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9 hours ago

Great hike. Was a little unclear where the trail was in places/where the trail actually ended...? But besides that was great trail with awesome views! Would recommend for people of all skill levels (the end is a bit tough for all levels but could just stop before the end).

A flat trail, great for a lazy stroll. luckily the sun was behind clouds. no shade here.

I’ve done this hike numerous times and it’s always a good time. BUT! Note to self - do not go on Memorial Day Weekend - what is usually a very quiet and peaceful hike is nothing but boats, jet skis and loud music.

16 hours ago

Outstanding trail

3 days ago

Great trail for a nice quick hike. It does get a little tricky once you go passed the maintained trails though so proceed with caution.

Nice trail, mostly flat but enough elevation to catch a few decent peeks at the Salt River and the Red Mountain.

Was such a great hike!! We got hiking a bit late (close to 9am) so it got pretty hot, but was a very enjoyable hike. There was even a rattlesnake up at the top and we got to witness a squirrel-rattlesnake stand-off.. pretty cool! the squirrel won XD All around a really great hike!

11 days ago

The trail is a nice walk at sunset, not very challenging and perfect for kids to come along. There is an awesome firepit at the trailhead with a great view...

This was my second official hike and it was amazing! Encountered a rattlesnake but other than that the view was beautiful.

More of a walk than a “hike”. I gave it 4 stars because it seems great for small kids (if you keep all the thorny things in mind), and because I liked the layout. The rocks completely lining the trail gave it a different feel than most trails in the area.

17 days ago

Started late today around 10am with temperatures in the 90ies. Went past the Wind Cave and up to the South Peak.
Used a liter of water and ran out on the way down. Took me 1.5 hours for the round trip with only a short break at the top. I'd recommend going earlier or when it's cooler, but still a nice hike!

20 days ago

This trail takes you right through the Merkle Memorial Trail. (The Merkle Trail is a loop, and this one bisects it ). A nice climb with lots of beautiful views of the surrounding area. There are parts that are a little challenging. If you have never hiked a moderate level trail before, this would be an excellent one to go on. Obviously, take water even though it is short. You will want to stop and take breaks to see the numerous vistas. At the end of the trail, you will have to turn right or left to finish your hike back to your vehicle via the Merkle Trail.

Easy trail. Wide with good gravel. Nice views. Children would enjoy. It’s a loop with good signs.

Really challenging trail. Start early in the morning. I am 69 years old with pacemaker. Took me 1 1/2 hours up. As I got higher up, I noticed, in quite a number of spots, that the trail is not marked and there are little feeders. So, I had to guess which ones were the trail. The scenery of the valley is incredible! Going down was much easier because I could see the trail beneath me. Several areas there are rocks to climb over. Take plenty of water and a fruit or snack. I loved it and plan to go again.

fun place to use your 4x4 desert hills,water what ever you want to do, you can do it. alot of views and every now and then you will see a Lincoln Town car out there crazy.

26 days ago

Plenty of free parking, same as EJ Mountain.
The first mile of the trail is fairly unspectacular, but then it climbs and you get a little workout and some views of Four Peaks. Near the end the trail forks a few times and disappears up a mountainside without going to the top. This looked like a fun scramble, and would probably have earned a 4th star...but it will have to be an adventure for next time.
I did EJ Mountain first and this is a good warm up or addition if you want to add a few extra miles.

Would rate this trail easy. Extremely beautiful. We encountered three rattlesnakes!

off road driving
27 days ago

The off roading trails here are gorgeous!!! I started at Usery trailhead which was mostly sand but breathtaking views. Then I made the mistake of veering off right towards 10 and Wolverine trailhead and oh my God. This is what I would consider like a black diamond trail haha. It was straight moguls and massive rocks for miles. I have a massive wrangler lifted on 34 inch off road tires and it was still kind of aggravating getting jostled for over an hour straight. I prefer mountain climbing and the occasional spot of moguls. But either way. The trail is awesome and theres 3 or 4 more trail heads I'm gonna check out back there.

on Bulldog Canyon

off road driving
28 days ago

First time in Tonto National, pleasantly surprised at the beauty. Saguaros were starting to bloom.
The views of the east and west canyon walls were spectacular. Looking forward to taking the run coming from the southend for a different perspective. Some area will need 4W with full size Jeep. Nice half day run.

We went early to avoid heat and foot traffic. The beginning of the hike was in shade which was nice. Hiked to shoreline access which it really wasn't and path gets tight. Either go to Burro or stop at campers cove and return. Path gets busy after 10 am. The views are nice of the lake. Met a few rattlesnakes sunning themselves to boot.

trail running
29 days ago

By far my favorite loop at the Hawes Trail System. Not as much elevation as doing the full Hawes Trail Loop, but the views are much better and the trail is way more fun. Lots of rolling hills and undulations - the miles just fly by. Trail is easy/moderate when on the Ridge Trail connector, bumps up to moderate on Saddle Trail, and is more difficult/technical on Saguaro Trail and Mine Shaft.

30 days ago

Great trail. Last two thirds up required me to pay attention. Was in the 80’s around 8:00 in the morning and hiking wad comfortable, later in the day would have been more than a challenge.

Fun, beautiful, water to cool down by or in, lots of twists and ups & downs. Be sure to bring lots of water. We gave a couple bottles up to people that were struggling.

trail running
1 month ago

Pros - great views, well maintained trails, good terrain and elevation, not too crowded, most of trail is shaded in the afternoon/evening.

Cons - Trail is pretty poorly marked. Thankfully the AllTrails app on my phone was very accurate and I was able to get back on the trail pretty easily.

1 month ago

Trail gets pretty crowded on cool weekends. But it is a beautiful easy/moderate hike with a great view at the top. If you time it correctly (top of the hour from 9am to 9pm) you can see the fountain from Fountain Hills when you look north from the cave. Next to no shade on the trail during the day but nice and cool at the top.

1 month ago

More of a mountain bike than a hike trail. For hiking it’s pretty easy and very exposed. Not a tad of shade, so better for the winter months. Be aware of bikers.

1 month ago

It was fun. Yesterday my friend and I really enjoy it a lot. Like the below say there’s narrow trail a lot cactus by the trail but you can walk thru just to be careful. There is couple climbs I was nervous about but friend of mine help me guide. Not too bad tho. Just my balance was not too well I will definitely come back. Perfect weather tho 80s. There’s shade where you get surrounded with tree it’s beautiful

Love it, beautiful view.

this is easy and takes about 3 hours tops. Good for kids and pets. Pretty busy and cost is now 9 bucks

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