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A great day hike. Only slightly challenging at times.

trail running
18 hours ago

Rock part of trail slowed down the run and trail signs aren't the best but it's an awesome trail.

Great hike that we did the last part of the day, just making it back by sunset. Took us just over 2 hours. As it's a loop, scenery is constantly changing. Fantastic rock formations as you circle round the back of Courthouse Butte. Very pleasant January day, I imagine this is very hot in summer and should be tackled early doors. Not steep at all, just a few inclines to deal with. Highly recommended. Bonus... we went back to same trailhead (The one for the Bell Rock climb) next morning for sunrise. Almost no one around and was just gorgeous as the sun lit up rocks all around.

Could be a great combo hike/trail run
Some bikers on javelina.
Decent parking that includes dirt lot.

We were road-tripping from Kansas and didn’t take into account that we were going to be in Sedona on Martin Luther King Day. *cue anxiety attack* as beautiful as the Red Rock Secret Wilderness is, the crowds were sickening, the drive was backed up, we couldn’t find any of the trailheads, and the trailheads we could find were at “full” capacity and FINALLY parking was a nightmare. After stressfully driving around for over an hour we got a spot at Little Horse trailhead.

If we had went on a day that wasn’t so crazy and touristy I would have given it 5 stars. If I’m ever in the area I would definitely go back. The trails were so worth it and our dogs loved it. This trail doesn’t take you up close and personal with the rocks but you get some great views and it made for an easy 5 mile hike after the shit show of the crowds. Definitely a must go if you are in the area but probably not on weekends or holidays. Such a cute little tourist town with lotsssss of shops but I usually travel with friends and dogs so we like the more outdoor/middle of nature scene with a light amount of people on the trails.

1 day ago

Wonderful light hike. The trail is mostly level, with only a few short slight inclines.. Some sections are a little narrow - and others a little rocky. However, most sections are smooth & broad enough for two to walk side by side. My wife and I walked the full Campbell Loop in a little more than 2 hours. We met 4 or 5 other hikers and 4 or 5 bikers in that time. There is minimal road noise from the I 40 which is just north of the most outbound sections of the trail. A few squirrels, plenty of birds and other tracks everywhere... Enjoy!

Hiked this mid-January to the munds mtn trailhead, honestly not worth it. It was rugged, poorly marked, overgrown, and very challenging. Most of the trail is either soft sand or loose rocks, not easy with so much gain/loss. Also, it wasn’t very scenic, except the last half mile or so, but if you hike Schneblys Hill you get to the same munds trailhead and the jacks view anyway. I hiked schneblys back down, way better.
Pluses were perfect weather and not a single person until way down the other side of Schnebly. Very quiet and peaceful.

My first trail in my area! So excited to get out and about in Yuma. Definitely has some super steep trails. Learned to zig zag the trail or walk backwards to change up my muscles on the steepest part of the mountain climb. Thanks to the wonderful people on the trail. Especially for the encouragement! So appreciated

Good workout. Not impressed with the scenery. Good views of Phoenix skyline. I think I saw 3 golf courses. Probably won’t go back. There are much better hikes.

Starts off pretty steep. Awesome views once you reach the summit.

Easy walk in until you hit the base and then truly hike. Getting to the cave is not easy and slightly treacherous., but worth it!

it was tough not being use to the altitude. but had some nice rocks to sit and check out the views

I hiked a four mile loop from Fairbank ghost town out to the mill and back along the river.

This trail is great if you want to walk, do not expect any elevation I would rate this as easy.

Great saguaro and many varieties of cholla. Number of mountain bikers but everyone was very nice in sharing the trail. Signage was helpful and a good parking lot.

This is a fun loop with some great technical sections. Amazing scenery in the dells area

2 days ago

One of the lesser hiked in the area. So pretty nice to avoid the huge crowds.

Nice loop, good views, able to trail run a lot of it. The Hohokam Observatory is really neat.

2 days ago

Nice loop trail. Easy climb, but with generous parking the trail can get crowded which can make it a challenge to move at a good pace

A great moderate hike. Can be crowded at times but usually not an issue Nice gradual change from a flatter, wide trail down low to a narrow and steeper terrain higher . Love this hike Only negative is parking

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