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Arizona has some of the most beautiful and diverse trails in the Nation. Highline trail is no exception. This was an amazing trail; probably the most beautiful and most difficult trail I've ever done. Some friends and I hiked from PineTH to the Fish Hatchery (about 36 miles in 3 days). This was not an easy hike. My friends and I are in moderate shape and this trail ended up kicking our butts. We averaged about 12 miles per day going at about 2-3mph. The trail goes along the ridges of the Mogollon rim so there are a lot of steep hikes up and down those ridges. Altogether I believe you'll do almost 9,000 feet of elevation gain.
We were pretty exhausted by the end of the trip. As you go along the trail you see the topography change dramatically from forest to desert to prairies and back and forth. You'll also run into some areas that were hit by forest fires and it feels really eerie. There are quite a few clean water streams along the trail. I would highly recommend brining a water filter. (They sell water bottles that filter water). There are also tons of places to camp along the way, as well as plenty of places to rest. I would highly recommend bringing a GPS because there are parts where the trail is hard to find. Most of the trail we did have cell phone service and we ended up using the GPS on our phones when we got lost. (Google maps has the trail) We saw some deer, elk, wildcat and bear tracks along the way so make sure you bring some sort of protection from harmful wildlife (pepper spray).
If you do this hike, make sure you are prepared for a tough hike. I would say you should plan for it to take 4-5 days if you do the whole trail. Only do this trail if you are in good physical shape because doing a hike this long you will need food for 4-5 days and all your gear which will end up being pretty heavy. My backpack weighed about 70LB and was not easy to carry 36 miles up and down those ridges.
You also don't have to do the whole 50 mile hike because there are numerous campsites along the way where you can park a 2nd car to take you back to your 1st car.
10/10 would recommend to anyone up for this beast of a trail.

9 days ago

This was a nice hike. Again, we got off trail, on purpose, because we wanted to explore the Ridge. We were glad we did! It was beautiful. We even found a cool shelter someone had built among some trees. Some parts were pretty steep with loose rocks but not too bad. We didn't see a single person. Parking was weird as we parked just outside of someone's gated driveway... Pretty cool hike!

27 days ago

Started the trail from the north end. Fall is a great time to go, the weather was cool and the leaves were changing. Just be sure to pack rain gear because the clouds can gather just beyond the high ridges. North end was quiet, didn't see any other hikers.

mountain biking
2 months ago

Lot of switch backs exposed to the sun for a lot of the trail. Northern section is beautiful. Bottom of pine canyon is about as vibrant green as it gets in Az

3 months ago

Not too impressed with this trail, but we didn’t complete it either.

Super sonic

5 months ago

Heaven on Earth

5 months ago

Parked at the end of Ernie's road but missed the turn off about 50 yards in to go left. Not sure if there was a more marked trail that way but we bushwhacked around looking for the rim/edge and did not find a grand vista. There is definitely no trail in the location marked on the map here (we had a GPS and crossed the "red trail line" on the map several times near the saddle but did not come across anything. HikeAZ has it right: "Follow this "trail" as long as you can as it quickly disappears near a fence/property line." Just be aware. It's still a nice area though.

East out of Pine TH along Highline Trail. Turned up the Donahue Trail - that was a tough climb. Some of Donahue were hard to see due to overgrowth.

260TH to Pine TH. In other words, the whole thing, which following the updated trail and reroute, was 54.5 miles according to my GPS. Takes 3-5 days depending on your ability and weather cooperation. Although there were many, many dry creek crossings along the length of the hike, water was still pretty reliable for most of it (first week of May 2018) although you'd be smart to carry a couple liters at all times. Saw almost no one in my 4 days... one other solo chick hiker (good for you girl) and a group doing the AZT. Weather sucked day 3 with rain, snow, hail and everything in between. Saw deer and scads of elk and one small black bear and some of my favorite birds. Anyhow, I'm done with getting my butt kicked by this trail for now, maybe again come fall! Hiked with my little dog, beware the paws on all that abrasive rock. Mine wore boots for about half of each day's hike but we were both pretty gimpy at the end. Otherwise very dog friendly if your dog is in shape for it.

7 months ago

I went at the end of February. Beautiful hike. Being a beginner I will say pace yourself. The way to the falls was easy but the uphill back out was rough. I was with experienced hikers though and was trying to keep up. I can't imagine doing this hike in the summer. I brought more water than I thought I'd need and almost ran out. Definitely need sturdy shoes, I wore trail runners and my toes got beat up pretty bad.

