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This was my favorite part of the Canyon, the hike was not difficult and the falls was worth the walk, gorgeous spot!

1 month ago

It is all that. Hardly any options to camp before Marion Point, then Tilted Mesa after that--both of those spots were so windy--gusting 40+--we kept going. Good amount of exposure on that first long traverse. Nothing out of character compared to other Canyon hikes, just much more of it. Beautiful. Very challenging. Getting to the ancient structures high above the Colorado made me feel very fortunate.

Beautiful view, enjoy it on the way down cuz you pay for it on the way up. We thought to turn around at the 3 mile, decided to turn at the 1.5 mile, best choice! So worth it!!

full of wonder!!

One of my most favorite spots on the planet! Hands down! The colors of the canyon from the North Rim are deep and rich and touch my very soul. ❤️

Beautiful hike! Not easy.

4 months ago


Easy trail with spectacular canyon views...best to hike on sunny late afternoons when lengthening shadows can make these views even more impressive.

6 months ago

Great way to spend a few hours enjoying solitude at The Canyon.

a very well shaded trail, due to our time constraints we didn't step off the trail to enjoy the beautiful views of the canyon. all in all its a decent hike, not too moderate.

Although an easy trail, its just so easy to lose your footing due to numerous beautiful views. Good thing it's a short hike.

North Kaibab is the only North Rim trail that actually goes down into the Grand Canyon, so it was on my “must hike” list. The trail goes all the way down but Supai Tunnel is a good stopping point for a half day hike. There is a restroom and water at the tunnel making it an ideal resting place before beginning the strenuous hike back up.

The views were gorgeous, of course, and i loved watching the birds, chipmunks, and squirrels. There isn’t much shade so bring sunscreen, hats, and water. Also, it is hotter in the canyon than on the plateau. The path is wide and well defined, but not railed. This trail was more heavily trafficked than the others that I visited during my stay. The trail is also used by people taking mule rides down into the canyon, so watch out for mule poop.

So overall: great hike, observable wildlife, very strenuous return hike, beautiful views (but not the best), moderate traffic, and mule poop.

Spectacular scenery, but the trip out is tough. Plan your hike around the temps. You share this trail with the mule/riders too, so they add a little to the hike. We went to the tunnel and turned back. Wife and I are 40's son is 17 and daughter is 12. Pack enough water.

7 months ago

Loved this trail! Well marked and lightly trafficked (which is good when you need someone to take your picture at one of the many lookout points). Didn't take us too long so worked out for us to make a day of doing these shorter hikes in the area.

7 months ago

Great hike. When you get to the point where the trail loops back (at the mule hitching posts), make sure you take the short trail out and back to to the point to get the best views. Spectacular view of Bright Angel Canyon and across to the South Rim and beyond. Took the loop in the counter-clockwise direction. Made this hike in late July with my wife and 5 year old. It's not too strenuous. Temperature was very nice and weather beautiful.

8 months ago

This Is NOT dog friendly. Many signs saying "no dogs" at the trail. You can only go on the bridle path in the park or Kaibab trail or Rainbow Rim #10 with dogs around the park.

8 months ago

The first part is great right on the rim with wonderful views then it ducks into the woods until the campground. But it is the only trail you. Can take the dogs on here, so it does the job. Also lots of nice shade from the trees a respite from the desert below.

Did this on one of my backpacking trips in the canyon. On the 3rd day we went from Cottonwood over the north rim to the pizza parlor and back to Cottonwood for the night before going to Bright Angel the next night. Everything in the Canyon is awesome. Absolutely my favorite place on earth to hike. Wish I didn't live 1.200 miles away.

Great trail to get away from the crowds!

Not really a hike, but some great rocks to climb for great views!

9 months ago

great trail to get to the lodge, lots of shade.

Loved it!

10 months ago

Phenomenal Views from this trail....

10 months ago

One of the best backpacking trails. I did the hike in a span of multiple days and during the fall season. It was the best decision, not too hot and have the whole trail/river to yourself. Def a tough hike but well worth it.

Great views, easily accessible by the north rim lodge, as well.

11 months ago

The views are spectacular, but underestimate this trail at your peril. You will be in big trouble on the hike out if you run out of water. The hike to the granaries is well worth the hike.

Friday, May 19, 2017

It is a fast, short hike but was quiet and calm. You get to walk along the edge of the canyon with some good views, and even take a quick bit through the woods. I appreciated how serene it felt. Great places to climb out to the edge and read a book or eat a meal. Just enough uphill climb on occasion to keep your heart pumping and happy.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Never saw another hiker in 2 days. I was in great shape and this trail gave me all I could handle. If you want solitude and rugged canyon beauty, this is the trail. Bring water to stash along the way. Don't screw with this trail in the heat unless you are an absolute stud. It will be happy to kill you.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Stayed at the Lodge. Great views. We went out to the point for sunrise. It was incredible.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Just a walk in the woods. Love the eco system compared to the south rim.

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