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I love going here. If you add on the desert loop trail you end up with around two miles and a bit more of a hike. perfect for those who want to get away but not risk getting lost off the side of a mountain.

This is a surprisingly good hike. Head right and it’s pretty flat with slight inclines for first 2 miles or so. I was pleasantly surprised when it eventually started to go up! I didn’t need my hiking boots for first half but glad I had them on 2nd half. Very quiet and scenic, and I was the only one on the trail at 545p.

mountain biking
4 months ago

Fun with lots of small trails to combine with. Pretty rocky og lots of small stones.

Love these mountains the views are beautiful and it’s very quiet/not busy at all. Be prepared for no cover or shaded areas. Very windy at the top which cools you down but be careful! Very fun hike

Go early ! It’s warm. But a great trial run. Pups loved it.

One of the best wildlife/nature parks in the country.

I love this place!

This is the 6th time I’ve hiked Brown: twice at the base, twice on the loop, once straight up the S end and back down, and (today) from one end to the other. My hiking buddy and I parked one rig at each end of the mountain. We began at the Trailhead off McCain Loop, and finished at the north end (by the restrooms). We stopped several times, since we hiked during the heat of the day (which I do not recommend). Brown is always a great workout!

5 months ago

Usually I research the history of the trail before hiking it.. I didn't do it this time as it was a spur of the moment activity. The little I knew of the trail, I knew it was a copper mine with a gated cover into the mine shaft. Needless to say I didn't find the entrance to the mine shaft but I did find the block house and other structures that were used by these miners over 100 years ago. Amazing to me was that I saw remnants of what I thought were rusted out cans that were left behind by inconsiderate hikers. These "artifacts" as it turned out, were tucked under heavy brush and cacti ad I didn't take a picture of them. I was tempted to pack them out but didn't. Amazing. The link below gives a brief history of the mine.

Great hike. Go when it’s cool as that last peak is daunting in the heat.

Couldn't find trail head or any trail markers. found a beaten down bath with bike tracks but in a sketchy neighborhood.

This is a beautiful trail and a fantastic way to see the Tucson mountains. Fairly dense saguaros, varied terrain, and gorgeous views. My only complaint was that I saw several dogs which are clearly prohibited as stated on the sign. Now, I am a serious dog lover and honestly don’t mind them out there, but there were many piles of poo on the trail so either someone’s not picking up after their pets and/or there are some critters about that could seriously harm your pet. Be cautious and courteous if you’re going to bring Fido.

Great trail!! To go to Mt. Lemmon from where I live is a 90 mile round trip. This is only 5 miles from my home and always a peaceful hike!

Hiked from Gilbert Ray Campground. Trail to top of Brown Mountain then loops back to parking area. Great views.

Enjoyed this desert hike in the different cactus. Elevation was not taxing. The trail was fine, but you needed to watch your step. Beautiful 360 view from the peak.

This trail winds through gorgeous forest of saguaro and lots of civilisation. Kind of boring on foot for me, but it looks like a lot of fun for mountain bikes. Absolutely no shade.

This was simply gorgeous and fun to ride. Not too hard but not boring by any means. What a gorgeous place. My problem is wanting to stop and take pics of everything. Love this place!!!

Really enjoyed this hike. We went counterclockwise on the loop so all the more difficult stuff was at the end.

Great saguaro and many varieties of cholla. Number of mountain bikers but everyone was very nice in sharing the trail. Signage was helpful and a good parking lot.

This is a really nice hike. If you love saguaros, then you will enjoy. The most I have seen in one place. So many different one's to see. The trail is an easy hike. enjoy

This trail is NOT open for dogs! Was very disappointed after driving to the trailhead to discover that trails in the Tucson County Mountain Park are not open to dogs except service dogs. Really too bad!

Done this trail a few times before, and again on NYD this year. Nice mix of up and down for one half, and pretty level for the other. It's a good trail to stay in shape during the week. Takes between 1.5 and 2 hrs, I would think... I start at the trailhead off McCain loop road to the E of the route shown here (The little black dotted line coming off the middle of the white road just below Kinney Rd and meeting the trail). I do the peaks first. Nice views of surrounding desert, and really nice to start just before sunrise. It's pretty much murder in the summer, like everywhere in Tucson, but if you get an early start, or go on a cloudy monsoon day, it's every bit as enjoyable. 3 stars only because there are a million hikes like this in AZ...Extra star for convenience to Tucson, making it achievable during the work week. :)

7 months ago

Enjoyed this hike. Easy to moderate and great with kids. The loop around the picnic table can be hard to find the trailhead. Look for sign or just follow the path on this awesome app.

5 stars = as good as it gets!
There may be better trails, but this novice has yet to encounter them. I feel accomplished after this hike!

Leading up to this trek, I conditioned on 6 previous trails (including 1 trip up Tumamoc and 2 trips along the base of this mountain—between picnic areas). This was a challenge for me, as I have chronic joint pain (mainly knees). That said, I was able to complete the loop with relatively little pain. (However, I use trekking poles, take turmeric and fish oil daily & take Aleve as needed for pain.)

FYI: there are 4 peaks (maybe it was 3, but it seems like there were 4) along this ridge, so keep that in mind, if you are a beginner like me.

TIPS: I recommend starting at the Brown Picnic Area and hiking clockwise back to the trailhead.. There is a RR and water at the 1/2-way mark: San Juan Picnic Area. One could even hike with a buddy and park one vehicle at each picnic area, if need be.

I really enjoy this hike! I have hiked along the wash (at the base—between picnic areas) twice now. The next time, I am determined to climb to the top and complete the full loop! (I have had to ease into this hiking season, due to chronic joint pain.)

TIP: If you begin at the Brown Mt Picnic area, and want to hike out to the San Jain Picnic Area (where there are RR’s and a water fountain) and back, be sure to veer to the right at The Headless Saguaro. Veering to the left will take you to the top of the mountain.

If you're looking for something that requires effort, this is not your hike. This is a peaceful meander, thoroughly meditative, in and around beautiful cacti and marvelous views.

9 months ago

Wear good shoes. The loose rock trails are a little rough on cross training shoes. Very peaceful with great vantage points along the way.

Simple, easy to follow trail once you reach the hills with nice saguaro views. Not as breathtaking as the canyons but I imagine this sunset beats all others (went during the afternoon in October)

Very disappointed in my hiking crew today .My mom decided to go all day yesterday without eating so she was too weak to finish and we had to quit halfway through and my daughter who goes with us was having hygiene issues Which also led to my poor hiking experience

Beautiful! If you walk westward down the wash there are stunning purple rocks for quite a ways.

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