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a great hike with wonderful views..wildflowers up top! bring plenty of water!

Great trail, beautiful lake, great wildlife!

3 days ago

Very Scenic little out and back. A bit tricky to find the Falls since Wolf Creek is dry much of the time, but very well worth the effort.

We were lucky because one of the men who made the trail was at the start. It’s a great hike and we were lucky because we made smart choices. I did use google maps which guided us in the right direction. We got to the top of Wolverton then heAded down on a road. At the bottom I saw a trail that headed us back in the right direction. So we took it. Fortunately it was a right choice. The last part was through forest and shaded which was nice. Followed a trail that took us out where we didn’t park but once again my gps took us to our car. 4.2 miles. A little hot on September 15. 2018.

We hiked up the rt side to the memorial for the Hotshots and back down the rt side of the trail. Fantastic hike !

off road driving
6 days ago

I came out here for Off-roading and it's fairly simple. I wouldn't recommend it for everyone because there is a few difficult areas. I did see 10 other dirt bikes and 5 hikers. It was a busy trail during the time I went.

This trail has some nice views from the top and a lot of wildflowers. Wouldn’t recommend this trail if it has been raining a lot, as you cross the creek several times. Depending on which direction you choose, the loop give two different incline intensities. If you go clockwise, you follow the creek for the majority of the first half with a gradual incline and a few bigger inclines. If you choose counterclockwise, you will experience a much more intense incline for the first half of the loop. We went clockwise and enjoyed a less intense hike!

10 days ago

The trail is a little difficult to find. You will park near a gate on the road and go down the trail from the gate. You will descend down a steep trail until you get to a flat area where many trails shoot off left and right. Do not take these off shoots and do not follow trail markers, stay straight on the larger trail. You will descend again down the trail till you hit the stream. When you hit the stream, cross it and go left and follow up stream to stay on the trail. The falls will be a 5 minute walk from the stream crossing.

Great trail for beginning incline practice

The lake was very busy since it was a Saturday and the weather was decent. Lot's of people on the trail, hiking/fishing. The whole loop took me just under an hour to finish, I stopped a few times to take some pics and enjoy the scenery. The water level was higher due to the wetter than normal monsoon season so you'll have to hike a bit further down on the North East side of the lake. The damn crossing has a alot of tree trunks and a light flow of water, just avoid the moss due to it being slippery and you'll be fine

excellent trail year round. great to use as a training route for trail running events. highly recommend

The left side is paved all the way up, left side will get the heart pumping. Nice memorial for the hotshot team at the top. Didn’t see any animals but beautiful views at the top.

very easy walk. the trail on the campground side of the lake is paved. the farside is dirt. the lake level is high right now, making crossing the creek at each end difficult. very crowded labor day weekend 2018

This hike is challenging, merely for the fact of how long it is. We did the hike counter clockwise. Getting to the top was fairly easy, but the decent was challenging due to the rocky found on sand. we did the full 10 miles, we thought it would take about 5 hours, we ended after 7.5 hours. it is a beautiful hike. We saw deer, horseback riders and lots of fellow hikers. I would highly recommend this hike, it is one that will test your endurance if you are a beginning hiker.

Trail starts off through Lower Wolf Creek Campground. Holiday weekend, campground was pretty busy. Trail is more of a 4x4 road. Saw 4 people walking. Another 4 on horses. Dozens of ATVs and trucks (vehicles aren't allowed). Walk was a bit of a roller coaster, up and down, mostly shaded. With so much going on on the trail we didn't do the whole hike. We found a pretty spot off the trail by the creek. My husband set up the hammock and we ate lunch, toes in the creek. Was peaceful when there wasn't people going by on quads, rand rails and trucks. Took away from being in such a quiet place. We enjoyed our few hours there alone and packed up.

I hiked this in April. We started early but it was definitely warm. Wear sunscreen! This is a must hike for anyone in the fire service, all Arizonans and anyone wanting to pay their respects. It’s not an easy hike but it’s so worth it. It’s heartbreaking to see how close they were to the ranch. It’s a beautiful memorial. I’m so glad they made this trail. Bring lots of water!

Great for us healthy seniors who like to keep the heart active.

Best views in town

23 days ago

This hike is awesome! It is not too extreme and also is a decent cardio workout. Beautiful after the rain, with great water fall at the end.

Nice trail! Loop consists of multiple trails. With several side trails taken for picture opportunities, we traveled about 10 miles to complete the loop. Beautiful lake scenery and in the middle of the pines.

Great hike with the family. $5 usage fee, honor system. We used our 4th grader's every kid in the park pass. Turned back early due to monsoon storm blowing in. Would like to go back and do the whole trail. Saw several dogs on the trail.

love this trail. It's a nice area to step back into nature!

29 days ago

My wife and I did this loop over the weekend. The parking lot was crowded, but due to the 9 miles of loop, we really didn’t run into anyone else, only at the look out and then on the boulders. One of the best features of this hike was all the lady bugs at the top- we came across a tree covered in what seemed like a million. We went counter clockwise, and enjoyed the boulders near the end of our hike.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Mtn biked. Great roller coaster style trail. i saw no one when i rode it. very peaceful.
Lots of shade.

1 month ago

$5 cash fee FYI...
Great views... came during Monsoon season and was to watch a storm roll in. On the hike wild boar and deer...
Challenging yet enjoyable!!

Nice easy trail for me and my older pup. The creek was a bit disappointing but the views were lovely anyway. The trail gets plenty of shade in the earlier hours, but gets a lot of sun in the afternoon. The directions were slightly misleading, you don't follow any side trails after the bridge, just follow the main trail around the lake and keep going straight after you pass the Lake. There is a small (3$) fee to park at the lake.

fun and somewhat challenging. well maintained trail!

1 month ago

The trail head isn't well marked, but once you make your way through the woods to the trail it is a great hike. The weather was perfect and everything was green from the recent rains. You could smell the pine trees and hear the wind blow through the tree tops. There are are a couple of loops so pay close attention as you hit the fifth mile or you might miss the turn back up the mountain like we did. It's okay though, half the fun of any journey is getting wittle side tracked along the way to chase a squirrel or two.

The trail is impossible to follow unless you have gps guiding you. There are sooo many intersecting trails and this one is not marked at all! After 2 hours I was about half way through the trail but had to backtrack because I was running out of cell phone battery. Be prepared before hiking this one! Download gps, bring extra cell phone charger and extra water! I thought it was moderate to hard. I will do it again but will be better prepared! Recommend hiking shoes for sure! On the plus side, it had beautiful views and I only ran across 3 people during the 2 hours. :)

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