Marble Canyon

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We are visiting Page for 2 days with 2 families and learned about this place from a tour magazine. After the crowded antelope canyon visits in the morning and noon, we had about 4 hours to spend, and need some change of pace, so we went there afterwards. I did some research ahead and was expecting that big drop. I also need to point out we are not serious hikers and we got 4 kids in our group from 10 to 17. But way before that big drop, only 5 mins after we started the hike, we were challenged by a big mud hole which we spent 30 mins trying to figure out how to pass. There were at least 2 couples returned from that point visibly disappointed since they could not pass that spot. Eventually, we managed to pass from the left side by inching around the wall. There were a few holes on the wall where you can position your foot barely and you can use your hands to grab around on the top which could serve as a handle. There was no mention of this mud hole in any of the reviews I read and after passing this mud hole, nothing was harder even with the big drop. Not sure if there are any other ways around that mud hole but we were glad we eventually managed through. For that big drop, just keep to the right and look for the cairns almost straight cross the areas where the water fall supposedly to come down. We made to the Colorado river. It was a fun challenge and everyone liked it.