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Careful!! First I went to the hole in the rock just to see it and Hurt’s tomb. The landscape was beautiful. I was very excited to do the butte trail. Unfortunately less than a quarter mile in a woman came over and informed myself and a couple of other hikers that our cars had been broken into. Our windows were smashed in and our personal belongings were stolen.

8 days ago

The figure "8" on the map is relatively flat. The climb is in a ravine and can be easy to miss. It is marked by a post that (today) had whatever marking that was on it torn off. It was simply a post. In short, look for the second post then turn right. The vertical portion is a descent out-and-back climb with a lot of switchbacks. Be careful on your way down. I almost took a 50' dive because I didn't pick my feet up high enough on one switchback. It can be easy to get "lost" on the back side of the apex. Beautiful 360 degree view from the apex of Phoenix and to the south. only saw 2 people on Young Man portion of the trail. Lots of mountain bikers on Desert Classic. Enjoy!

12 days ago

If you're in the area already, this is a quick way to get some outdoor time with nice views. However, the actual "trail" is just a wide flat path the size of a road cut into the side of this small mountain. The actual mountain is greatly diminished by the seemingly pointless destruction of the road being cut into it.

mountain biking
22 days ago

Nice and easy ride. Perfect for single speed mountain bike.

Beautiful! If you're not on this trail, you're totally missing out on awesome moonlight hikes, sunset views and early morning coffee sunrise!!! ❤️

Great series of trails on and around a sandy butte. The trail arrangement is a bit confusing but since there’s almost no cover, you can see forever and won’t miss your trails. We hiked up one of the steep trails near the abandoned slate home and saw some great views of the Valley of the Sun. The trail seems popular with mountain bikers, runners and hikers. There’s no cover so bring water.

1 month ago

I know I left a comment, but I’ll leave one more. Literally the single weakest “hike” I’ve been on EVER. Don’t waste your time

1 month ago

It’s walking, not hiking. Half the trail is covered in literal horse shit

1 month ago

This loop is amazing it will test your cardio and endurance go up the back way up then hit the incline last save your water if you go in the hotter months

Not super scenic, but a good alternative to Camelback Mtn. and Paiestewa Peak. Similar distance and elevation gain without the parking hassle.

Fun 5k run!

It was nice at the beginning. Getting steep at around 1.5 mile after flat took few break as it getting steep but windy helps too. No shade nice view. Could not finish the trail because the steep really get to me also hot weather. End up 5.2 miles only cuz I went wrong trail once

2 months ago

Great hike with some switch backs to get your heart pumping. We connected with the National Trail and then took Bajada Trail back to the parking lot. Long trek including National and Bajada, but beautiful! :)

Pretty trail. Nice views. Kind of difficult to follow. Easy to get off the trail without knowing it. The trail was pretty flat for most of the way.

Early hike! This is an easy trail (if you are not climbing the butte). My favorite part is where the stairs are at! Also the views of the butte.
Went with 3 kids and they enjoyed the hike

road biking
2 months ago

Great path but sections were you need to cross busy streets. Paved area is great but some areas have pebbles and ruts. Overall beautiful way to spend the day. Road 40kms.

2 months ago

We live nearby and hike this trail regularly. The first part is a non stop incline for a good 20-30 minutes. This part I would rate moderate. The rest I agree is easy.

Around sunset, you can hear the coyotes haul - and we have seen them walk across the trail a few times just before and after sunset, but we’ve never heard any negative news of a coyote incident.

I would say this trail is better during spring when the flowers are blooming vs the hotter months when everything is brown and dry.

Parking is limited and gets full 30 minutes before sunset.

2 months ago

Pretty good hike. Very easy but something to take friends or family to without going far away. The construction off behind the golf course was loud but if you take your headphones I didn’t notice it anymore.

Fun discovery this morning!

trail running
2 months ago

Well marked and easy. nice views and lots of trail options to improvise. lots of mtn bikers

This is incorrectly ranked as easy. I am a skilled hiker and have hiked all over. The first 0.7 miles are for sure moderate or difficult. It is all uphill and is a cardio and calf blaster. After the 0.7 mile incline, it then becomes a nice easy hike.

Still disappointed by the people who hike here. People blast their music and bring Starbucks. What? You need hiking shoes, Camelback filled with water, and use headphones. Hiking is about nature. Shut up. And enjoy. The end.

3 months ago

Nice short hike with good views of Ahwatukee. Much more interesting than the nearby Warpaint Loop.

Awesome incline here! A bit challenging and steep but perfect for a moderate work out. I saw 2 coyotes and loved the views. I would recommend the morning hours to hike here, as the shade is very scarce.

I currently moved from Wisconsin to Arizona with my boyfriend. We love the outdoors, and live about 17-ish minutes from the South Mountains. We saw a Quails, Birds of all kinds, small Lizards, and my boyfriend saw a Jack Rabbit but I didn’t, I’m too slow, I guess. Lol. Beautiful views in all directions. Hiked up to the top peak and saw the grand view of Phoenix city. For sure beautiful site to see!! Also many side trails. There is a building prior to entering that you can get a map from. Also, have a model of the mountain with light up blurb information of each view you can hike and see. So that’s really neat!eill be back to check out the other hikes. We just did the main one and drove to the top. Enjoy!

First time mountain biking. Used this trail to break in new bike. For beginners, its a great trail.

Good hike the first 20 minutes or so are flat (good for running) and there are a few bikers but once you reach the incline it’s a good work out. The incline is nice and steady and the view is great at the top.

Nice easy hike. Great start to our family vacation.

Nice easy trail that was quick and perfect for a weekday morning. Very little traffic and little shade. There was a good, short incline at the end

Great hike for first timers and kids! Easy to to follow the trail.

Easy hike with little portions of elevation. Great for dogs and children.

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