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I am a long-distance thru-hiker. This is my training loop when I am home in Havasu. I hike to Balance Rock Cove on the lake, eat lunch, and hike back. I hike it four to five times a week in winter.

This trail is amazing from the start to the finish. I found the obstacles with ropes and ladders to be a blast! Got wet as the ladder had collapsed into the water but not too deep so it was just all fun. The canyon is gorgeous, going in between the canyon is surreal, views are beautiful and the lake was spectacular. We took the yellow trail to the lake and the blue trail back. Will be repeating this often!! Winner!

Scenic hike, but the trail is hard to find in spots. The honeycomb rock formation and window in the rock make it all worthwhile.

14 days ago

A really great hike. Although we did get turned around inside the canyon just passed the slide do to some water. It was still really fun. Word to the wise, move the ladder if its up before sliding down the wall further into the canyon. I almost had it kick out from underneath me sliding down. I was able to gain control with the rope and not come down to hard. We did it in the morning at the temps were perfect. The trail was very well labeled with colors and the map board at the trail head was spot on with it's labeling. Great Job Arizona for doing this. The only negative and it's no ones fault other than those that cause it, I left with quite a few beer cans and plastic bottles in my pack. Come on folks, Pack it in, Pack it out. One of the beer cans even said that (from College Street Brewing).

This Trail is okay with a good view at the top but as another reviewer said it does not go through a Slot Canyon. Following the GPS track will take you down a steep and quite loose sectiin on the east downhill, not the most ideal trail.

Fun trail, great views, a little challenging in some spots.

1 month ago

Cool hike through the crack. Pretty unique. After I got through the crack there was a trailhead that connected me with the blue trail up to the overpass. Would highly recommend this hike. Took about two hours.

great hike

7 months ago

Amazing hike, wonderful red bench at the top :)

It was a great hike. We took 10 kids and we were able to complete it. We swam in the river at the end. There were bathrooms on both ends of the trail. I loved the rope and ladder to help us get through the crack.

great hike. My 10yr old son loved the “crack” trail and climbing down the ladder and hiking through the narrow sections.



Love it. Beautiful views, good trail run.

8 months ago

Hiked this with friends this morning. Lots of great desert and red rock scenery. Just gorgeous when the lake comes into view! We took yellow trail through the crack to the lake and then up and over the blue trail. Invigorating 5+ miles, lots of climbing on blue trail, but not as much loose gravel as yellow. Great workout with spectacular views

My husband really enjoyed this hike. Going through the canyon was awesome. I would suggest doing it before the temperature is above 70. We came out at a cool 65, yet had to take layers down to a t-shirt. bring water, you can hike over to a bathroom at the lake, not too far. Very enjoyable.

trail running
9 months ago

9 months ago

Loved this hike! Took the yellow trail out through the crack and the blue trail back. Total distance was 5.4 miles. The trail through the crack follows a wash and is sandy and/or lots of small pebbles. Walk through the amazing high rock walls of the crack ending at the lake. Beautiful views! The blue trail is hard pan with some elevation gain. Definitely recommend this hike.

9 months ago

Cool adventurous short hike. Loved it! However I would like to point out that the reviews and trail tracks for this hike are all over the place. Quite many people doing the Sara Crack trail, which is going through the slot canyon which can be taken all the way down to Lake Havasu water edge and which is indeed longer. I don't blame them because the trail name itself suggests that (I'll propose an edit to this hike).

However the hike that matches the topo, elevation and distance is NOT the SLOT canyon. It is an up and over and down hike of a peak. After about a half mile of taking the yellow trail (which follows the wash, same one as Sara Crack) look up to the right for most prominent cliff face and highest peak. That is Lizard peak and you'll be going over the top of it. Look for the trail that exists the wash on the right side there. It has a trail marker but it lacked the purple color of the loop (in January 2018) You'll be hiking straight up on the lookers right side, then over the peak and coming down on the lookers left side. In the middle of the up it has a 2 move very easy rockscrambling section. No problem if you're used to that kind of thing, but could be tough for very young kids, the elderly or if you're afraid of heights. Continue to the peak. It has a red picnic bench on top, enjoy the great view. Follow the trail back down to the wash and hike out the way you came in. Have fun!

Great hike! Navigating through the canyon was definitely a treat. Not too difficult, even saw a dog scrambling his way up the steep areas. Getting to the lake was rewarding. I would definitely go back on this hike again sometime.

10 months ago

loved the hike. moderate is definitely accurate, some steep slopes and elevations with slippery conditions. if you go beyond the crack you can go straight to the lake where you go to balancing Rock Cove and then you can come back to the trailhead. It says 3 hours for the hike being experienced and stopping we made the hike in less than 3 hours. January temperature in the sixties with lots of sunshine.

Great hike. Took the mountain loop, beautiful views, then continued in the wash to the cove. The slot Canyon was a real treat!

Gorgeous but trails are very confusing

rock climbing
11 months ago

was a lot of fun scrambling and doing some climbing up this peak to see the views of the lake. highly recommended for experienced hikers/climbers

great slot canyon especially if you like a bit of challenge.

Great Hike Great Views

11 months ago

I hike Sara's Crack several times per year. (Weather permitting.) DO NOT hike during the summer months. It is extremely hot and we've had to rescue several people who have underestimated the elements. Even the most skilled and seasoned hikers need not hike this trail during the summer. This is a moderate hike and the trail/scenery changes annually due to monsoons and flooding. There is a section of trail where you will need to either lower yourself down using the rope provided or pull yourself up. It is currently an approximately 14' drop. Be sure to take plenty of water (but don't forget your sodium. Sometimes water is not enough), wear a hat and sunglasses, and layer up so you can remove clothing as needed. Once you reach the waters edge there is a permanent outhouse structure and a covered picnic table. It is a very nice area to rest and cool off. Note, you are hiking out in a natural habitat. The chances of you coming across Mountain Sheep, Rattle Snakes, Wild Burros, etc. is very high. Do not hike alone. Never leave anything of value in your vehicle at the parking areas. And most important - Have Fun!

Great Desert Trail.

Nice but a bit of challenge with many trails leading in many directions, steep pitches, some minor scrambling and rocky terrain. Great views at the peaks. Short but 68 floors worth of elevation gain, so overall it’s a hike that has pain but payback is in the views.

11 months ago

Fun little trail! The canyon started about 1.7 miles from the parking lot. We took our two old labradors, and they had a great time. There’s not a lot of shade before the canyon, so bring plenty of water.

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