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I did the Piestewa peak summit trail. I was actually very disappointed in this trail. The entire trail up the mountain is just stairs and stairs. The scenery was just more stairs. The trail was very man made and even had railings at certain spots. This also should be rated easy to moderate. If stairs give your knees problems then it’s moderate, otherwise it’s easy. I should have just went to the gym and did the stair master for an hour. It says no dog allowed, but everyone brings their dogs.

I have hiked this trail many times. It seems much more loose and eroded than the first time I did it 11 years ago. It gets worse every year! Also, it was a little warm today so sun screen, lots of water, and a hat are required. If you are a beginner I would not recommend it unless you are in excellent shape.

Pretty. Hardly saw another soul. Reliable sources of water this time of year.

Good for walking. Seemed better for bikes & ATVs. But fortunately we were mostly on our own.

Not very in-shape, but I did it! I took my time going up and it took me about 3 hours. My friend, a much more experienced hiker, did it in 2.5hours. Reaching the top was the most concerning part to me, as it was basically climbing boulders. A fun experience, but the thought of descending gave me a little shiver down my back. All-in-all a fun hike, expect to be sore days after if you are not in shape for it. A fun experience, and the view is INCREDIBLE!

It wasn't what i was expecting. but great trail. beautiful at the end. just be prepared for a lot of people even during middle of week.

17 hours ago

This is my overall favorite Sedona hike, combining stunning views with pure physical endurance, technical hiking, a bit of climbing, a lot of variety in scenery and a fair amount of risk. Bear Mt has a little of everything. It is a long, hard hike with sensational views throughout and an enormous payoff if you reach the true final summit.. It requires physical fitness, experience, and some preparation. Take lots of water, some food, gloves and hat. It is too dangerous for young children, with many trail segments near sheer cliffs or along precarious rock ledges. Recommend starting early in the morning and be prepared for 4-6 rigorous hours of Sedona heaven.

I really enjoyed this hike! It is amongst my favorite hikes that I’ve done in the valley. This hike is fantastic if you aren’t looking for majestic views of desert but rather cities in the distance. I could see all the way to downtown Phoenix.

This hike is challenging. It is not a straight shot uphill but you do steadily gain elevation. It is relatively “hilly”, so for almost every up there is a down.

It’s easy to get lost if you don’t pay attention. I added on about an extra mile from missing a sign. (It also added another down hill and then climbing back up). The trail is marked very well for those who are always keeping an eye out!

There are parts of the hike that are relatively steep downhill, so it helps to have hiking shoes to provide some grip.

I really want to go back and do the Skyline trail which is off of Quartz Mine.

I highly recommend this hike.

17 hours ago

Perfect weather. Crossings can be a little tricky at times but not that difficult if you take your time. Water level was low so they were a little easier. Would recommend.

Definately a 10!

Loved this hike! So challenging, but worth it. I met so many interesting people along the climb, including an 86 year old man who has done it 66 times this year. Very impressive, as it's a crazy climb. First two miles aren't too bad. The last mile is rock climbing and the descent is hard on the knees. Take your time! My favorite views were right before the basin. And the flatiron was amazing.

Nice panoramic views and an easy way to experience sacred rock drawings

18 hours ago

Beautiful views. Hike is a tough one, but doable. Need a LOT of water. I carried 3L and ran out.

18 hours ago

Very short hike but awesome views. If your in the area you can do this and Horseshoe Bend in one day. Both are pretty amazing.

After a total of 107 switch backs, several water breaks, I still managed to reach the top of the summit which I really enjoyed. The views were magnificent. Don't let the short distance fool you, be prepared....bring lots of H20, protein foods to include raw honey, bagels, nuts, etc...and of course pack enough for at least an overnight in case of emergency. Be safe.

Difficult with lots of boulders and loose rock, but well worth the climb. There's not much wreckage left after all these years, but there is an obvious debris field marked by a small flag. Landing gear, sheet metal, engine parts and misc pieces can be seen. There's a ammo box with a picture of the crew at the highest painted cross. After that it's about 200 feet to the summit. I entered off 15E and followed the orange ribbons marking the path to the base of the mountain.

Easy trail to hike beautiful sites to see

20 hours ago

Walked this trail with my wife as beginners in hiking. The road to the parking "lot" is unpaved and signage for the road is really visable. The trail head is well identified with various signs along the way to verify you are on the right path even though the trail is clearly warn into the earth. There is a little incline walking into the volcano which can slow the pace down but coming out is a breeze. You must climb up a 6' maintained ladder to enter the volcano and do not worry as there are hand rails as well. The views inside are incredible and the views of the San Francisco Peak to the East is really nice on the trail.

off road driving
20 hours ago

Took Bloody Basin Road from I-17 all the way to Sheep Bridge and back. 4wd is not necessary but be prepared for a long drive. Plenty of spots to stop and take pics, take a break for lunch or camping areas and the last 1/4 before Sheep Bridge gets kinda rocky/bumpy so your speed will slow down. Sheep bridge is a great place to wander and explore.

GREAT hike with BEAUTIFUL views! The weather was perfect!

21 hours ago

One of our favorite trails here. Fun, winding, climbing trail. Lots of people but not anymore crowded than Soldiers. The climb to Chicken Point was a nice short workout.

22 hours ago

good trail, but why can't Alltrails up the size on pics? Almost all my pics are too large, too much a pain to resize em all.

This was my first time back to hiking in while. I took my five kids, 3, 5, 6, 9, 11. The two oldest went ahead both directions and made friends along the trail. I carried the three year old most of the way, (though he probably could have walked, it just would have taken all day) and the two youngers stayed close by me. We brought a lunch and enjoyed the cool of the rocks in the shade while we ate. Then the kids had a good time exploring the rocks, climbing higher up, until it was time to go back. It was a great easy to moderate hike for me and the kids.

22 hours ago

Great trail!

Strenuous, but rewarding. Legs are going to be sore tomorrow.

pretty good, depending on where you park a good portion of the hike is like a fire road and kinda uninteresting. the views aren't as good as other hikes in the area but the photos on the bridge are cool. get there early, we finished around 8:15 and the parking lot was already starting to overflow.

Easy trail with fun surprises. half way through the hike is a path to an arch with a rock fort underneath. keep going past the rock fort to find a path to get on top of the arch, the path to the top is a little tough.

great hike. My 10yr old son loved the “crack” trail and climbing down the ladder and hiking through the narrow sections.

Intense but worth it with the views at the top!

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