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A great workout if you want to push yourself! Involves some climbing (nothing serious) which is fun. Once you get to the “end trail” sign you can go right and check out the cliff or left and go to the “vortex” - awesome views the entire time and will definitely make you sweat.

Run Pinnacle in the summer. All the amateurs will be gone.

Intense climb and amazing views!

The most difficult hike I have ever done, I have hiked in New Hampshire, the Appalachian trail, and the Sandra’s.

Was nice hike through the low clouds .

This hike is pretty difficult! If you like a challenge the view is definitely worth it! The view is mesmerizing! I would highly recommend being in shape and bring LOTS AND LOTS of water!

Great trail. Did it in the rain today and it was beautiful with the low clouds.

3 days ago

Super beautiful. Yea baby

I loved this trail. the first half is surprisingly tougher than the second half. it’s definitely not an easy hike, but 100% worth it once you reach the top.

Awesome hike, a lot of fun, challenging incline for the first half of trail, then it mellows nicely. Great views, some wild life, away from it all feeling in parts, and not overly crowded. The park has great bathrooms and sitting areas all around. Really beautiful and relaxing, even though the hike is a workout in parts.

Be careful on the way down, a lot of loose pebble and rocks that aren't great for descending down on, but manageable, just be mindful.

Great hike, with fantastic views, challenging in many parts. A lot of rock scrambling up and down the mountain, very fun, a lot of people on this trail and at the summit. Parking is very packed, you may not even be allowed in if it is full. Seems to be packed from about 10am-1:30pm.

Good marked trail. but ran into some rain so I went up so far...another trail attached is Templeton Trail that goes around Cathedral Rock which worked out good because of the weather

Nice easy hike. My Jack Russell had a blast! Started getting pretty busy on our way out around 10:30.

Wow, I know I was warned that this was hard but THIS WAS HARD! Beautiful scenery as you scramble/ boulder up 2,000 feet. Definitely worth it but not for those with a fear of heights!

5 days ago

Beautiful hike, loved the scenery. Went on a Monday cold light rain and was surprised with the amount of people. Good high grade incline at the beginning but evens out half way through. Not really difficult at any point and no real climbing like Camelback just constant switchback. A good test to see how hard you can push yourself, you can easily jog the entire way down. No lose rocks at all on the hike. Did it in Hour and twenty min with taking pictures.

Always a good and challenging hike. Didn't lose my toenails this time thanks to a more conservative shoe choice. Definitely a hard hike. It's actually relatively grueling until you get to the basin, and then basically just a lot of bouldering and climbing after that. Going down (for me) is a lot more of a pain in the ass. Take your time and enjoy the ride.

Remember the whole THREE POINTS OF CONTACT rule when making your way up and down. Utilize the tree branches/roots where possible--they are lifesavers. As always, bring plenty of water and have fun!

It’s hard for the casual hiker. A lot of the reviews below will tell you the same thing. Do your research and be prepared before attempting. I did not. I went with two friends who are more experienced and stayed ahead. I was out of breath nearly the entire way up—from the time we hit the scramble. Don’t wear jeans or anything that will hinder your knees from complete flexibility. I wore jeans. My knees are still killing me. Incredibly crowded on weekends. Some hotshots who think they’re James Franco from that movie 187 hrs—self-consumed and reckless—play their music while jogging/hopping past you as if you are merely an obstacle for them to avoid. A lot of nice people too, struggling along side of you. Most people on the trail were humble and kind. Beautiful views. But be warned, if you are looking for a leisurely hike in the desert, look elsewhere.

Took phone TH To Templeton TH to cathedral . Definitely a long hike when not just parking in cathedral parking lot lol. Cathedral was very steep & super crowded but getting to the top was worth it! Might I suggest Wearing thick pants because most likely you will at some point be sliding down on your butt and ripped yoga pants aren’t awesome! Had a great time today !

Great hike. Started at sunrise. First 50 minutes includes a good bit of elevation gain and a lot of switchbacks - a workout! Then it levels off. Path is well marked and not too rocky. Windy and cold at the top. Views were spectacular! Was not too crowded early. Recommend!

This is hard unless you are fit and have experience hiking. Things to bring: Water. I had 2 liters and finished it on my return to the bottom. Gloves. Yes you will be holding a pole to pull you up or help you down at the beginning but as you get higher you are essentially bouldering or rock climbing. Keep in mind that as you climb up you will have to turn around and make your way back down those same boulders and rocky areas. Good shoes. Whether you choose hiking shoes or sneakers make sure they are in good shape. One guy walking up had a sneaker blow out and decided to turn back. The shoe split in two pieces. Hat or head cover and Sun block. If you plan to go later in the day remember it has little shade once it gets past noon. It was windy and cool up top but progressively hotter the closer you get to the bottom. It is a deceptively short hike in distance but the difficulty makes it longer... Unless you are in good shape. Then you can probably make it in less than a couple hours. My fit buddy said it was a fun hike with a few technical spots so he had a blast. I hope that helps. Please note that while I was making my way down fire rescue was making their way up because someone took a spill. Watch your step and keep hydrated. Enjoy it!

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