4 months ago

We hiked around the entire lake today, 2.87 or 2.97 miles according to my friends GPS tracker., I think entire hike only took a couple of hours, maybe slightly longer. The first half of the trail was pretty easy. After we crossed the dam it got a little trickier, definitely some slippery spots with lots of loose rocks, etc. We (4 adults, 2 large dogs), found our way around the entire lake staying near the shore. The trail was mostly easy to see & follow. The water level was quite low, I’m not sure we would’ve been able to do this if water level had been higher. Though our dogs did great & loved the adventure there were times we had to send one adult ahead, release the dog to manage the terrain on their own & then the other adult would follow. Maybe other hikers are used to this but we weren’t so I’m not sure I would recommend this hike with dogs & I definitely wouldn’t take younger children on the 2nd half of this hike. All in all we really enjoyed the hike & it was beautiful.