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Great trail with two uphill treks. Start early it gets pretty warm by 9am. Give range cattle plenty of space and bring plenty of water

My wife and I took our 5 month old on this trail today. We did the Patato Patch Loop and also hiked to Hayden peak. The trail was shaded well in most parts and overall well maintained, but there were some spots tough to navigate with a baby in a carrier. If I had one recommendation I would say the trail signs could be a bit better.

most awesome trail... deer elk squirrel and mountain lion...

My wife and I hiked to aspen peak from deer canyon yesterday. Starting at deer canyon adds two miles to the hike. So we traveled 7.4 miles.
It was a great hike and we saw a lot of wildlife along the way.
Weather was perfect, 85f and overcast.
Being from Bullhead City it was nice to escape the 118f weather.
We are looking forward to going to Hayden peak next.

I live in Kingman at the bottom of Hualapai Mountain so I have hiked this trail more times than I can count. There are two primary peaks to climb here: The Aspen Peak trail and the Hayden Peak Trail.

I'm writing this review to hopefully share valuable information. Aspen Peak is, without a doubt, the best view on the mountain. However, the true peak of Aspen Peak is hidden, and a sign throws people off thinking they have reached the top when they have not.

The top of Aspen Peak appears to be a bench with a little sign post that says "trail" - and it offers a mediocre view of the ranger station and campground. That little sign post should be removed as I have seen people stop here and assume this is the end of the hike.

KEEP GOING. Behind that bench is an incredibly obscured little trail. Look for the fallen logs marking the trail behind the bench. This little stretch is extremely steep and will take you up the last qtr mile or so. You will know you are at the top when you see a green road sign hammered into a tree saying, "Peak"

From here you can glimpse a breathtaking view to the northwest and see Kingman. Over on the rocks to your right, you can catch a spectacular view of I-40 East disappearing into the horizon towards Flagstaff and 93-S to Phoenix following the mountain ranges south.

The only direction you cannot see from here is southwest towards Bullhead or Havasu.

great hike

5 months ago

Very nice trail. First trail for my wife, getting ready for Havasupai Falls.

Beautiful trail

Great workout! Bring water or camelback. Rocky terrain, wildlife and blooming cactus and ocotillo April-May.

7 months ago

Took advice of other reviewers and hiked counterclockwise so we had the best views on the 2nd half of loop. We had a breezy and cloudy day which was beautiful over the mountains. Good workout!

on Camp Beale Loop

7 months ago

Beautiful views and lots of wildlife!

7 months ago

Great views, nice hike. Recommend spring or fall hike, no trees for shade during the summer.

trail running
8 months ago

Started out as a lovely trail run. The best scenery is on the back end - just amazing. The signs are inadequate. I got lost, and my phone inexplicably died, so I got more exercise than I had bargained for. GPS or a map is highly recommended. But since it is wedged between the 40 and the 93, with a good sense of direction, you'll find your way out...eventually :) Also, I couldn't find the trailhead noted on here but rather parked off the Coyote Pass area, which you can only reach going south on the 93 (toward Kingman).

first time hiking this trail..

This time of year should of been cold but temperatures were 60’s. Absolutely gorgeous and very easy hike for regular hikers. There are many spots you can get peace and quiet. Meditation would be no problem. I am from Running Springs California and the trails here have the same rock structure as home. Worth it for sure

mountain biking
10 months ago

The reward is definitely worth the climb! Some switch backs, but if whether you’re a first time mountain biker or not, you will not leave this place with out a smile on your face!

mountain biking
10 months ago

Excellent place to push some peddles!

This trail is beautiful! Nice incline with several switchbacks. Trail is clearly marked and well maintained. Entrance fee of 7.00 and they take debit cards. Not bad for fresh air! I've driven past the exit from interstate 40 several times and finally decided to check it out. It's only a 20 min drive up the mountain and so very worth it! I will do this again.

mountain biking
10 months ago

Very scenic, allow yourself enough time to have enjoyable experience. I suggest at least 3 to 4 hours. Although the entire loop could be done in about 2 hours.. I’m 55.. Watch the signs closely, I did check my GPS often... Moderate trail with a few difficult spots...But I did love it and I would go on it again to do for exploring the other connector trails..

Nice but very populated. The views are vast and for a northerner it was so refreshing to hike in trees and shade again. Saw many tarantulas. The hike out was less traveled, I could tell most people go to the first viewpoints and out again or to Aspen peak as an out and back. Nice area but not sure I'll come back here again, I prefer a lot more solitude.

11 months ago

Decent quick loop. Close to the highway but does at the apex of the hike get you away from it for a bit to a high and windy vantage point. I prefer to hike a lot further away from civilization but this was a backup when the road to the planned hike was impassable. Free range area so you're likely to come across some stock.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Nice hike for moderate hikers.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Out of shape hiker coming through. I hiked this trail counter clockwise and I'm glad I did. All the beautiful scenery is out in front nearly all the way down. I will hike this again.

Thursday, July 06, 2017

This trail is a hidden gem. For a great excursion around Kingman I highly recommend it. A little bit of wildlife and a beautiful view of the desert at sunset. Trail is well marked and easy to follow. Go counter clockwise to get most of the ascending elevation first.

We hiked the Stonestep Lookout trail and the views were wonderful! The hike was only about 0.5 miles but it was very steep and had lots of switchbacks. I would rate this trail on the high end of easy and the low end of moderate...somewhere right in between. The elevation is fairly high at 6840'. The trails is fair well traveled and the foliage is all cleared away, but there are some fallen trees to pass under and boulders to traverse. I also saw a few lizards and a deer cross in front of us. The views at the top are just so incredible and intense. I will absolutely go on this trail again!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Great Family Fun!

Cool hiking trail : )

Sunday, May 07, 2017

I love, love love this hike. It has fantastic views. Start to the right and hike up quickly with a long winding downward path after.

Sunday, May 07, 2017

We love this trail. It can be confusing at first, so pay attention to the direction you hike. Scenic and beautiful in spring.

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