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15 hours ago

Really nice trail if you have a dog at the North Rim. Yes, as the others said, you do not get canyon views, but it is really nice nature and pretty simple hike that starts and ends at the visitor center / lodge parking lot. Technically, the first 5+ miles of the Kaibab trail you do not see "the Grand Canyon" (you see another canyon) so enjoy the dogs in the park!

this was a bad hike. there is horse poop everywhere. although we saw some horses it was smelly and there were a lot of flies.

my 4 year old and I did it in flip flops. great view of Tempe and ASU. will do it again.

Loved this it was easy and fun

A great hike with kids. Parking lot was easy to find, we were able to use National Parks pass for parking (otherwise you may need to pay for parking on honor system). The trail markers were very clear and each major turn in the trail had a map so we can see about how far to the next "check-in". I recommend this one for sure!

Great for trail running!

I utilize this mountain for a quick cardio session..it takes about 5-10 mins from the bottom to the top of the paved part..u can climb higher using the stairs if you want. I try to do 2-3 up & downs on the paved part only..they have a little paved way where ppl go sprints or walking lunges up. This is kid friendly too. My 3 year old broke her femur..i month out of her body cast she was hiking this with me..at her checkup the dr said her bone fully healed and no physical therapy was needed..

mountain biking
13 days ago

Very easy, short, mostly flat. would be boring to hike.

loved it.so cute and quaint! not in mountains. its like a nature center and national forest type.

mountain biking
19 days ago

Great ride for all ages.

Not well marked. Sometimes we did not even know where the trail was. Very limited water views. Disappointing.

20 days ago

Hiked up to Fremont Saddle with my wife to get the awesome view of Weavers Needle. Started out about 7:30 am to beat the heat and other hikers. Had the whole view up at the top to ourselves for about a half hr. Made our way back down about 9:30 and met the flood of other hikers making their way up. Very nice moderate hike. Path is wide open and easy to maneuver.

road biking
23 days ago

Easy. I use this Paved path to ride my bike to train for hiking around the world. It goes under all roads so you don't have to worry about getting hit by a car. On the south end of the path it continues east for a long ways. Bring lots of water the water fountains taste really bad.

Amazing views at the end! This is one of my favorite hikes. The long sweeping views are gorgeous. It’s such an easy hike for a great payoff! We hiked it easily with 5 kids ages 13-5.

27 days ago

It is not real hiking. It’s more of strolling but beautiful sightseeing. See a lot of bunnies rabbits hummingbird ducks quails It was a bit confuse with the trails even I use the trail map but we can’t lost anywhere nice fragrance when I walk

A very nice peaceful area just to hike and enjoy being away from the city.

road biking
1 month ago

Great path but sections were you need to cross busy streets. Paved area is great but some areas have pebbles and ruts. Overall beautiful way to spend the day. Road 40kms.

Beautiful day spent in solitude. Went counterclockwise starting at 11am, and ran into 3 people coming the other way. Finished around 530. Stopped halfway for a 30 minute break.

Loved the changing scenery on this hike. Went from rolling hills, to a dry riverbed, up and over the trail to Peralta.

Hiked in late April, and thought I could get away with 2.5 to 3L of water. Ran out about 2 hours before the end of the trail, making it a real adventure! I would bring 4L for this hike in the future. That first taste of cold water from the gas station was refreshing to say the least.

Would absolutely come back to this location and try it clockwise next time.

1 month ago

Great place to go for a relaxing walk while enjoying nature and wildlife. Lots of birds, ducks and occasionally American pelicans. Also has an observatory for planet or moon viewing on Friday and Saturday nights.

Good workout and great views of the valley from the peak. Watch your footing if you are not accustomed to rocks.

1 month ago

I normally love this trail but I had aggressive flies swarming me (face and body) the entire time. Even when I was running, they followed. Not sure if it’s the season or what. The mountain bikers didn’t seem to have issues

1 month ago

Beware of fast moving bikers

Very rocky trail, it is only moderately difficult in my opinion.

Nice easy walk/stroll around the lake. Friendly ducks. A lot of families and couples. Plenty places to sit and relax.

As mentioned below, I recommend taking the trail Clockwise starting on the Peralta side. (Trail 102 to 104 to 234 to 235) If you start early enough, you will have a great view of Weaver’s Needle at sunrise. The trail is pretty well defined and you will notice when you start getting of course and I just always looked for footprints to help me find my way. There’s quite a bit of loose rocks along the 234/235 trail which is another reason why I would recommend going clockwise because I would not want to be going down hill on that part of the trail. The rest of the trail however is dirt path and easy to hike. Like everyone else has said, bring lots of water and snacks! It is the desert and this hike is long- took me about 5 and half hours or so with minimal stops and keeping pace. It’s an awesome challenging trail though and highly recommend!

easy walk lots of birds super easy to get to.

I enjoyed my walk around Buffalo Park. Scenic vistas. Elk. Easy trail for me. No mountains to climb! I will go there again.

Trail is closed at trailhead.detour down the road under the overpass. Nice trail

Extremely beautiful area, easy to miss turns on trail though. Ended up back tracking to find the right spot. Climb is tougher towards the the last half mile, had to climb switchbacks to get to the two bit summit.

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