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1 day ago

It was a great morning hike with my brother and his dog. I do recommend getting there early to avoid higher temperatures.

2 days ago

Pretty good hike that has some scrambling, incline and decent mileage. Biggest problem is that the trail is not well marked at all! Follow all trails!

3 days ago

About a half hour mellow hike before a more drastic ascension of the mountain. I would love it if it the whole way weren't loose rocks. I've got pretty good hiking shoes, but this started wearing on my ankles and knees.

Incredible hike with great views throughout. A little crowded but worth it

Echo Canyon is my absolute favorite Phoenix hike, but this is close to our house and so convenient. It's a great hour-long hike with plenty of incline to get the heart pumping, and nice scenery. Also, many good trail-running opportunities. Deem Hills confuses me at times, because there are so many trail variations available, but I'm sure I'll appreciate that, once I'm more familiar with the area. It allows for the opportunity to shorten or lengthen a hike, if desired. I suggest bringing water for sure, and maybe a snack, if you're not familiar with the area. It's difficult to get truly "lost," since the canal or some other landmark is almost always visible, but it's very easy to end up going in circles, if you have no GPS. I speak from personal experience.

Parking is the only bummer.

I do like this hike but would rather do echo.

6 days ago

Great hike if you want to beat the crowd at Squaw Peak summit trail.

Great beginner hike if you're getting into hiking.

This is a great training hike!

No parking on the east side.

Our favorite trail in Phoenix.

Awesome hike. Well marked unless you're myself on the way down. Definitely for more experienced hikers or more driven people in general. Beautiful views of wildlife and the city.

it definately has opportunity to try different trails. it does spider off and connect to other trails randomly. the trail makes you feel like you're in the middle of the desert but you know that the freeway is close by. I have run into a snake before, no big deal. the wild life is very scarce. great starting area!

Challenging trail. I loved it.

Great trail. Good mix of moderately steep and flat. Great views as with most South Mountain trails.

10 days ago

Whether you like this trail depends on what you prefer. If you don't want to see a lot of people and prefer a more challenging hike nearby, review trails in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve. It's not paved and a lot of people like biking here. But I like this trail because I have so many sentimental memories around this loop and in this park. Because it is easy to walk and easy to find and at a central location in the East Valley, I visit this trail annually. Bonus is the amphitheatre located on the north end of Big Butte Loop. I sometimes bring a yoga mat to this and practice on the pavement for a little while.

Really cool view of all the city lights at night. There are lots of people in the evening still but make sure you bring a flashlight!

10 days ago

I used to hike this regularly years ago when I lived in Ahwatukee. I love this trail because it offers cardio, lovely views, and is challenging enough to make you feel like you hiked, rather than took a walk. It's fairly populated but not so on major holidays (i.e. Christmas Eve, Easter morning, Thanksgiving morning, the morning of Dec 31, etc.) That's when I hiked it most, for the solitude and lack of distraction. This is an out and back trail with the last part up to Telegraph Pass having the steepest grade. I don't necessarily recommend this to tourists who don't have proper hiking or trail shoes, because there is a lot of loose dirt and stones/pebbles. But if you have the proper shoes and lots of water, the view from the top of Telegraph Pass is lovely.

mountain biking
11 days ago

Nice for a quick MTB ride. Flat and easy.

Another of my go-to trails when I can't drive far. Dixie Peak offers such a lovely 360 view.

12 days ago

I love this trail - it's my go-to for during the work week. Two bit extends it, which is well worth your while. But be sure you have proper hiking footwear because when the grade increases, there is a lot of loose rock.

Good hike with lots of nature to take in. Beautiful views at the top! As a visitor to Arizona, I found this to be a perfect hiking trail! Went early in the morning to beat the heat and got to take in a sunrise at the top.

Always a good time love this trail

Our group from Gold Canyon AZ chose to hike the loop counter clockwise (about 3 miles), and then climb to Piestewa Peaks via the summit trail last so we could take a long lunch break before heading back to the parking area.

Love this hike... pushes you! In training for R2R next month! great workout!

23 days ago

Good trail! Same one as LV Yates Two-Bit Peak Trail also on this site!

I made it half way up on my first try and they aren't joking when they say Steep and Bring Gallons of water but the view even from halfway up is stunning

This hike is super well marked and highly trafficked. I tried getting to the top twice but the part where you essentially have to rock-climb freaked me out a little so I turned around. If you have anxiety / fear of heights the ascent to the top may not be your jam - but you can always turn around before that (there’s a helicopter landing area which makes a nice turnaround) while still getting the amazing views.

It’s a great hike, you really do get a full work out. When I first read the comments and the level of difficulty, I was skeptical but man was I wrong! It’s hard and not for beginners. Make sure to bring plenty of water and good shoes. The view is extremely rewarding. People here are super nice, this guy greeted me with cheers as I reached the top and others motivate you as you hike up. There’s a lot of stairs and I mean a lot but you can do it!!

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