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What an absolute blast! The trail is well maintained and wide. Talk about spectacular views! I highly recommend for avid and intense hikers!

Took me 2 hr and 15 minutes in total to finish the loop.

Love it! Will come back and climb the rock!

My wife and I did this loop over the weekend. The parking lot was crowded, but due to the 9 miles of loop, we really didn’t run into anyone else, only at the look out and then on the boulders. One of the best features of this hike was all the lady bugs at the top- we came across a tree covered in what seemed like a million. We went counter clockwise, and enjoyed the boulders near the end of our hike.

This trail is definitely hard. The trail steadily gains elevation but the last mile is where a lot of it comes from. The trail is 3 miles to the junction with lookout trail. The lookout trail is another 3/4 mile. Round trip is about 7.5 miles.

Nice way to stretch the legs especially if travelling between the Southern Utah parks and the Northern Utah parks. Sandy finish after around 6km a good appetite builder for lunch ! Combine with the drive and you’ll have a nice varied experience.

1 day ago

Pretty good hike that has some scrambling, incline and decent mileage. Biggest problem is that the trail is not well marked at all! Follow all trails!

Breath-taking views, the dissent is pleasant, however the return up is pretty strenuous.

Fairly flat trail. Added Pat Mullen peak to the trail for more difficulty. Pat Mullen trail has nice sloping switchback grades. Overall, very nice. Can definitely bring the kids, if they can do a 3.5 mile loop. Best view on Pat Mullen is about half way up. Follow the White trail markers to stay on the trail. This trail winds in and out of other trails.

Amazing views. Start early (6am) in August and bring water.

mountain biking
2 days ago

Mtn biked. Great roller coaster style trail. i saw no one when i rode it. very peaceful.
Lots of shade.

Love this trail!

3 days ago

The trail head isn't well marked, but once you make your way through the woods to the trail it is a great hike. The weather was perfect and everything was green from the recent rains. You could smell the pine trees and hear the wind blow through the tree tops. There are are a couple of loops so pay close attention as you hit the fifth mile or you might miss the turn back up the mountain like we did. It's okay though, half the fun of any journey is getting wittle side tracked along the way to chase a squirrel or two.

me and some friends hiked this trail. we enjoyed the beautiful scenery. we wished there was more water in the stream. lots of shade and mostly a flat hike.

Great hike!!! If you want to challenge yourself further, go down to Skeleton Point and back, it should take an extra 2 hours.

it's a great trail and isn't hard but a lot of lose gravel on the trail so lots of spots one can slip if your not paying attention.

5 days ago

Beautiful hike. I didn’t see another hiker but I did it in Aug and it was 105 degrees. Pretty easy until you get to the end of the 4 wheeler trail and then it is a moderate climb until the last 1/4 mike to the saddle which is steep. Fun hike.

Hiked this trail with our dog and she thoroughly enjoyed it! However, me being from Colorado, when I read that there was a river, I was expecting an actual river. It's more of a little tiny stream that springs up in the middle of the trail and then follows the trail for a couple hundred yards. Also, if you're like me, your ankles will be sore by the end from almost constantly walking on the edge of the ditch/trail. Overall, still a fun trail that took us about an hour and a half to complete.

Nice introduction to trails in Tucson . Interesting hike with every kind of iconic cactus you could imagine.

Lots of ATV use and little side cuts from them.

Our favorite trail in Phoenix.

it definately has opportunity to try different trails. it does spider off and connect to other trails randomly. the trail makes you feel like you're in the middle of the desert but you know that the freeway is close by. I have run into a snake before, no big deal. the wild life is very scarce. great starting area!

My first time hiking this trail...and LOVED it!! What I learned:
1) Trail is rocky, wear comfortable, supportive HIKING shoes, your feet will appreciate it. Take water shoes or sandals (Teva is my favorite) for when you’re ready to jump in the swimming holes
2) Have PLENTY of water to drink!! When you think you have enough, take some more. Other option is to fill your water bottle at the spring.
3) Watch our for critters...2 fellow hikers saw rattle snakes and 1 saw a tarantula...I got lucky and saw a deer.
4) The sun can be a bit brutal so make sure you have a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses
5) Pace yourself on the way back up, take breaks in shady areas (when you can find one), the trail is exposed to the sun
6) Pack light snacks
8) Have fun!! Happy hiking!!

7 days ago

Great trail. Tougher than we thought it would be, but we are fairly new to hiking. Bring more water than you think you’ll need! Ran into a few that ran out of water before they even made it to the crack. Loved the swimming hole.

This trail is very nice and finished by a waterfall !! We took 3h to reach it. At the crossing roads between "Spring" and "Dam", the first one is a little bit longer and you have to cross the river just before the fall but the trail has more shadow and follow the river. Bring a lot of water (we have 3 liters per person), because the return climbs.

Overall really fun hike. Not too hard. There’s a lot of sun exposure for the first couple of miles so make sure to bring lots of water! The water features are worth the hike!

Exposed with little shade. Swimming in creek was the best part!

Grapevine road was not well marked we had to double back off of 69 to get to it. The last two tenths of a mile on the road are definitely a Jeep Trail, so just park and finish walking in. No clear starting point on the trail but most of the trail is it just a Jeep trail, so it was easy to follow. Wildfire went through the area some years ago but there's new undergrowth started. No water in the creek as expected.

Gorgeous views and a nice cardio if pick up your pace. There are a lot of mules that pass through here, so the steps are sunken in and there is poo every now & again.
There's no way I'd recommend this trail during peak season or a weekend - too many people would make for an annoying hike.

9 days ago

This trail had a lot of variance - desert, open vistas, creek crossing, and woodland. Because of that it's one of my fav's. It's special to walk along that creek - just lovely.

I liked this trail because it had water and wildlife. I saw livestock, which, for some reason, made my day. This trail had lovely views, too. I recommend it.

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