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Marble Canyon, Arizona Map

We are visiting Page for 2 days with 2 families and learned about this place from a tour magazine. After the crowded antelope canyon visits in the morning and noon, we had about 4 hours to spend, and need some change of pace, so we went there afterwards. I did some research ahead and was expecting that big drop. I also need to point out we are not serious hikers and we got 4 kids in our group from 10 to 17. But way before that big drop, only 5 mins after we started the hike, we were challenged by a big mud hole which we spent 30 mins trying to figure out how to pass. There were at least 2 couples returned from that point visibly disappointed since they could not pass that spot. Eventually, we managed to pass from the left side by inching around the wall. There were a few holes on the wall where you can position your foot barely and you can use your hands to grab around on the top which could serve as a handle. There was no mention of this mud hole in any of the reviews I read and after passing this mud hole, nothing was harder even with the big drop. Not sure if there are any other ways around that mud hole but we were glad we eventually managed through. For that big drop, just keep to the right and look for the cairns almost straight cross the areas where the water fall supposedly to come down. We made to the Colorado river. It was a fun challenge and everyone liked it.

Took our 10 and 7yo along. Loved it! Some fun climbs and descents.

This hike was one of the best I’ve done! You start off pretty slow then come to some huge drops that you have to work around. If you are just starting to hike or have any restrictions when it comes to climbing/ maneuvering in small spaces this may be one you want to miss! If you are strong willed and work around the biggest 30 or so foot drop then I applaud you! Toward the end of the train you will start to hear the water from the Colorado river! It then becomes louder and louder until you finally reach the destination which is so so so rewarding! Overall a wonderful hike that was not over crowded!

Such a good little trail. Got to do some rock scrambling. Beware of mud sink holes. Found the Colorado River!

Did this one yesterday (June) at around 11 am. So first off, it’s a hot hike. It’s only about 1.6 miles to the river but there is little shade covering depending when you go. Second... i wouldn’t say difficult. Maybe moderate. There are a few places where you are using arms to climb up or need free hands to get down... but as others have said, if you follow the cairns, there is a way down that shouldn’t scare the heck out of you. The canyon gets deeper, the walls get taller and the formations and views are awesome. The river at the end is perfect to stop and cool off and relax/explore before heading back. I love this canyon. Will be back and explore more of marble.

so I rolled into Page from Zion and was looking to hike Antelope. When I found out they wanted $78 to ride in the bed of a truck to spend 1.5 hours elbow to elbow with a ton of others I said no way.
Cathedral Wash was perfect! very beautiful hike, short and fun. and when you make it to the river there's nothing finer. best way to spend the afternoon. nice little beach at the end and I think there was 4 others down there. perfect!

Great trail. Can be/seem difficult at times, but there is always a way to make it. Amazing, and rewarding river view at the end which makes it all worth it!

2 months ago

Awesome trail!!! It's pretty easy, just some areas where you have to climb up or down. When you come to the big drop don't freak out....just keep to the right there is a way down. Someone was nice enough to mark the rest of the trail with rock towers to show you the easiest and safest way to the river. Just follow those.

2 months ago

As you walk across the original Navajo Bridge, you are treated to spectacular views of the Colorado River flowing through Marble Canyon as well as the nearby Vermilion Cliffs. Quick, easy and free...this is a must stop on the drive between Bitter Springs and Jacob Lake on US 89A if you have a few extra minutes.

Awesome trail! Did this with friends just a week ago, then decided i had to bring family back to do it a second time. Each time we had a mixed group of hikers- ranging from expert climbers to total novice/scared of heights level. Yes the hike is expert most because it involves a bit of scrambling on hands and knees but no one was out of breath at any point during the hike.

Starts out not too exciting but as the walls of the wash get higher and the canyon becomes more challenging, it turns into an amazing hike. There is a bit of hopping down into the base of the river, and then climbing back out again, but nothing that is too challenging physically. Stay right at the first big waterfall drop off (~25 feet down) and find the pinch in the far rock wall. From there just follow the rock stacks that show the best route for other hikers.

Would absolutely recommend this trail, it was like nothing I’ve ever hiked before!!

For a first-time hiker, this was not too bad of a hike. Pretty step ledges, some parts I needed help because I was too short. Overall:

Beautiful and quiet hike, we came to cathedral wash trail on a Friday afternoon and we were alone at the river for about 3 hours.
This hiking trail requires you to jump and climb rocks. Other hikers have left symbols for you to find the easiest path.

