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Loved it! The hike to the bridge takes about 30-45 min. Not a really defined trail, but arrows point in the direction you need to head. Over boulders & rocks, and you need to have good balance & good solid shoes. There were several areas I found challenging, lowering myself on the rocks or jumping boulder to boulder, but that made it fun! Huge payoff at the end!

2 days ago

This was such a fun trail to hike!! I went with 3 other of my friends and it was one of the best days I’ve ever had. It was a pretty easy hike, not too strenuous at all.

Great Hike. White Rock Trail is mostly soft gravel/sand. It takes you through the canyon vs. the Spring Trial which takes you up and over. Both beautiful routes. We took White Rock in and Spring out, whichever route would be fine tho! Colorado River is beautiful, we spent a lot of time there. Kid friendly.

Just did the trail today. haven't done any real hiking in quite some time.. This trail is moderate for seasoned hikers, it was closer to hard for me and the wife. river views are awesome, finding the trail to the springs was a little tricky, gotta climb thru a tiny steep crack to get to rest of trail. the pools are awesome. the ladder is sketchy but pretty safe. we went the same way we came out thru the wash. made it a longgg hike but still was a great day.

Beautiful! Went with my hubby and two kids and we all had a blast. I highly recommend!

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1 month ago

Fun. Crowded on the weekend in February

1 month ago

Beautiful paid attraction. Plenty of parking and clean bathrooms. Doing the full hike truly requires good shoes as it gets very slippery under the fall. You don’t have to do the full trail. You can get to both sides of the fall from different trailheads.
I’m coming out of a 5 months injury and so that part under the bridge was hard for me today, but it’s not that hard.

Moderately easy trail. If you take the left route it will lead you to the springs with elevation gains and drops throughout the canyon and is dog friendly. However once you reach the springs , the pools themselves are too hot in temperature for the dog and you’ll have to carry them across. There is a sandy shore type next to the lower pool where they can chill. If you take the right side route it’s a beautiful scenic route along the river that is dog friendly as well but there is no way to get the dog up to the hot spring while climbing a 20ft ladder. You would have to leave the dog tied up at the bottom.

I did the trail to the west. I didn’t actually go to the “hot springs”. The slot canyon to the west is gorgeous. It leaves you on the banks of the Colorado. Beautiful! Highly recommended!

No hot springs found from the other reviews. Roads are very rocky, 5 hours to Peoria.

Did the White Rock trail first. Beautiful and pretty easy to navigate. The trail leads you to the Colorado River and there’s plenty of scenic places to stop and enjoy. We came up the ladder and enjoyed the pools. On the way back- we took the Hot Spring Trail and that’s was extremely difficult to navigate. We got lost a couple times and ended up practically running back to make it before dark. There’s some steep areas in the Hot Trail. Would definitely have given the hike 5 stars if we hadn’t gotten lost a couple times on the way back. Keep the AllTrails app open for sure! Bring water shoes or flip flops and small towel to dry off.

Pretty straight forward hike. I did like all the boulders to navigate once you were down at the bottom.

This was an awesome hike. I enjoyed the White Rock trail much more than the Hot Springs trail. Both trails lead to the hot springs and river, but the White Rock trail was gorgeous.

1 month ago

This hike is gorgeous! But be warned, the road to get to the hike is very difficult!!
I took my 2009 VW Beatle down that road and boy was it tough.
If you're going to attempt this hike, make sure you have a high clearance vehicle, they're not joking.
But if you make it down the 23(something) mile dirt road, it's so worth it!

My boyfriend and I went this past weekend and we loved it ! So many beautiful views and the river was even better ! the trail was easier than we thought it would be. we defenitely wanna go back soon.

Be prepared to get wet! that is the fun part at the springs and the river! Would suggest to start the loop at White rock canyon and come back using the hot spring path.Took my husband and I 3.5 hours to complete it, not taking into account the time at the river and the springs. Sort of dog friendly if you go with someone to help. Excellent hiking!

Currently on vacation here, from New Hampshire. We've got some of the best trails in the Northeast, and I've got to say, this trail had some of most breathtaking views I've ever seen. The springs were an absolute blast, just stay clear of diving under, or getting any of the water in your nose (bacteria). Also would recommend water shoes if you plan on hiking the loop or checking out the springs. The top hot springs are pretty hot, but digress the further down you go. I definitely recommend checking out the Colorado River, the sights were phenomenal. Most of the trail is dig friendly, but going through the springs is very challenging for even a small dog. Wouldn't recommend that.

