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horseback riding
2 days ago

I have written my horse in that area for years and I’ve never found a trail that goes to the top of Table Mesa if there is one I’d love for someone to show it to me.

I liked this trail because it had water and wildlife. I saw livestock, which, for some reason, made my day. This trail had lovely views, too. I recommend it.

Short and steep hike. I use this trail for a fitness challenge to meet or beat my time. Sunset views are often spectacular from here

We did the hike with a dog but if your dog is not wild and agile and fearless then the second peak will be impossible and quite possibly dangerous.

Gavilan Peak....Steep!!!! On ascent we did the class III-IV climb....Badass!!!! If this hike was just a bit longer, it would automatically be included in my weekly schedule, due to proximity and difficulty. I wanted to go down the way we came up, but my girlfriend Salena was NOT havin it!! That being said, we made our descent down the “easier path.” To me this was more dangerous with all the loose rock! In the past, I have been overwhelmed with trepidation over the “impending” descent from vertical climbs, only to find that it’s much easier than anticipated. Next time.... up & down the same way!

The first mile or so is seriously up and down, trail traverses small mountain halfway up, mountain has many washes, thus the up and down. Good workout, but view is mostly of unattractive houses. To avoid this part and to invest your time, energy, and water into the climb up to the saddle between mountains, the "loop" part, instead of turning into the trailhead parking, take the next right, follow this road to a large parking area at the base of the large wash between the hills. Obvious large trail. This is also where the hike gets pretty.
Lots of varied scat suggests that hiking at sunrise or dusk might allow you to see various critters.

4 months ago

very short, nice view...steep

Beautiful scenery along this route. Did not encounter any other hikers the day we were out here. Enjoyed the various types of terrain from sandy areas near the river to various rock formations.

Great trail. Nice views and good for all running shapes!

5 months ago

Nice workout. A lot if hills! Trail starts to get confusing when you reach the “loop” section. Looked overgrown. We ended up turning around and heading back. It was okay. Clean and quiet.

fun but u have to go left after 1 mile and go up mountain alot fun be careful

6 months ago

A short but challenging hike with a steep incline. Great view from the top!

Good to hike, bike, jog, or horse ride. No strenuous elevations. Smooth.

Mostly just a gravel rd you could drive with a half ton or ATV. Google took me to W side of I-17 but Trail/road is to the right or East. No trail marker.

off road driving
6 months ago

Fun easy trails, unfortunately the popular shooting spots are a mess! The shooters clearly don’t think the leave no trace signs apply to them. We saw appliances, couches, coolers, and who knows what else. Once you get off the easy access trails it’s really pretty and enjoyable. Next time we will bring trash bags to help clean up our trails.

Great hike. Had more ups and downs than we expected but we liked that. Beautiful and remote. We did the loop which was a highlight but the trail is not marked as well as the rest. Not sure I’d do it during snake season! This is a new favorite.

Wow is this a beautiful and unique hike. It’s a steep but short assent to the top of the peak and prepared to use all fours (not caring bottles in hand).
Be prepared to become a mountain goat!

Great hike! The loop part was an interesting hike. The trail is closer to 6.0 miles, though and not 5.4. Planning on taking my husband.

6 months ago

A good short hike. Approx 25% of the hike is a steep and rocky incline.

on Tramonto Overlook

6 months ago

Significant hill climb on this trail.
Nice view at the top

7 months ago

Looks like there is no established trail here, at least I was not able to locate it. I tried to follow recording, but it is pretty hard to do it. Since I started pretty late, I had to give up after 0.7 mile. The area and the pick seams to be pretty interesting, so I'll probably try again.

Nice view, but lot of garbage around.

off road driving
11 months ago

off road driving
Tuesday, August 01, 2017

From California, nice trail for a day out. Easy 2-Wheel drive most of the trail. When detoured to N Little Grand Canyon trail, need 4 wheel on rocks and near Aqua Fria River. River was about a foot and half where we crossed. Rattle snake in road lunged at truck passing is in opposite direction. Going to try a night run.

off road driving
Sunday, July 23, 2017

Nice and easy... relaxing day out in the Jeep

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Little bumpy for a bit. Some water to cross and some hills.

off road driving
Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Great off -road trail! We took our stock Jeep Rubicon out for its 1st adventure on this trail. It took us 4hrs to complete starting in Cave Creek and ending in New River at the 17 freeway.

off road driving
Sunday, December 27, 2015

Trail is easy to get to and is very fun but can get rocky around some turns causing you to slide when your going fast.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Hiked this trail and the view was well worth it!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

The trail actually tracks East of I-17 to wheel the 18.2. It drops you off at FR 24 and goes back down to Carefree. This trail was easily done in my stock suspension FJ, but I did use 4x4 and needed it. 1/2 of the trail gives it a moderate rating. The east end is just easy wheeling and scenic. Good trail close to phoenix.

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