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Accomplished this epic hike in one day at end of October 2017. Total time 11 hours with about 1 hour of stops, including 30 minutes for lunch.

North Rim campground was still open but not the lodge - it was the last weekend they were open. We dropped in at 6:30 am and it was 36 degrees. When we got to the tunnel we stripped down to base and kept moving. In all my prep hikes I focused on the ascent and underestimated the beating my knees would take going down and I tweaked my left knee. Could only step down with the left and up with the right so slowed pace to about 2mph going up. We stopped every two hours for protein and salt/electrolytes. Temp was a cool 80 degrees through the box and we carried 2L of water and refilled at each stop (the water was still turned on). My hiking partner missed eating protein at one stop and we had to make an unplanned stop in the box to eat (we were trying to get past PR before eating lunch). We stopped at the river house on bright Angel Trail for 30 minutes to eat and change socks. Then we started the climb out - kept a steady pace but I could really feel my knee - more on the incline then the steps. We climbed out at 5:30 to our shuttle group who set up camp. Nice shower, meal and Ice for the knee

Getting ready to do South to South in 2 days (May 2018) and will consider my lessons learned. I will take my knee stabilizers and wear them the entire trip. I will use my trekking poles the entire way. I will stay with our protein/electrolyte plan. Ultra electrolytes, pickles, almonds, tuna packs, cut veggies with full fat dressing and we will start with 4L of water since there is no water on South Kaibab and it will be close to 100 at our he bottom

One of my favorite hikes, good advice to take your time, we had to shorten this to a 3 day hike so skipped on past Indian Garden right to the south rim, but if we had the choice staying there at Indian would have been better. My son and I did this hike starting at the north rim on the first day it opened, around middle of May. The weather/temps were perfect then. Make sure to spend some time at Ribbon falls it was my favorite spot.

I’ve done the R2R five times and can’t imagine getting tired of it. If you’re thinking of it as a bucket list item, it’s worthy. Don’t skip Ribbon Falls.

Did it first with my wife when I was 66. Second time with my two daughters at 68. Spent three nights in the canyon and would do it again. I don’t agree that you have to be in tip top shape but it would help. Take your time, observe and enjoy. It’s not a race and as long as you hike out you WIN!!! That being said you must be careful with the heat and hydration.

Beautiful hike! Not easy.

Exhausting and epic!! The vast and varied scenery along the way is unbelievable. Be prepared! Do not do this without adequate training and supplies. Hiking poles are a great asset! Make sure shoes fit correctly. I bruised my toes going down eight miles not having my boots laced correctly or not fitting right.
Bring layers. It was cold at the rims and very hot crossing the box at the bottom in May. I love this place. It’s a very Grand Canyon indeed!

4 months ago


amazing way to spend a day hiking.

This was my first time doing the R2R. I just want to say it was so amazing! Loved every moment backpacking through the north to the south rim of the Grand Canyon. Amazing waterfalls my group saw along the way was spectacular! I would totally do this again.

One of the best trails in the country. Highly recommend it.

This was such an awesome hike. Took four days to hike it.

Finished in 10.5 hours with plenty of resting time in between. Water is not a problem. In November phantom ranch and manzanita were good refill stops.

It’s a great hike. I️ feel lame and hypercritical giving it fewer than five stars. But to be honest, the hike didn’t really resonate with me. It’s quite crowded and much of the time spent hiking is in a smaller inner canyon that while pleasant and striking at times is not the epic vista that one thinks of when picturing the Grand Canyon. The trail itself is very well maintained — almost to the point of feeling overly manicured and overly engineered. There’s very little sense of exploration while on this trail.

Completed June 11, 2017. Went all the way to Manzanita Rest Area and then back up to the North Rim. Joined by two backpackers who we picked up a few days before and became friends with. My longest day hike ever up until that point.

Absolutely awesome introduction into backpacking. Spent 3 nights in the canyon. Cottonwood, Bright Angel and Indian Garden Campsites. Must see is Ribbon Falls and Plateau Point. Views are breathtaking throughout the hike. Day 1 is a tough downhill decent and day 4 is uphill the whole way. Highly recommend.

