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I have to agree with some other posts. The hike is a great workout, I wouldn’t rate this difficult by any means unless you do it in the middle of summer. I did it for more of a workout and it’s great for that. But if you’re looking for scenery I’d go somewhere else. The top was full of people that drove up. Seemed like a bunch of local kids in the hut and they were smoking and cussing. Unfortunately my hike was ruined due my experience at the top, and not to mention when I came back down my window had been smashed in the parking lot. I won’t be returning to this hike.

trail running
11 hours ago

It was super short run! 2 minutes to go up. It's worth doing it, even you're on heels.... :)

trail running
11 hours ago

Visitor from Colorado, prepared for the worst(rattle snakes etc) but just a dirt road and didn't have to worry about it. EXTREMELY hot that day, and I was having a hard time climbing up the hill. Although, enjoyed the view, took little break in shade and ran back to the trailhead. There was no shades until I got to the top. Such a short hike/run but water is needed!

mountain biking
12 hours ago

beautiful views, demanding but enjoyable climbing, varying routes and additional mountain peaks to conquer

Not too bad of a workout. I would say this is a little more of a moderate trail. I hiked up to the top with my thick, chubby one year old in my kid carrier without too much excursion and I'm not the most fit guy out there. I would definitely suggest a good pair of hiking shoes as there is an abundance of loose rock and jagged, technical terrain the closer you get to the summit. The stickiness of my Vibram outsole was a difference maker, especially going back down with an extra 40 pounds on my back.

It is a nice hike it keeps you working until the end as it is steep all the way up. You can view the entire valley from the top. Be prepared for crowds and minimal parking spots.

Beautiful sunset! I never get sick of this mountain

Steep, rocky, and narrow in parts. Definitely a difficult trail but doable. the views from the top are worth it. Go early to beat the crowds - a highly trafficked trail.

20 years on that moderate climb. Bob and Katie Thompson trail starts at the trailhead at 22nd st and Rose Garden.

Set out this morning to do the desert tortoise loop, accidentally took the turn up the hill. Not even mad! This trail is gorgeous, with beautiful vista views. Even with the clouds I got a great view of the sunrise over the mountains. Saw 3 other people the entire time, and it was on our way down the loop. Watch out for cholla cactus on the trail, there are definitely *a lot* of them, and if you're hiking with your dog like I was, you're not going to want any of them in their pads. Easy enough to avoid though.

First time there yesterday. Great hike for rehabilitating my knee. Good workout and great views. It’s going to be a regular for me.

On the 304 yesterday. Did the loop, starting on the east and looping around to the west. Th east wing is a little bit difficult, climbing steeply up a rocky trail until it reaches the top. At the top, there is a nice park bench for comfortable seating before heading on. Heading to the right, you can follow the 8 to the 8B, or eventually to the 100. I believe that is the way to 2 Bit Peak, where I have been a couple times, though not in the last couple of years. Heading to the left, you will traipse through the desert for a ways before you turn off onto the 1A or continue on the 304 and back to Squaw Peak Drive and parking. The 304 loop is only about 2 miles, but it leads to other much longer hikes. I have done 10 miles starting on the 304. Yesterday it hit 105 degrees and I went out at 1 pm, so I was definitely in it, but I was not alone. There were quite a few people out, most on the summit trail, but I saw some on my trail, too. At the end, I was asked for directions from father and daughter and I am pretty sure they did not have water. I had some to spare, and went back after them, but did not catch up. Hope they made it a short hike. The day started out sunny, but quickly turned cloudy and ended up overcast. Anyway, fun summer hike.

Great work out. Amazing environment! Friendly fellow hikers!

Great hike. Lucky that it was a cloudy day. Good elevation gain, and enough switchbacks to keep the hike interesting.
Few people on the hike, so was peaceful. Look out for lizards.

Careful!! First I went to the hole in the rock just to see it and Hurt’s tomb. The landscape was beautiful. I was very excited to do the butte trail. Unfortunately less than a quarter mile in a woman came over and informed myself and a couple of other hikers that our cars had been broken into. Our windows were smashed in and our personal belongings were stolen.

7 days ago

This was actually a good trail. It was rugged to me, a for real hike, nothing paved. Would’ve given up if some of the group hadn’t been using the All Trails app!!! Thought for sure we weren’t going the right way SEVERAL times!!! The app kept us on trail. The description says that the trail is lightly trafficked. This is a true statement. We didn’t see anyone else on the trail until we were done!!! I don’t think I’ve done a trail that “natural” before. It was a good choice. Needs signage tho!!!

Good for exercise - trail running. Pretty barren but with some good views. Good number of mountain bikes sharing the trail.

go early on morning with a headlamp. sunrise is gorgeous!

It may be perfect for kids but I was there at 545am and it looked like a shopping mall. Phoenix has lots of other locations unless you have kids go there.

8 days ago

Could not find the actual trail. Was able to follow the route map for a bit but got to a point where things looked like a scramble. There's a lot of runoff from recent storms so maybe that's what threw me. And to top it off, somehow came out a different entrance which had me nowhere near my car.

My 2nd time hiking and this is the trail my sister picks. I thought I was going to die. Had no idea the difficulty level until it was too late to turn back. I’d definitely do it again... but only when I’m in tip top shape.

mountain biking
8 days ago

Nice little loop for single speed.

Was a little skeptical at first because of the footing, but you get used to it. Great workout and view of the city is nice also

11 days ago

The figure "8" on the map is relatively flat. The climb is in a ravine and can be easy to miss. It is marked by a post that (today) had whatever marking that was on it torn off. It was simply a post. In short, look for the second post then turn right. The vertical portion is a descent out-and-back climb with a lot of switchbacks. Be careful on your way down. I almost took a 50' dive because I didn't pick my feet up high enough on one switchback. It can be easy to get "lost" on the back side of the apex. Beautiful 360 degree view from the apex of Phoenix and to the south. only saw 2 people on Young Man portion of the trail. Lots of mountain bikers on Desert Classic. Enjoy!

Good workout. Nice views of the city.

Pretty easy to be honest if you've hiked Camelback. Stairs pretty much the whole time besides the beginning, steep in most areas. Good hike, very pretty at top. Up and down in 1.5 hours.

I hiked this mountain on 6/28, I am around 250 lbs, 5’5ft. It was my 1st time being able to finish the mountain. If I could do it, anyone else can. The only part I found difficult was coming back down. You do have to be careful if not, you can easily slip.

14 days ago

I love this trail! Great workout!

14 days ago

If you're in the area already, this is a quick way to get some outdoor time with nice views. However, the actual "trail" is just a wide flat path the size of a road cut into the side of this small mountain. The actual mountain is greatly diminished by the seemingly pointless destruction of the road being cut into it.

Great hike for leg day!!! It’s pretty crowded so get there early if you want a good spot close to the trail!

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