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15 hours ago

Great hike! Challenging toward the end as most have said.
From the parking lot it was actually 1.5 miles out and back, not 3 as the app says. The trail is not marked so just keep walking straight and go past the barbwire fence. Also, the road to get to it is all dirt and rock, could be a challenge for smaller cars to navigate (wish we would have known). Bring lots of water! Enjoy

17 hours ago

Misleading mileage. Once you reach the summit, there is still another 30 minutes to hike out to the Sedona viewpoint. I did not have time to do this, as that would add an hour and about 2 more miles to hike. I hiked to summit and clocked 11.5 miles. I imagine with the vista it’s nearly a 15 mile hike! There is no vista at summit, as it’s hidden in trees, which is always a disappoint after such a grueling hike!

Very, very narrow, rocky trail with drop offs. Trail desperately needs widening. It definitely will not be safe following another monsoon season.

18 hours ago

Great views! Not strenuous, but a nice length.. Opens at 8:00am and there is a line to get in, so arrive early. Morning hikiers should dress in layers, can be chilly, but warms up fast. Bring water shoes for continue past the trail end. Worth it!

We are 62 and live in Asheville NC. This hike is very demanding on the return. Make sure you stop frequently and have plenty of fluids and food. The views were worth the post suffering.

Great view!

19 hours ago

Pretty good hike. Very easy but something to take friends or family to without going far away. The construction off behind the golf course was loud but if you take your headphones I didn’t notice it anymore.

Beautiful view, but overcrowded and totally full of trash

I hiked counterclockwise so I would be on the sunny side earlier in the day. Fun desert trail around the peak with great scenery but in town too. Tough climbs. I would estimate 25% level or close to level hiking, and 75% up and downs. Not so crowded early, but extremely crowded later and going to the peak. Mostly hikers, a few runners, no bikers.

Tips to the hiker:
- hike early. The mountain gives a good shadow to hike in if you’re out there early.
- bring lots of water and snacks.
-take a friend (or at least have someone know you’re out there).
- gloves are handy for the way down as you climb down the rocks.
- hiking shoes are way better than running shoes

I consider myself to be pretty fit and an adventurous hiker... but this was a tough hike!! I loved it, but it challenged me more than almost any hike I’ve done. I saw multiple people who had turned around before the top because the terrain was rough. Lots of scaling up rocks and trying to keep balance on some loose gravel. Amazing hike, but be prepared to work! I did it in 4 hours (minus the 30 minutes I spent at the top).

Great trail!! Amazing views especially on the loop on the way back! Should wear hiking shoes and carry water!

Took my dog we had a tiny scare, of course some other dogs were off leash but were super friendly (my dog is not). There was water but the river is not active. Definitely go at an earlier time sun is blazing when you go back uphill to the trail head. Other than that loved it!

Trail access is currently closed due to construction! Apparently building first responder access!

It’s a tough one but well worth the journey. When the trail seems to dissipate look ahead and you’ll find it we learned the rule is to stay to the left going up when the path splits avoid the right

This would have been 4 stars if the cave was more spectacular or the trail had been less rocky and better marked.
I followed the path of least resistance without looking at my GPS coming down, and ended up taking a detour through the desert to get back to the trail.

Excellent views at every step of the way!

1 day ago

It was wonderful. So beautiful and the mountain air is exquisite. Did the whole thing with our husky and bulldog mix. They loved it and the trail isn't as rough on their paws as the other trails in Sedona which are red rock mostly.

This was an amazing hike! Views were great the entire way up and even better at the top! Would definitely do this one again!

1 day ago

I like this trail because it’s easy, relaxing and surprises you! When you begin the walk, it seems like it will be boring with nothing to see but construction and newly built homes. If you stick with it, and can take seeing the heartbreaking sight of land being gobbled up with new developments, at about the 2 miles mark or so, the scenery changes and it becomes beautiful. The trail into Prescott takes you to the Humane Society. One way is about 7 miles.

Suggestion:When you turn onto Santa Fe Loop, into the development to catch the beginning of the trail, do not park in the first parking spaces on the right. Continue down the road until you come to the dog park on the left. Park here on right gravel lot.

Parking is limited and in a neighborhood. Trail was very hard to find at first. Not marked at all and lots of trails intermix. Once I got started it was a great hike! Uphill climb with great views!

1 day ago

This little hike was so fun!! The trail leads to the cave system or follow all the way down to Oak Creek. The caves were way better than I anticipated based on other people’s reviews. It’s a series of caves/tunnels in the side of the cliff (watch the kiddos!). It’s easy getting into the first cave (right after the ‘no vandalism’ sign) and then gets progressively more challenging getting into the next two

1 day ago

Did this hike on a Weekday morning. Only saw a handful of people the entire time. First half of the trail isn't anything special, but the second half makes up for it. Great easy/moderate hike. Spend some time at the top, the longer you look the more petroglyphs you see.

1 day ago

Trail gets pretty crowded on cool weekends. But it is a beautiful easy/moderate hike with a great view at the top. If you time it correctly (top of the hour from 9am to 9pm) you can see the fountain from Fountain Hills when you look north from the cave. Next to no shade on the trail during the day but nice and cool at the top.

on Coyote Buttes South

1 day ago

Spent a beautiful earth day wandering among these beautiful outcrops and hills. Road up to paw hole is definitely only 4x4 and you will need good tires for sand.

1 day ago

it was our first time and we loved it. tons of cool boulders to look at and the views from the top are awesome. Our dog enjoyed climbing on rocks and there's some spots with good shade to take breaks if needed.

Enjoyed the trail Great Views great Swim for the kids Very Pet Friendly

1 day ago

I love this trail. It’s pretty steep for the first 1.5 miles but then levels off. The views are amazing!

Amazing hike!! The view at the top makes the challenging hike up worth it. A few things to be mindful of: This is a very difficult hike! Trail markings are few and far between so be aware of your surroundings and be extra careful on your way down.

Nice flat walk through the desert

Awesome hike, amazing views. Definitely worth it.

I love the fact that I can take one of several trails that are available. Some are moderate and some, like Sunrise Peak and the Quartz Trail, are a terrific challenge. Moreover, the views of the desert landscape and view of the surrounding mountains are fabulous. Just simply stop along the way and take in the beautiful scenery. I’m a flat lander from Illinois and think it’s spectacular there. The one thing I don’t like is people bringing dogs there. It’s rocky footing, hard on their paws and rarely do they bring enough water for them. I did have to help carry a dog down from the path going to Sunrise Peak. Wear good hiking shoes if you have them, bring plenty of water, sun screen, a hat and remember there ARE snakes there. Just be aware of your surroundings.
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