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I’m not from the area but I was happy to find this trail here in the app and that it was so close to where I was staying. For convenience, trail maintenance, great marking, and sheer beauty I ranked this one high- even though I had a spill and smashed my phone (I suggest pocketing the thing.)
I ran it counterclockwise and found the first 2.5-3 to be perfect (even in the dark, as I started at 4:30am). There is one steep incline that I had to walk and coming down the other side was a fun challenge I didn’t dare to take at full speed. On the far southwest side of the trail you head through an awesome valley full of saguaros and other plant life- much greener than I expected for August. That piece was the highlight for me, even over the amazing desert sunrise and view of town from the lookouts at dawn.
The parking lot fills up quick. The trails technically don’t open til 6am but when I arrived before 4:30, the gate was open there were already two cars there and when I left just after 6 the lot was full and people where walking in from up to 1/4 mile out. Also, I didn’t notice any water at the trailhead and certainly none on the trail, although there are some nice benches to relax on. Carry or plant water.
Watch your footing, especially on the steep sections- very rocky. Easy to trip or slip- I would have fallen more than the one time if I had worn my street running shoes.
Plan to take your time through the valley! Probably the easiest part of the trail but it’s the most beautiful too, I did a loop and a half of this trail so I could hangout in the valley part twice.

Did this clockwise. Ran the first .5 mile, and was forced to walk the next mile due to the technical trail and my shoe choice. The final 3 miles or so was easy to run. Beautiful sunrise over the eastern peaks. Decent views. Great for a pre-work run

Very well kept trail. Very nice park rangers too!

mountain biking
2 months ago

Nice ride. Nothing technical about this ride. It is easier if you go clockwise in my opinion. Good views of the park.

Nice hike, but kind of sucks for trail running. Too much loose rock and steep inclines. Disappointed

Great for a short hike in the morning! Most of the climb up Goldmine Mountain is in the first mile and a half or so, with a few short steep sections. Great views, very peaceful if you go at the right time.

Fun, easy hike for mornings with kiddos and pups!
Bring water!

One of my favorites. not super colorful though

Good workout! So many pretty views. Took me about two hours to complete :)

trail was nice and quiet. not too many hikers. we brought our pup and he seemed to enjoy himself. it's nice that the big part of the climb is at the beginning of the hike. nice morning hike

3 months ago

First time hiking with my 6 year old son and he made it.

fun trail, but lightly trafficked? I guess it depends on your definition of light, but I hiked this trail plus dynamite and probably crossed paths with roughly 50 hikers and 25 mountain bikers absolutely blazing the trails.

not enjoyable if you're looking for some peace and quiet.

beautiful evening hike so you're covered in shade. slow and steady incline. graft for running or hiking with kiddos.

Good trail. Glad I can read and know they have signs everywhere stating that the trail has a large wash portion (and it's on every map). Makes it easy to prepare if you're using the most baseline of observation.

Beautiful views and great trail

5 months ago

Great hike around the loop today. Warm temps but cloud cover helped. Nice easy hike with beautiful cactus!

Hike up Goldmine gets hard but only for a very short portion. Great for the legs! The San Tan trail connection is not very exciting, more like a desert walk, which makes it feel long and boring. Then you hit Dynamite and book it down which is fun and good cardio. Very little shade on this loop.

5 months ago

Loved it!! Everyone was so nice and helped others out!

Since we just moved to Arizona we aren’t the most experienced hikers but this was a good trail to build up experience. The first portion is the most difficult but has a nice view. It is $6 to hike however. You can pay at the parking lot but no change available and the parking lot has limited space. Decent hike.

6 months ago

Great morning hike!!!

6 months ago

The rating is misleading. The trail starts out easy. Connects with San Tan Trail that is moderate. Then onto GoldMine that is difficult.
We enjoyed the hike. But it did kick our butts.

I’m a beginner. It’s challenging, but I loved it!

I love this hike. The first climb hits fairly quickly and is the hardest part of the loop. Realize that this loop connects with San Tan trail then Dynamite trail which leads back to the entrance. I made the mistake of staying on Goldmine trail all the way which leads quite a ways away from the mountain and to different parking lot. San Tan was easy with a slight climb and dynamite had lots of bikers as the terrain was steady and easy to hike. VERY stunning and scenic. Not too busy on a Wednesday morning, had solo time and quiet during my hike along with a few hikers and dogs and bicyclists. My favorite loop to date.

it would have been nice to know the Malpais trail is over half sandy wash. great views up to Malpais hills. not an easy biking trail

First hiking trail!

6 months ago

Easy and scenic loop if you connect with the goldmine trail to come back. We walked it with an 85 year old. She is in pretty good shape. One caution, it crosses dry washes and can have loose rocks and very small inclines.

6 months ago

A great day hike. Only slightly challenging at times.

7 months ago

Nice walk in the park. As others have noted this is definitely not a difficult hike as there's nothing really technical and very little elevation change. Still lots to see and be sure not to miss the rare crested saguaro cactus about 2.5 miles in from the beginning of the trail (if starting going left that is). If coming from the right you could easily walk by it . enjoy.

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