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Although crowded, an AMAZING VIEW. Made it there right at sunset. If you move to the right you’ll find less and less people while still great views. Take your time for there are steep inclines that could send you over the edge.

Amazing experience we booked with Antelope Slot Canyon tours. Ernest was our guide and he was amazing, he know where to get the best pictures we didn’t feel rushed at all (except for the tour guide behind us, but she was from a different company) he would even take a picture if I couldn’t get the best shot, he could. Also we did the 3:00pm tour and it was almost to dark would recommend the earlier tour for best pics.

The tour was very picturesque and our guide was always pointing out good photo spots or taking photos for us. It is true that it gets very crowded, but it is worthy! Make sure you get a spot from 11 am to 1 pm.

6 days ago

It’s very crowded but for a reason...the view is incomparable and it’s purely amazing. Definitely worth it, very easy walking trail.

Rude and disrespectful workers - way overcrowded

Only tours - $50 for a .6 mile tour... way overcrowded

7 days ago

This company "Antelope Canyon Photo Tours" is great! all because of our guide "Marshall". We had a small enough group that he was able to help us get the perfect pictures. And was very knowledgeable.


nature trips
10 days ago

This isn't even a hike any more than waiting in the slowest line at Disneyland is a hike, and the line at Disneyland is more fun. This was too crowded to make it worth it.

12 days ago

Did this trail at sunset. Absolutely beautiful!! Trail is not hard but there is a big hill up and down

This is less of a nature hike and more of a scenic viewing site just off of the highway. It’s a hot, unshaded walk to the breathtaking view of the river.

Check the weather and your water. We went to sliderock arch and back from the campground and logged 15.4 miles. I’m a bigger guy and went through 4L of water. Walking through the sand and over river rock added a solid difficulty to this long and grinding trail. You need to go around 4 miles to see the steeper canyon walls. Many cool things to see. If you don’t have the time or energy to do this trail, check out wire pass to buckskin gulch.

on Antelope Canyon

21 days ago

don't even think about it unless you want to be hearded like cattle on the back of a flatbed for $60 each. Cash. that's as far as we got as the whole experience was nothing but dismal.

I did the Upper Antelope Canyon in the winter of January. Which u can get a discount because of the time of season - it was ($30/PP) and also the Lower Slot Canyon was closed. If your worried about being Claustrophobic- I took my friend who is -Honestly, it wasn't bad and she was okay! There's enough space to maneuver around and get through.
*It's important that you book ahead because all the times get booked really fast and there's only a few spots for the hour. I was able to book mine 48 hours prior-
but I did the earliest time which was 8AM- there was a little bit of light still for pictures. Try for the Noon time schedule!
It was early in the morning and cold! Plus the Jeep ride is like 15-20 minutes- so if u go in winter, Dress warm. They do supply blankets for the Jeeps which is also really cool. We had some lighting peaks in certain areas-and our tour guide was awesome! She took really good photos of us and knew how to adjust the picture settings on each type of phone (iOS/Android) to advance them - especially because of the winter season.
So once you exit the Slots- they give u a few minutes to take pics in the red sand - but in order to return to the Jeeps you have to go back the way you came- that means walking past the other tour groups.
One last thing:
***There's a different tour for a longer time - for just photographers- to take their time capturing! Pretty cool they offer that

Get away from all those people - head to the north. The view is better and there are a LOT less people. Beautiful at sunset!

Awesome Hike
Easy to find
Solo hike
Didn’t see no hikers on Saturday 5.26.18

We definitely recommend stopping here, just be prepared for a crowd - especially at sunset. It's popular because it's just so beautiful! The hike is short and relatively easy, although some older family members had to take a couple of breaks. There are benches conveniently placed along the trail for this.
We also went back in the middle of the night and there wasn't a single person there. We planned it based on moon set so we could look at the stars. Bring flashlights, sweaters, and be super careful around the edge (there's no railings).

We really enjoyed this simple trail with views of Lake Powell. The hanging garden at the end is pretty interesting since it is in a desert. Stay to the right on the trail to see the garden.

Part of the path strays towards the lake and has great views, but if you are aiming for the garden, stay to the right.


1 month ago

One of the most amazing places I have been! The information about how these slot canyons form is wonderful and informative. Our kids loved it. We did a guided tour (Dixie Ellis) and really enjoyed it. At the time that we went, kids 7 and under were free, so that helped since we have a 7 year old, but even with that, it was probably $30 or so per person and worth it. The tour was 1.5 hours with lots of time to look around and take pictures. The guides help to take some pictures as well and give photography hints. We have not been to the Upper Antelope Canyon, but based on seeing the Lower one, I would recommend it for sure!

This is well worth the walk over the hill! Short trek with a steep start but the overlook area has a lot of different ways to look down to this amazing view. There will be a lot of people, but just be a little patience since everyone is coming and going frequently. Enjoy!

1 month ago

Great view worth the climb lots of people.. various angles to take amazing pics

Such a spectacular view.. easy to get to and worth the hike to it. A lot of people go there so you may run into crowds while observing the view.

Very easy and quick hike with some good scenery along the way. When you reach the hanging garden portion it's pretty interesting to see the contrast between the desert and the plant life.

1 month ago

Most gorgeous canyon there is! Not to be missed if doing a trip to Arizona or southern Utah. I have been twice and was blown away both times. You do have to take the tour, but it is worth every penny. Make sure to bring your camera or phone, the photos are amazing. The lighting changes throughout the day in the canyon, so pictures always turn out differently.

Easy “hike” in to see an absolutely immense landscape. Worth every minute.

1 month ago

Simply gorgeous!!
Did both the Upper and Lower tour and each is amazing in its own right. Can’t go alone, only accessible through a tour company (roughly $50 pp).

Upper Antelope Canyon:
This is the one with the light beams. Best time to see them is on a sunny day (May-Sept) around noon. We did the 11:30am tour in May 2018. You take a 4x4 Jeep to the entrance. Saw a few light beams (the guide throws sand in the air so it’s visible .. watch your camera lens!) but unfortunately it was a little cloudy so didn’t get as much as usual. But no matter, the Canyon itself is stunning. An amazing photo in every direction, especially up!
Cons: The place is kind of a mob scene. So many people and guides yelling for you to keep moving forward. You need to be strategic to get a good angle without hordes of tourists in your frame. Also, you enter and exit through the same area, so you walk back the way you came in. So you have people moving in every direction.
Overall, an amazing and unique experience. Our guide was also pretty chill which was nice.

Lower Canyon:
You have to take a completely different tour. No Jeep necessary to reach the entrance. You walk like .2 miles from the tour office to a set of steep stairs that take you down into the canyon (so not advisable for those you have trouble with stairs). Though this one doesn’t have the light beams, I actually enjoyed this one even better!! It was longer and a ton less people!! You still had to move through at a decent pace, but this one felt way more laid back. Lower canyon is more narrow than upper and it’s a one way, so you don’t have people all over the place. Equally as beautiful but less people.
Only con: No light beams, but thats ok. The canyon is pretty by itself.


1 month ago

Easy afternoon walk with beautiful views of the lake. though close to homes, it feels like you are alone in nature. beautiful!

Beautiful, went early morning at 7:00 am to beat the crowd . However, lol many were in the same page as us . Beautiful scenery .

1 month ago

The wind whipping through the area was amazing. This short hike is good for a quick tour but isn't that rewarding overall.

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