If you love rock cliffs and an ever-changing rockscape, you will love this hike. I definitely recommend hiking White Rock Canyon down to the Colorado and returning back up the Arizona Hot Spring Trail. The views of the Colorado framed in the cliff walls are not to be missed and a great spot for lunch. The hot springs ranged from 100'F in the lower pools to 111'F in the upper pools - a great spot to relax and chat with fellow hikers. On the way back, be prepared for a good mile of trail climbing to give your cardio a workout, but worth every ounce of effort.

great hike and the hot spring at the end is priceless. Make sure to bring water shoes for the hot pools..really enjoyable

1 month ago

Very fun and cool to see! Trail can be slippery at times

Two ways to get to the hot springs. The West path is longer but takes you to the ladder and up to the lower pools. East path of the loop takes you to the upper pools. The upper pools are extremely hot and the rocks don't help. I recommend bringing water shoes if you plan to walk around in the top or middle pools. Awesome hike overall!

2 months ago

Pine Creek Trail is one of the trails that brings you underneath the travertine bridge. The path is well marked with arrows on rocks, so you will know that you are headed in the right direction. It is a fairly easy hike/walk and a great view entering from behind. Pine Creek Trail also connects to Gowan Trail on the other side. The entrance fee is $7 a person, which is payable at the entrance.

2 months ago

Beautiful hike! You can make it as hard or as easy as you’d like it. You can also hike pine creek and it connects to Gowan trail. Over worth the trip! 7$ per person.

Beautiful scenery. Hot spring was very crowded and dirtier than last time I was there a few years ago. Despite the hot spring not being an ideal experience it is a great trail to hike.

Sort of dog friendly. The major obstacle with a dog is the 15ft ladder which connects the hot springs to the beach/campground. I have carried my 40lb dog up and down the ladder a few times but require assistance from a friend to hand him to me.

If you aren’t comfortable taking your dog on the ladder, you can Hike in through the northern side (wash side) of the loop, set up camp, drop your bags, tie up the dog and climb the ladder to the springs and hike back out on the same wash side of the loop the next day.

You can Hike in the southern (mountain side) directly to the springs with the dog, take a dip and Hike back out the same way in a day, but you will not be able to camp because your only access to the beach is by going down the ladder.

One of my favorite places to hike out of Las Vegas, enjoy!

We wanted to test some new gear and bring in the New Year with a backpacking trip. Because it's a short hike, we took all our gear, as well as some luxuries. My pack was 54# and my wife's 34#. We went down the White Rock Canyon Trail. To go this way, stay to the right after the signs under the highway and follow the wash. To the left (south) of the wash, you will find the Hot Springs Trail (which quickly splits into 2 ways to go directly to the springs. On the White Rock Canyon Trail, you go from a wide open wash to being in a canyon in zero flat! The hike is beautiful, so take some time to look around. At a calm pace, we made it in 2 hours (including the scrambling between the beaches). If you pay attention, the trail between the beaches is easy to find. Be prepared to assist your kids and pets on some of the scrambles.
There's lots of campsites but it's crowded, so get in early to get a good one (we arrived at 9am and enjoyed a snack by the river while people were packing up). Let the kids play and explore, but please teach them to stay out of other people's camp, and please leave the radio at home. There are two toilets, but no potable water so have a plan for hydration (we boiled).
The springs are a short beautiful walk up from the beach. Climb up the ladder and you're there. Again, crowded but worth it. The pools are separated by sandbags and get hotter as you get closer to the source.
New Year's Day, we packed up and took the Hot Springs Trail out. After going through the springs and lacing up our boots, we made it to the trail head in 2 hours. There is a point where you come to a sign that points across the wash to a hard packed trail. The wash continues to the right, and I believe it is the more gradual climb out (we saw a lot of people coming down that way). The hard packed trail, which we took, is probably the harder way out. It is up and down, and very steep in places, but a cool hike. Eventually, you'll come to the top of a hill and see the highway. It's pretty much all downhill from there.

It is dog friendly. If you go on the more southern path, I had to give my 62lb dog a lift 3x to get him over an obstacle but it wasn’t impossible. My dog is 6 years old and healthy. The more northern route I heard is very easy and flat-until the last 10% and that’s the pic of the ladder so I don’t think my dog could do that one.

best trail with the best hot springs loved it! I took my 8 year old dog and at some locations we had to carry him up or down. we turned back instead of using the loop because I didn't want to carry him on the ladder. next time I will not take him and go the loop! fantastic trail

Just incredible! Beautiful turquoise waters! Like nothing I have ever seen!

Costed $7 a person to get in and the hike was steep with some steps for just a short time. We only went under the bridge and then came back up after a bit of exploring! Not sure if the hike continues through the other side!

The description shows that dogs can complete this trail, but I saw in the pictures a ladder. Can someone confirm if the ladder is part of the trail or is there another way to complete?

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