We really enjoyed it and is highly recommended for anyone looking to have a great time!

3 months ago

Want to feel like you’re walking through a canyon on a different planet? This is the hike for you. There’s definitely a lot of scrambling up and down rocks on this one, very fun if you’re up for an adventure!

3 months ago

Southern Louisiana flatlanders out for some hikes. We had already done Bryce Canyon, Zion’s ‘The Narrows’...this was next. I knew I was afraid of ‘ledges’/heights, and this made me realize how real that was.

42-year-old active mom with two 12-year-old girls. I couldn’t bring myself to traverse the huge drop at the end. I watched 8 adults ahead of me trying to figure it out and I kept getting more and more nervous. The Kids were begging me to go but I panicked. So - we turned back. The views were amazing. AMAZING. But - there’s just no way I could risk footing, or worse, no being able to scramble back up. Or sliding down/injury. It was a SERIOUS drop for a swamp mama.

Beautiful Canyon hike! We didn't get out until noon and the canyon was very hot in the sun, but we were able to stay in the shade for roughly half the hike. There are several places where you have to find the best route through the canyon, and some climbing and jumping was required. Over-all, it was not too difficult, and the dip in the icy river at the bottom made for a perfect hike! We only came across two other hikers on the trail today, so our timing seemed perfect.

4 months ago

One of the best hikes ever. you are rewarded with the Colorado River at the end.

Great hike for families with teens. Lots of scrambling, a deep canyon, and the reward of the Colorado river at the end. Took us an hour down and 40 Minutes back. Great quick hike!

Very beautiful hike! But I didn’t expect so many rock to climb & some hazardous path.

My wife & my step mother + father couldn’t make all because at the middle we found a pretty high wall to climb down. I finally finish this track alone!

The canyon is very impressive!

4 months ago

Amazing trail. Go for it, no doubt!
Keep right when it is hard ;)))

Great hike with breathtaking views— we took the lower route that lead to the Grand Canyon. Overall, this is a moderate hike but can get quite difficult at particular drops that require climbing and maneuvering. Be sure to leave with ample time to reach the Colorado river and return (~2 hours). Limited shade with no paved trail— keep right!

It wasn’t great at first but got much better the further you go towards the river and much more difficult. Stay to the right on the largest drops and you can find an easy path down.

on Cathedral Wash Trail

4 months ago

One of the best hikes I’ve ever done. Difficult and occasionally scary rock scrambles but not strenuous. Beautiful views and not overcrowded.

on Sun Valley Mine Trail

4 months ago

Interesting rock formations up to and around an abandoned mine

One of the best hikes I’ve been on. If you like a little rock climbing, you’d enjoy this hike.

5 months ago

The NPS rates this trail difficulty as a 3 out of 5, so prepare to be surprised if that is your only reference. There are some serious ledge climbs and scrambles along this trail, I would rate this as one of the more difficult hikes we did as a group in this area. If you have anyone in your group that is skittish around sharp drops and insist on staying 6 feet from the edge, this is not the trail for you.

The trail basically follows the canyon out to the Colorado river and reaching the river is an awesome reward for completing this challenging hike. The trail is fairly tame for the first third before getting to some sharp drops and falls. I noticed several pitons in the rocks along the way, ropes would make these sections infinitely easier but we did not have any with us. Several of the areas were elevation drops of 20 feet or more requiring traversing the ridges along the sides to get back to the wash floor. Near the end of the trail there are large boulders and rocks to scramble over to get to the river but if you've made it that far its hardly challenging.

Do your research ahead of time and look at some of the tracks here to decide if this is best for your party. We had a member of our group who is rather short for a stormtrooper and was anxious on the ledge descents which in turn made some of the other group members anxious. Never go beyond your collective comfort level. As with the other canyons in the area, be mindful of the weather, flash flooding would be a serious risk in the event of rain. No water station at the trailhead.

Did some difficult, for me, ledge climbs. Well worth it! Beautiful!

Great trail and very quiet. Agree that the rock scrambles can make it tough in spots. Beautiful views of the river at the end.

6 months ago

abandoned trail, trailhead near highway but not easy to locate

Top walk to the Colorado River. Tricky to get down in some places. Very quiet.

7 months ago

Beautiful hike late evening. Didn’t make it all the way to the river as we were chasing daylight. We only saw one person on the trail which was awesome! The trail itself was fairly easy. The only real challenge was the scramble up/down the rocks as you get deeper in the canyon. Great fun! Wouldn’t recommend doing alone due to the climbs.

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