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Phoenix, Arizona Map

One of my favorite hikes. Gorgeous views, right amount of length and a great workout.

Very easy trail to a nice view and our kids liked it so that’s always a plus. Somewhat crowded today. I think because there was no parking at the Zoo people chose this as an alternative like we did. Very short 5 min walk with steps and an even easier walk down. Fun but not really a hike.

23 hours ago

My wife and I just started hiking and found this area with numerous trails all located in one area. Other than being unsure of if we were still on 202 trail, we managed to complete the hike and were rewarded with a great view at the top!

1 day ago

Easy trail to walk! A lot of mountain bikers. They are good about announcing themselves and all slowed down when passing us. Had a great tine. Length is perfect. Clean and kept up well.

After marker 26 it gets hard and scary.made it on top- what a view ❤️

2 days ago

Definitely hard to follow on the gps on here. The red line is all over the place, like whoever made it was drunk and kept going off and on the trail. The actual trail is along the dotted line, so you’re better off following that. Beautiful views though!

Trail isn’t marked, kind of made my own way to the top. Very rocky. Good for quick easy hike.

Ok, but quite boring. Very little diversity of views, terrain, vegetation, etc.
Trail was generally walker friendly and flat.

Great hike. Great for morning hours, as you are protected from the sun the first part of the hike for the most part.
Moderately hard. Parking can be tough on weekend.
Moderately travelled by peeps and pups.

this is barely a hike but never the less a really cool place to visit I think. the red rocks are gorgeous and the view - especially at sunset - is fantastic.

A great easy to moderate trail with facilities and lots of parking at the trailhead. We want to go back with our bikes.

樂 this hike was long. Parked at the triangle, as San Juan rd. Gate was closed.
Bajada trail going west then crossing the road to the north side of San Juan and started Alta trail. Rather long to get to Alta .
Alta trail is pretty and when your at the top to take in the views of Phx and West Valley cities is awesome, but also to see at the same time the valley between Ma Ha Tuak range and Gila range was very cool.
You don’t really get this vantage point with the other South Mountain hikes I’ve done.
The decent on the west side of the trail is much steeper and can see if starting here would prove to be more challenging.
I saw a mountain biker from Canada on the trail and he had to have carried that bike a looooong way at times.
Couple cow boys and Bonita horses on the trail at the bottom. Forgot the name, but takes you back along mtn to San Juan road.
It’s a lonnnnng walk back and if your in the heat, this will get to you fast.

The finish of this hike is what I disliked the most. Veryyy Long walk back, flat and exposed to the elements.

Just my two cents.
Not my fav hike, but worth doing at least once.
Only a few hikers and I did it on a Sunday.
Lotsss of water and snacks.

I’d say hard, just cause of the distance and exposure.

Not really a hike, more of a 2 minute walk to a spot with a great view. Beautiful at subset!

Easy relaxing hike. Much of the trail is riparian habitat with quasi-shade.


This hike would have been amazing if it had not been for the endless broken glass and litter everywhere. I packed out about 2 grocery bags full of stuff without getting most of it at the top.

This was a quick hike and was not really “hard” so much as large rocks under foot making it a trap for my ankles.

A nice view, but a little salty about the trash! Please pick up after yourself!

3 days ago

I didn’t think it has many great views. compared to other trails in south mountain trails. It was little boring.

Not too bad. I’d go again.

Shoes with decent traction make this a much more enjoyable experience. The hike from wherever you'll end up parking is probably longer than the hike to the top!

Great views and easy places to stop along the way to the top. I agree with other reviewers though - I wouldn't really call this HARD, mostly because of all the places to rest and lots of even-level walking mixed with uphill/rocks. But, it's longer - and towards the end (to get to the Lookout) we were ready to be done. I can't imagine enjoying it as much if it were hot (we did this mid-February). Dobbins Lookout was definitely worth it, lots of cute photo-ops with the little buildings - but yes a little frustrating to share the space with people who drove up. Overall it was amazing and definitely go to Los Dos Molinos for lunch/happy hour after...perfect afternoon!

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