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Oro Valley, Arizona Map

Initially you will be hiking in a sandy wash area. Be on the

10 days ago

Good to get a workout trail. Rocky but lots of ‘natural’ rock steps. I would recommend poles unless you are nimble. Great views; trails are easy to follow.

Tough trail, but well worth it! The views are amazing!

11 days ago

made about 6 miles round trip, would be great if water was flowing. Huge saguaros at beginning. Keep your phone on to stay on real trail, there r lots of them, probably all.nice tho.
no people, awesome!

17 days ago

Difficult but the spectacular views from the top are worth it!

Very hard hike. Bring enough water and don't go when it's hot- I made that mistake

Great trail. Spectacular views. Only went up to the view at a little after 3 miles. Will be back soon to try to go all the way! Pretty rocky and tough on the way up. Coming down is a little hard on the feet and knees, totally worth it though!

Make sure you don't lose the trail. Crosses a gulley about a half mile in. I spent two hours bouldering down there before getting back on the trail. Amazing views around sunset.

Gorgeous. Deserving of the difficult rating though. Started at 6am and didn't see anyone else until about 830.

Amazing view on the top! Deserving the 10 hours hiking.

It is so hard, but it is so beautiful!

Awesome introduction (for me) to the incredible geological and floral landscape of the Catalinas. I'd highly recommend doing this along with Pima Canyon. Park a car in both places or get a Lyft or whatever. Perfect weather in the dead of winter. Can't imagine it being safe on a hot day.

2 months ago

A pleasant stroll in the woods. Great light early morning.

A tough hike, but the views are incredible!!!

One of my favorites! It's tough but the views and scenery don't get much better!

Really great. It's tough though, so be prepared!

2 months ago

Nice hike through the desert. Nice and secluded, we were the only people on the whole trail. It’s not very worn in and quite a bit of over growth on the trail but nothing too bad. Lots of different trails branching out all over and can be a bit confusing at times which trail you should take. This trail is not 4.5 miles, ended up being 6.6 miles total and about 1,000 feet elevation gain. The trail end at a large rock face that appears to be a waterfall during the monsoons. Overall an enjoyable hike that was moderately challenging with nice views. Just make sure to check your map while hiking.

Did this back in April '17. Started around 5:30 AM and finished by noon with a break at the summit. Much shade to the top, had 1 or 2 issues going off course but second was my fault as I went off exploring (never a good idea). Not too brutal going up but going down was a different story. Extremely hard on the knees and the ground was dry but slippery. Had to make sure footing was perfect every step which was a nuisance. I slipped on the way down and cut myself fairly bad. I took a couple stumbles leading to almost sliding off some steep cliffs. Very hot and no shade on the way down. Overall, very scenic and challenging. Bring at least 3L water, I ran out the last 1 mile which was brutal! Start early! I saw several families beginning the hike as I finished close to noon. Also, watch where you park! I came back post-
hike and a cactus had fallen by my car, have a gold ball sized dent! Could've been much worse!

3 months ago

We love to hike this trail at various times during the year

Absolutely stunning. We did the easy 5-7R pitch to the top. The "skateboard rock" was pretty cool too. I'm 58, so this trail in my mid twenties would have taking me half the time. Because of this we left the trailhead at 5 am, and got back at 6 pm. So 13 hours all in, lunch, rest breaks, etc... Pretty brutal approach lol. Take lots of pictures!!! Enjoy

A strenuous trail that is hard on the knees when coming down. There is slippery granite at a few points. Steady elevation gain. Keep following the path at the Mt. Kimball sign to the end for amazing views of the Oro Valley and surrounding ranges. Start early and pack enough water. On our way down, we saw quite a few locals walking in, probably to watch the sunset.

great hike to Mt. Kimball. strenuous but never too steep a grade. Lots of variety.

Great Hike. Very strenuous. Have hiked plenty but this one kicked my butt and the trail is not for the faint of heart as there are plenty of areas that follow the edge of the mountain. Lots of scrambling over jagged rocks. I wouldn't even think of wearing runners. My feet couldn't take it. Stopped a lot for breaks and didn't quite make it to the summit (total 5-6 hours). Did take an alternate path at about 3.1M that led to a great view of the city and called that good. Did not see anyone past the two mile markers. Next time i'll start earlier than 8 and come down Pima Canyon trail. Also, though there was full sun toward the top, the elevation gain minimized the temperature. Got hot again as you descended the trail. Just about stepped on a small snake. Other than that, no four-legged wildlife. Saw several folks hiking with no water or pack. Who does that and why? Tried the record option on all-trails. It completely drained my battery. Glad I brought a portable charger.

Quiet- Beautiful- Serene

I know this trail pretty well since I've hiked it to Mt. Kimball over 1600 times in the last 37 yrs in the course of a phenological study. The trail is accessed from Tucson, not Oro Valley and CANNOT be used for horses beyond the first mile. (The Forest Service has done improvements on the first 1.5 miles to permit access for mules carrying herbicides to fight the invasive buffelgrass. The trail actually goes to Ventana Canyon, but I have been told by numerous hikers that the trail beyond the junction with Pima Canyon Trail (which you take up to Mt. Kimball) is very difficult to follow.

The trail does not go to the Finger Rock formation, although there is a wildcat spur that takes you there--this is prohibited from Jan 1-Apr 30 since it is not a legal trail.

SPENDING THE NIGHT in the canyon, there are two regulations you should be aware of. Over night parking permits can only be obtained online and require dates and car information, processing is about two days, so plan to reserve your permits accordingly.
Link http://webcms.pima.gov/cms/one.aspx?portalId=169&pageId=26888

Also, group limit is 6 persons. There is only one safe spot to set up camp on the trail within the first 4 miles. that spot will only accommodate about 8 people. You will not be able to camp on the trail. it is well used even in early morning, and there are steep drop offs just at the trails edge.

Fantastic view of the city at night. Its even better in the early morning.
BYO Firewood- when permitted.

Shade in the early AM

Fabulous trail! Challenging and scenic. The trail is in the shade in the morning which staved off the heat until later. We started this him at 6am and spent most of the at up in the shade. About half as much on the way down.

I'm a newbie having only hiked 4 times in a month and this was very challenging for me. But dang that scenery. Only did 1.6 miles. That massive chasm with those huge boulders all collected at the bottom, man.

Spent 4.5 hours hiking. Wanted to hike to the end of finger rock trail but my hiking partner's knees were taking some abuse. We left at 8 am and the hike in was mostly shaded by the high ridges on our right. As you near the top the trail narrows and it gets thick with trees and shrubs. It was very windy and cool for much of the hike. Coming down the trail can definitely be hard on the knees. Great hike and hope to do it again soon and hike the entire trail. We've seen a Gila monster and a mountain goat in our last two hikes. As you hike in further it gets less busy. Of course bring water!

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