past there. We have not, as yet.
Today, we went way up Sandman Road, off of Price Road, in hopes of hitting & turning right Cottonwood Canyon Road, and coming through to Box Canyon. In spite of what the map says, Sandman does NOT go through!! It is barricaded at The Gravel Express pit!! And there is a locked gate on Sandman, on the other side of the pit! Take our word for it!!

Nice, easy drive with beautiful views.

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1 month ago

Beautiful! We loved everything about it, especially Roosevelt Lake at the end. I would not take my little SUV on this. Much rougher than we expected. Our Jeep did great! We ended up hanging a right after crossing over the bridge off 188 and took that to 88 and enjoyed the views down Apache Trail. We live in Mesa...full trip was 6.5 hours.

Super rough road but there were so many organ pipe cactus everywhere. Couldn’t wait to get done. 20 miles was too long

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1 month ago

heaven is all I can say

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