We went the opposite way of Bright Angle to N Kaibab. Steep climb and with a pack was brutal, but what amazing views

We loved this one second time for me and wife wants to do it again

6 months ago

Great way to spend a few hours enjoying solitude at The Canyon.

was amazing and the climb up the north rim was tough 7 miles and about 5000' in elevation. loved it!!!!

what a hike, I hiked as a grup from work. we started on the North rim @ 5:15 am and I didn't top out at the south rim until 6:20 pm. Water was ever where and not a problem. Went in with 3 liters of water and came out with 1 liter and 541 pictures. Take your time and soak up every mile of this hike. It us by far one of the best hikes I have ever been on.

Spectacular!!! Did it as a long day hike. Later in October gave us some very favorable weather. Never too hot and never too cold.

Hard- yes but worth every sore muscle. Absolutely amazing!!

We did 3 days and 2 nights. Just amazing and beautiful. Looking for to do it again.

What a hike! Seemed as though every bend brought new beautiful views. This is a must do for anyone that enjoys a challenge. Planning on making this hike a yearly tradition.

North Kaibab is the only North Rim trail that actually goes down into the Grand Canyon, so it was on my “must hike” list. The trail goes all the way down but Supai Tunnel is a good stopping point for a half day hike. There is a restroom and water at the tunnel making it an ideal resting place before beginning the strenuous hike back up.

The views were gorgeous, of course, and i loved watching the birds, chipmunks, and squirrels. There isn’t much shade so bring sunscreen, hats, and water. Also, it is hotter in the canyon than on the plateau. The path is wide and well defined, but not railed. This trail was more heavily trafficked than the others that I visited during my stay. The trail is also used by people taking mule rides down into the canyon, so watch out for mule poop.

So overall: great hike, observable wildlife, very strenuous return hike, beautiful views (but not the best), moderate traffic, and mule poop.

7 months ago

This is a fun hike! The trail is fairly flat and easy, but not super well defined, so you get to do some climbing and ducking as you hike. Also, there is no obvious end to this hike, so we went probably an extra half mile before realizing we’d gone “too far.” We didn’t see any other hikers at all, so the isolation and immersion into nature on this trail was amazing. Great scenic views, obviously. :) I would love to hike this trail again after the snow melts and see some water in the springs.

Widforss trail was my favorite hike while at the North Rim. There are several switchbacks at the beginning before the trail settles into a pattern of flat areas and (mostly) sloping ups and downs. There is a nice guided tour component with a pamphlet that you can pick up at the trail head. We only did the short version, to the end of the guided tour, but will definitely go out all the way to Widforss point next time.

The trail is forested by ponderosa pines, so it is shady and cool most of the time. The views were breath taking, with places to stop and see the three buttes and the transept. You can go off trail to get a better look if you aren’t afraid of close proximity to the canyon edge.

There is a restroom at the trail head, but no water available. It is worth it to start early, so you miss many of the other hikers, and get to be out alone in the splendor of the forest.

10/10/2017 We hiked North Kaibab down to Phantom Ranch in about 5 hours. The weather was cool and the fall colors in the canyon were beautiful. We played too long at the beach and didn’t leave until 3 pm. Didn’t have time to see much of Indian Garden just passed right through. Had to use our cell phones for light on the trail as the sun goes down around 6:15 this time of year. Made it out at 8pm. Wasn’t planning on hiking in the dark but saw the most spectacular star show in the sky!

I hiked this on 10/12/2017. Left the North Rim about 5:45am, and made it down to the Coconino overlook just before dawn. I stopped at Phantom Ranch for a little lunch break, and water refill, and then started up the Bright Angel Trail. Indian Gardens is a nice place to rest and soak tired feet in the creek before finishing up the last few miles. I wasn't setting any speed records, but the scenery was well worth taking my time, and the fall weather was perfect. I poked my head out of the canyon at the BA trailhead about 5:45pm, and enjoyed a much deserved pizza and beer over at the pizza place near the backcountry office.

Spectacular scenery, but the trip out is tough. Plan your hike around the temps. You share this trail with the mule/riders too, so they add a little to the hike. We went to the tunnel and turned back. Wife and I are 40's son is 17 and daughter is 12. Pack enough water.

Left North Rim on Oct 9, 2017 about 8:30am and arrived at Phantom Ranch about 2:30pm....gorgeous fall scenery and weather. Overnighted in one of the cabins and left the following morning at 6:30 and got to South Rim about 12:00. Temperatures were very accommodating, portions of hike were quite challenging.

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