Here to work on my section of the AZT the best section on the whole 800 miles⛰

7 months ago

I've done this hike 2 times in March from the trailhead parking on the south end of Pine. I've been lost both times. There is a pool called dripping springs. If you get there, you've missed the turn for TR26 that goes to the right.(Marked) From the trail turn BEFORE dripping springs. it is approx. 7.5 to 8 miles to complete the hike to Hwy 87. After about 1/2 mile, there is a trail cutoff that says "good enough" I don't know where it goes. After about 4 miles from the turn, you will see camp Lomia cabins down the hill. another 1/2 to one mile further, there is a signpost that has a sign that points to the left for Stradling springs and a sign that points straight for Darling Rocks. DO NOT GO STRAIGHT on the trail to Darling rocks! Follow the Stradling springs arrow and cross the stream and pick up Trail 26 on the other side. From that point it is 2-2.5 miles to complete the hike up to 87. There is a sign about 3 miles from hwy 87 where some joker changed a mileage number from 3 to 8 miles to the highway. I locked my bike at the trail marker 6038 on hwy. 87 that is between mile 278 and 279 to ride 10 miles down to the Pine Trailhead. One way was enough for me.

This is an amazing trail, not much traffic, great views

I did the whole thing starting at 260 TH to Pine in about 3 and a half days. The trail was beautiful with many opportunities for water and camping. Certain parts are very poorly marked. It seemed like I'd have to search for the trail again everytime I crossed a wash. Luckily it had just rained and I was able to follow other's footprints.

Trail running from Pine TH to Highline trail intersection and back. Great day hike for locals.

Hiked this trail from Pine TH to Geronimo TH around 8 miles one-way and turned around. I’m not a huge fan of walking the same trail in and out, but I did not have the time or gear to go the full 51 miles.

The trailhead isn’t not marked and parking is weird. We went in October and the leaves were absolutely beautiful at this time of year.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Did 7 miles from Horton to Derrick. Spectacular Fall colors. Love this one!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Loved this trail. Did get a little confusing with the red flags towards the climb heading to Cinch Hook. Right now.... AMAZING Fall colors in some canyon areas. Just an all around nice hike. Views are beautiful.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Started this from the east end (260 Trailhead) and only went in until I hit Drew Trail 291. Lovely hike with a variety of gullies and views. Much easier than Military Sinkhole Trail, which also starts at the 260 Trailhead.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Made a loop along the Derrick 2.1 trail to the Highline 2.6 to Horton Springs and back down the Horton Creek 3.3 trail to car. Easy hike and beautiful places to camp. Avoid the Springs on the weekends if you can it gets crowded.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

This hike is beautiful! Views of the mountain spotted some sort of cat mtn lion bobcat not sure. Creek is visible at certain points. It's nice hearing the sound of the water as you get close. I think this hike should be rated as moderate not easy. Bring lots of water we used water back pack and carried 1 liter bottles. Drank it all up at the end also a flash light would be super as we had to cross the river in the dark since are phones died it's completely dark at 730pm. Fossil creek is amazing just come prepared hiking shoes, water, some snacks, and water shoes would be nice and the hike took us 2-3 hours we did a fast walk most of the time.

Sunday, September 03, 2017

A friend and I hiked one-way from 87 down to Pine. We found the scary warnings about getting lost a little overblown. Though we had to climb over, around, and under a few trees about 2-3 miles down, there was never a time when we couldn't see which way the trail went. The section along the river was gorgeous, as were the views if the canyon from the top. Many trails turn off of this trail, and they, unfortunately, are marked with the same red tags. Just ignore the side trails and keep on truckin'. It did seem a tad longer than 8.3 miles...so add an extra 45 minutes to your usual estimate. Would/will do this one again.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Awesome trail with great views and a lot of wildlife. Once you reach the camp the trail seems to lack any identification and is really heard to follow due to brush overgrowth. I started the trail from Pine and hiked out to the 87. Be prepared for a good climb near the end and pack plenty of supplies.

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Hiked Pine Canyon Trail #262nd today starting from Pine Trail Head. The hike is absolutely beautiful with vista views. However, once you reach the Pine Creek in the canyon be prepared to spend hours searching for the Trail, bush whacking, until you get up out of the canyon at Route 87. There is so much over growth and dead fall across the Trail it is a real challange. In addition the pink streamers to identify the Trail are faded and in places just nubs due to plastic streamers being gone. Also the red trail identifiers can be found on the ground due to many of the trees have fallen. This lack of Trail maintenance should cause the Trail to be closed once you get within 3 miles of Route 87.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Moderate 3.8 mile there and back trail. A lot of sandy uphill (and downhill going back) surrounded by lots of tall pine trees. Dry creek this time of year (June) suggests that this would be a great spring hike; lots of vegetation growing where the water would be. This ap seems to be a bit off with the hike pathway- we were on it and then we weren't and then we were again. It's extremely easy to follow though.

Trees, sand/rocks, squirrels, birds, butterflies. Pleasant. Great for hiking in the summer if you live in the hotter part of the state.

Finding the trailhead is funny because you literally feel like you are parking in a neighborhood (because you are). The street leading up to the trailhead dead ends at the small gate to walk through to start the hike. No restrooms, clearly.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

We missed the first left turn so did a nice loop but the wrong one. Watch out for it.

Thursday, September 08, 2016

This is an enjoyable trail with not too much traffic. Expect to see deer, elk, and javelina around dawn or dusk.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Lots of variety without the noteriety.

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