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Whether you like this trail depends on what you prefer. If you don't want to see a lot of people and prefer a more challenging hike nearby, review trails in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve. It's not paved and a lot of people like biking here. But I like this trail because I have so many sentimental memories around this loop and in this park. Because it is easy to walk and easy to find and at a central location in the East Valley, I visit this trail annually. Bonus is the amphitheatre located on the north end of Big Butte Loop. I sometimes bring a yoga mat to this and practice on the pavement for a little while.

We only did part of the trail, wanted to see the sunset! I would like to come back to visit and walk the trail!

I have to agree with some other posts. The hike is a great workout, I wouldn’t rate this difficult by any means unless you do it in the middle of summer. I did it for more of a workout and it’s great for that. But if you’re looking for scenery I’d go somewhere else. The top was full of people that drove up. Seemed like a bunch of local kids in the hut and they were smoking and cussing. Unfortunately my hike was ruined due my experience at the top, and not to mention when I came back down my window had been smashed in the parking lot. I won’t be returning to this hike.

Careful!! First I went to the hole in the rock just to see it and Hurt’s tomb. The landscape was beautiful. I was very excited to do the butte trail. Unfortunately less than a quarter mile in a woman came over and informed myself and a couple of other hikers that our cars had been broken into. Our windows were smashed in and our personal belongings were stolen.

My 2nd time hiking and this is the trail my sister picks. I thought I was going to die. Had no idea the difficulty level until it was too late to turn back. I’d definitely do it again... but only when I’m in tip top shape.

1 month ago

There is parking right by the entrance for this quick hike. Just be mindful of the people zipping by on their bikes!

mountain biking
1 month ago

Killing out here got dropped off at 5 am and rode hard all I can say is National trail did not disappoint

This was a great Sunday morning trail! Not too hard but it provided a good workout. The view at Dobbins lookout is beautiful and has a different perspective of the city. I would rate this as moderate and would recommend doing it as early as possible as there is really no shade except at the lookout point.

2 months ago

Fun, quick hike. It’s cool seeing some of the old mines and structures.

This trail is not as difficult as you might think, and has an amazing view at the top. The truly unfortunate part is how much litter and dog waste can be found on the trail. It doesn’t take much to not throw your trash on the ground, just put it your pocket or backpack. We all share these trails. If the concept of “pack it in, pack it out” is more than you can handle, do us a favor and stay home the next time you think of going for a hike.

beautiful hike in am. A little bit more challenging then reported, but so worth it.

Fun 5k run!

mountain biking
3 months ago

Bursera is a cool loop. Great workout on foot and mtn biking. Nice cliffs and fun to catch this loop coming down from the north trails.

Solid hike up provides a great view of the city. Overall, it seems to be more of a moderate difficulty trail. definitely some steep spots, but not too bad overall.

Pretty trail. Nice views. Kind of difficult to follow. Easy to get off the trail without knowing it. The trail was pretty flat for most of the way.

Early hike! This is an easy trail (if you are not climbing the butte). My favorite part is where the stairs are at! Also the views of the butte.
Went with 3 kids and they enjoyed the hike

3 months ago

Pretty good hike. Very easy but something to take friends or family to without going far away. The construction off behind the golf course was loud but if you take your headphones I didn’t notice it anymore.

This is a really pretty hike that is easily accessible to people in central/south Phoenix. I come regularly just to get a nice workout in. It can be busy which is obviously not ideal.. but that’s the trade off for it’s great location. In the summer you will see tons of lizards. Chuckwallas, desert iguanas, zebra tails.. it’s flooded with them just keep your eye out. As for difficulty, it’s definitely not hard. I would rate it as moderate. All in all, great hike! The lookout unfortunately is crowded with tourists who drive up for the views. No avoiding that.

First time mountain biking. Used this trail to break in new bike. For beginners, its a great trail.

Nice easy hike. Great start to our family vacation.

4 months ago

Nice trail, will be amazing when the saguaros bloom! The trail was longer than 15.2 miles. I hiked right at 16 out and back going almost but not all the way out.

4 months ago

Long and exhausting hike. Trail is wide and well kept. Not a ton of traffic (hikers) but since this is a dual trail there’s lots of mountain bikers, which sometimes tend to be rude. Aside from this the trail is challenging but not too technical. The views of city are spectacular, the rock formations, caves on trail are cool to see. One distinct difference between other trials in valley is the fact that there’s very little vegetation which means limited shade. Therefore bring plenty of water and sunscreen. I also recommend bug spray, there was a ton of mosquitoes which is unusual this time of year. Also, please pick up your trash, I was surprised how much garbage I saw along the trail.

Easy hike with little portions of elevation. Great for dogs and children.

Great trail, but once you get towards the point in the trail that takes you up to the lookout the path isn’t very clear. If you want to see the lookout there is a way to drive up to the top which had many tourists.

5 months ago

Roughly an hour loop including times I made a wrong turn and/or stopped for pictures. Got way too excited seeing a jackrabbit along the trail.

I got to this trail around 5:30pm and got to the top at 6:10 right during sunset. I will say, I've had better sunset hikes. If you are looking for a good sunset I would recommend squaw peak over this view. It is cool to see the day & night changes. You also see how polluted the valley is. The hike in itself is good and will get your heart rate going. If you are here at night, make sure to take a friend with you as the area can be sketchy. It is pretty well marked but definitely bring a headlight or flashlight so you don't lose the trail back at night. If you're a beginner, the trail might take you a while. For any avid hiker, I would say it is easy-moderate.

I loved this trailed! It was very challenging and rewarding when you make it to the top. I would recommend to those looking for a challenge. Will also contribute to a great night sleep. Lol

5 months ago

Took this from the trailhead to Buena Vista and it ended up being a decently long hike. Saw few people, mostly mountain bikers. Not my favorite hike in the city, scenery wise.

trail not marked clearly with 5 near red rocks and part closed due to golf course expansion . How sad


This hike would have been amazing if it had not been for the endless broken glass and litter everywhere. I packed out about 2 grocery bags full of stuff without getting most of it at the top.

This was a quick hike and was not really “hard” so much as large rocks under foot making it a trap for my ankles.

A nice view, but a little salty about the trash! Please pick up after yourself!

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