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Beautiful hike with great scenery, especially all the cacti varieties. Those sites that describe this trail as easy and handicap accessible are full of crap.

This trail may be “moderate” in the context of experienced hikers, but for the novice it’s at least difficult.

I’ve hiked it or part of it on 3 out of 5 days and found it wonderful, but quite a workout. I made the mistake of only taking 30 ounces of water today when I started later around 10:00 AM and got a bit lightheaded at one point.

The trails off of 8A, i.e., 8B, 202, are less crowded and later in morning, early afternoon when too damn hot there are also less hikers. Fairly crowded in early morning.

7 hours ago

Started our September hike at 8:15. (Should have started at 7:45 due to the heat) on a busy Saturday morning. Saw numerous dogs and young children and thought this would be a nice easy hike. Ha. Didn’t see any dogs and only 2 little super girls complete the loop as it appeared many chose a distance to go out and back. Would call this hike comfortably challenging and a good workout.

Took the counter clockwise loop. This way added .2 to the trail summit and .2 less on the return. Hike had a decent elevation change.

Beautiful scenery as the crowds thinned out after a mile in. Many jagged rocks especially on the downhill return made me realize I need stronger bottomed hiking shoes.

As with many of these All Trail short mileage estimates, I clocked over 5 1/2 miles to and from the parking lot.

Nice hike. Would do it again.

good trail. nice hike . but somewhat dull

WARNING—- attacked by bees 1.5 miles into trail!! There must be hives hanging off the side of the peak. Be very careful when at the lookout areas!!!!

My daughter and myself took her 2 and 4 year old boys today. The boys were troopers and did a great job. We just each took one of the boys by the hand, stopped for water breaks along the way, watched for lizards, sang some songs and had a great time. Definitely, a moderate hike, tho’!

nice lake and trails but not for beginner bike riders. kid friendly for the walking trails. this actual trail is for hikers only.

The trail to the tunnel is a bit confusing. We ended up doing the loop which isn't that bad. Very steep and lots of loose rocks. To our surprise there was a black rattlesnake right at the entrance to the tunnel. Almost stepped on it.

Beautiful hike. Cliff jumping is great! Word to the wise when the trail says cross the river don’t... go to your left and follow the river bed. It will take you to the swimming hole. If you go over the river you’ll continue on Bell Trail with some good elevation climbing into the forest. This spot is great if your training for a big hike or going for distance and want to see more of the canyon! Super Beautiful but be aware it’s dry and literally continues on forever. We went three miles past the river mostly incline.

Haven’t been hiking in awhile so this trail was a great way to start. It was very helpful that a lot of it was in the shade. Can see views of Sierra Vista and surrounding mountains. I would recommend it.

Start early, it gets hot quickly. Good hike but very rocky. Lots of people out on the trail. We saw a couple of chipmunks darting around. Great view of Scottsdale near the top.

A good challenging hike in the summertime. Last time I was here, I only did the loop and Dixie Summit.
This time I did both summits and the loop. Started getting a little hot and worn out towards the end of the hike, but it was worth it. A lot of good up and down on this one and pretty scenery. Just watch out for all of the Cholla cactus!

This trail is misnamed - if you look at it, it actually doesn't go along the Pima Wash trail at all. It starts where it could, but then it goes on National Trail and Ridgeline Trail (or vice versa, if you go counterclockwise). It was a perfectly fine path to hike but most of National is more like walking on a dirt road.

First mile is very difficult. After that it’s pretty easy. Great view

This is my favorite trail within a 50 mile range of central Phoenix. This was my second trip there, and it was even better than the first. That's because the Arizona Sunflower was in bloom, and there were butterflies everywhere. I extended the hiking distance by 1.5 miles by parking at the entrance area rather than driving down the dirt road to the trailhead. The wash area at the end of the trail was mostly dry, so extended the hiking distance by hiking around that area as well.

Visiting from from Northern California. Was a perfect walk.

trail running
1 day ago

I loved this trail. A did a sunset run/hike around it. The temperature was perfect and there was hardly anyone on the trail. I actually like how it isn’t super clearly marked, and how many different parts you can choose todo and still get to the same spot. The boulders where a good added intensity to my run, even though it was more of a shuffle in those parts.

Overall it’s a beautiful and great hike. Especially at sunset. I’ll have to do a sun rise hike soon.

2 days ago

Starts as trail 9263. Look to the right early on the trail for the 95 sign. That is a loop. Start on the left side for a less intense hike. The return portion has some beautiful views. The first portion stays low and near the creek. Lots of vegetation. Bring some mosquito spray.

We just moved to Phoenix a couple weeks ago and this was my first time trail running. Beautiful scenic views on the way to the lake, great place to swim, not too much elevation change for a first trail run. I really enjoyed this trail, I'll be back! :) <3

2 days ago

Nice hike! You get some nice views from Mt Elden

Good little trail for the family to do. Super easy, little elevation change, and lots of little sights along the way. The stream is fed by the water reclamation plant, but THAT IS A GOOD THING if you are familiar with water reclamation.

Nice views of Red Mt. and Salt River Valley, but a better mountain bike ride than hike.

Wonderful view, great workout with decent inclines. Not to much not too little. Be sure to be aware of Mountain Lions since this is the kind of area they are in. Some cool climbing spots along the way.

Great Trail for dogs. Always enjoyed crowd and views

Great trail. Lots of vertical. Saw lots of wildlife.

Good easy trail

2 days ago

It seemed like the trail was washed away from the rains of monsoon season. We got a mile into the trail and seemed to get turned around and could t stay in the trail even with the maps help. We decided to call it and head out. Frustrated as it was a beautiful morning on the second day of fall.

3 days ago

Loved this. I ended making it a loop (Gateway to Windgate to Tom’s Thumb to East End to Bell Pass to Gateway = ~15 miles); part of the reason I love this area is how customizable the trail options are. Started out early and most of the incline was in the shade, and hardly anyone was out and about. Highly recommend. Great views, interesting terrain, and very well-marked (with maps available too!).

Did it twice and it was a gut Check ( challenge) but everyone was very friendly & encouraging along the journey.

3 days ago

Great little hike with scenic views.

Kicked my Butt! Javalina Out and looped back in Boulder Trail :). Definitely a moderate hike from 9 am-11:00am....No washrooms, marked well! Great Incline and Workout

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