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Great hike. Lucky that it was a cloudy day. Good elevation gain, and enough switchbacks to keep the hike interesting.
Few people on the hike, so was peaceful. Look out for lizards.

1 day ago

This was actually a good trail. It was rugged to me, a for real hike, nothing paved. Would’ve given up if some of the group hadn’t been using the All Trails app!!! Thought for sure we weren’t going the right way SEVERAL times!!! The app kept us on trail. The description says that the trail is lightly trafficked. This is a true statement. We didn’t see anyone else on the trail until we were done!!! I don’t think I’ve done a trail that “natural” before. It was a good choice. Needs signage tho!!!

go early on morning with a headlamp. sunrise is gorgeous!

My 2nd time hiking and this is the trail my sister picks. I thought I was going to die. Had no idea the difficulty level until it was too late to turn back. I’d definitely do it again... but only when I’m in tip top shape.

3 days ago

Did after it rained, so there were a lot of flying ants and flies at the top, but also dragonflies. Overall it was a really enjoyable hike. Mostly easy desert walking until the great horned owl trail and union peak trails where it gets a little steeper and a little rocky. Great views!

Was a little skeptical at first because of the footing, but you get used to it. Great workout and view of the city is nice also

I hiked this mountain on 6/28, I am around 250 lbs, 5’5ft. It was my 1st time being able to finish the mountain. If I could do it, anyone else can. The only part I found difficult was coming back down. You do have to be careful if not, you can easily slip.

8 days ago

I love this trail! Great workout!

11 days ago

It was fun we had a group ranging from ages 41-9 years old. It was difficult to go up but easy to come down. We went off a little to the Hidden Valley tunnel then walked back down. Overall a fun hike, would say that it’s about moderately difficult

I do this at least once a week, nice hike. Have seen rattlesnakes, tortoise, deer, javelina and coyotes on this trail.

Fun trail. Great views! We made it to the tower.

This is my “go to” trail because it’s just under an hour round-trip and it’s a good workout. Plus, it’s never crowded. Depending on when you go, the parking lot could be crowded, but that is mostly because of the mountain bikers who use the other trails. You never see a crowd on this trail. There is definitely a lot of loose rock, so you have to pay attention. And, the 1st mile or so is somewhat flat and somewhat boring. But, after that it becomes a lot more interesting. And, once you get to the top, the views are spectacular! Also, it’s a very friendly trail. Almost everyone you meet will greet you with a warm hello.

on Mormon Loop Trail

16 days ago

Scenic trail with a good combination of uphill and downhill sections throughout. Not well marked in a couple places and it would be easy to end up on another spur. Enjoyable otherwise!

trail running
17 days ago

Favorite for trail running

I tried hiking Acer Summit with "barefoot" finger shoes and really enjoyed the experience. Among all the big rocks are many smooth surfaces to step on and there aren't any parts with just sharp rocks or large gravel to contend with. The "barefoot" experience encourages me to use the front of my feet and during and after this hike, my knees felt better than usual.

Temperature was approaching 90. Round trip took about 1 hour. 33 minutes to Acer Summit, less coming down.

A good destination for locals looking for a short, challenging hike. Lots of big rocks and boulders to have fun with. Beautiful views of the city and surrounding area from the top of Acer Summit.

Started down Javalina at 5:30am and finished at 7am before it got too hot. The sun hits your face on Ridgeline so I recommend sunscreen. The hills on Ridgeline can be tough to varying degrees but each one pays off with a great view.

mountain biking
23 days ago

Killing out here got dropped off at 5 am and rode hard all I can say is National trail did not disappoint

A great experience in the city. Moderate challenge from the elevation change on Ridgeline and a more relaxed hike through the valley on Javelina. Simple, beautiful views of the city and surrounding mountains throughout.

Amazing trails biking with the wife

27 days ago

Very boring hike. The entire thing is paved and a gradual incline. Definitely should be easy and not moderate, but even easy may be pushing it. Taking the sidewinder trail around is at least dirt

Interesting feel to this one. You know you’re 10 minutes out of the city yet feel like you’re in the middle of no where.

For the more experienced this is great for a late afternoon or early morning hike to beat that mid day sun.

Still a great hike for those less experienced hikers. Be sure to bring lots of water and allow ample daylight to finish.

Great sunsets. Great happy hour!

Super easy trail. Love this hike for days when I don’t have a ton of time but still want get in some cardio. Views are great and not too busy.

This is the perfect early morning trail for my dog and me. Pretty busy on the weekends though. It’s not difficult, but you definitely feel like you get a good workout in if you keep a good pace.

1 month ago

Started at 48th st parking lot. Ended up being about 6 miles round trip from there. Moderate difficulty. Not busy, but it is June.

This was a great Sunday morning trail! Not too hard but it provided a good workout. The view at Dobbins lookout is beautiful and has a different perspective of the city. I would rate this as moderate and would recommend doing it as early as possible as there is really no shade except at the lookout point.

1 month ago

VOAZ is a handy crossover between northern and southern wings of the 1A (Perl Charles) trail. Traipsing along the 1A on the north side, it's a little easy to miss the marker for VOAZ, but finding it provides a heady climb over the mountain. The trail tops out at close to 2,000 feet, so not too bad. There is beautiful and striking scenery along the way.

great trail with a dog, nice hike

I think this should be rated a moderate. It’s not very difficult but a good workout. Hiked in the morning & it’s shaded about 2/3 of the way since the trail is on the west side. Beautiful views of the city & the desert.

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