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1 day ago

Tough hike! really enjoyed it. Take a lunch and enjoy the view at the top. Not crowded at all !

This was a simple trail that we took after visiting Glen Canyon Dam. The walk to the actual garden was easy and reaching the end was really cool - it was amazing to see the lush greenery underneath this rocky overhang. After that, we went off-trail and explored all the rocks and boulders all around. I loved the freedom of being able to explore.

Very very very easy walk. Nice little trail to see the hanging garden area. Something peaceful.

trail running
10 days ago

Love this trail! I always use this trail for running. You don’t have to go the whole 9 miles you can just do sections for a few miles. Best scenic views of the lake on the north portion of the rim trail. My favorite section.

Just pushed it up and down in 3.5 hours. 8y/o and a 15 y/o did it with no problem. There was a rock fall along the way, so pay attention. These pieces cleaved off in the 300# range. Other than that, top 5 hikes of all time. You will work for it.

Short and sweet.

A strenuous incline that leads you to the top of a breathtaking view of the Colorado River, Vermilion Cliffs and the Eco Cliffs. This hike consists of major switchbacks that span a 700 foot vertical rock wall.

on Page Rimview Trail

1 month ago

Enjoyed the fabulous views and slightly challenging trail for my mountain bike. Not steep but rocky in spots with a few sharp twists and turns. Cloud movement changed the lighting on the scenery so everywhere we looked pleased our eyes.

Wonderful hike! Seemed longer than 4 miles, it was definitely “hard” but not impossible by any means. Leave time to explore around up top!

10000 times better thand Horseshoe Bend! Alone in the trail! 3 hours with a snack break and enjoying the view!

1.45 hours to top

I didn't see any mining equipment on the way up. Most of the old stuff was near the old town. The hike up wasn't too bad. A few small places of exposure. I'm afriad of ledges but still made it. Views are wonderful. A little like Horseshoe Bend, though a much harder hike, thus no people! View to myself. For more info a pics, visit http://etbtravelphotography.com/blog (top things to do around page)

We went up there on thanksgiving day, my 8 y/o daughter did great without any issues, my wife is afraid of height and had a bit trouble at a couple of narrow and steep spots but she was able to manage to finish the whole trail. when on the top, great views on either side, I tried to see the horseshoe bend in distance toward Page, not sure i saw it but i think it was right at the direction of the Navajo power plant, it took us about 2 hours to get up on the top and 1.5 hours to come back down, it was an overcast day so we didn't have to drink lots of water, but there's no shade so you might need get prepared in a hot season

Oh, I loved this one. I climbed it for sunset. It’s all up the canyon face with a series of switchbacks and stone stairs with some scrambling. The top has views toward Page as well as down the river. Did the hike in 2 hours keeping a pretty steady pace.

3 months ago

Very rewarding walk when you reach the top with great views either side. You can see along the canyon and the Colorado river. Is a tough walk to the top but if you follow AllTrails route the trail is easy to follow. Took us in total about 2.5 hours. There is plenty of parking and a toilet at the trailhead. Was mid-November and was only us and one other person on the trail.

on Hanging Garden Trail

3 months ago

Nice short walk. The garden is pretty but we also walked up the viewpoint along this trail which gave really nice views of the lake. No toliets at trail head. Was less than 10 people doing walk but was mid-November

It was a pleasant hike. Parking is limited but easy to spot the entrance right off of the road. The hanging gardens aren't worth a detour.

Hike is a workout for sure and there’s no shade so bring water. The trail is easy enough to follow and offers some spectacular views.

This was a nice hike. Nothing really technical about it other than a few river crossings. The water was low for us and never got above our chins. The trail is hard to follow at times, but you can’t get lost. There is always a wall on either side. We actually found that if you start walking toward one wall or the other you may cross about 5 trails. At the turn around point we decided to climb one of the cliffs for a nice view. We also did some side trips up a couple of the washes that were really neat. Overall, we logged 7 miles. Easy hike even for a beginner, just be prepared to get your feet wet.

Short but sweet hike with good views. Nothing too crazy

Bring more water than you anticipate needing. This is a strenuous hike that has long portions of “stair-master” type climbs.. views are incredible once you reach the top!

4 months ago

I think there are nicer things around.

5 months ago

Great views of the river going up and an even better view when you can see to the other side once you reach the top. A bit like horseshoe bend but without the crouds. No shelter available along the route.

We biked this trail and thought it was great easy/moderate, depending on your skill level. Sand was not a problem due to recent rains. It is signed very well except at the 3/7 mile (depending whether you do it clockwise or counter),trail being difficult to find due to ATV use in the area. Looked like perhaps some signs were missing. There was no barrier present at the parking lot, so there was no problem.

Amazing quiet trail. We passed 2 other hikers on the entire hike - and he views at the top are spectacular in all directions. It’s an easy trail to follow, reasonably steep with plenty of uneven ground to cover.

Easy trail, well marked.
The trail wraps around one hill to the hanging garden, the other part you can climb the hill for more views

Really good hike. Great workout. The river view is amazing.

Incredible, "inter-active", versatile view hike. start at lonely dell ranch on google maps, bring some water proof shoes, and if you want to not handle with water logistics issues- keep in mind to bring some water purify instruments/pills to get as much water that you like from the river.
The hike is flat- yet extremely muddy - some of the crossings as a result consume some more time.
Watch for flash floods notifications before visiting - this hike can be washed rapidly due to the tender texture of the soil and the already significant presence of water along the trail.

6 months ago

It’s absolutely beautiful for a trail run. Just have to pay attention as the water/cliffs pull your attention away from your footing. One note: the parking area was closed off with a no trespassing sign so I parked up the road a few hundred yards at one of the local hotels.

Easy hike to a small dessert and interesting rocks and views

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