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Good for walking. Seemed better for bikes & ATVs. But fortunately we were mostly on our own.

I really enjoyed this hike! It is amongst my favorite hikes that I’ve done in the valley. This hike is fantastic if you aren’t looking for majestic views of desert but rather cities in the distance. I could see all the way to downtown Phoenix.

This hike is challenging. It is not a straight shot uphill but you do steadily gain elevation. It is relatively “hilly”, so for almost every up there is a down.

It’s easy to get lost if you don’t pay attention. I added on about an extra mile from missing a sign. (It also added another down hill and then climbing back up). The trail is marked very well for those who are always keeping an eye out!

There are parts of the hike that are relatively steep downhill, so it helps to have hiking shoes to provide some grip.

I really want to go back and do the Skyline trail which is off of Quartz Mine.

I highly recommend this hike.

Nice panoramic views and an easy way to experience sacred rock drawings

16 hours ago

Beautiful views. Hike is a tough one, but doable. Need a LOT of water. I carried 3L and ran out.

20 hours ago

good trail, but why can't Alltrails up the size on pics? Almost all my pics are too large, too much a pain to resize em all.

20 hours ago

Great trail!

We are infrequent hikers and found this trail was a good match for our ability. We are 71 and 66 years and live in the Midwest so have little experience of high desert hiking. We did Pipeline from Cotonwood Picnic area to its terminus at another parking lot, ate lunch there and turned around and hiked back. We took the Yavapai Trail turnoff on the way back. It was a good section of that trail for us, mostly downhill and great views of the lake. Took us about 2 hrs, 45 min total. It’s very rocky, good shoes help, water is essential too. A terrific hiking experience for us!

If you’re looking for a trail that will kick your butt and have great views of the Superstitions. This is your kinda trail! The first part of the trail is a great incline to the top with some of the trail being very rocky. The other parts are taking big steps up into other rocks. Once at the top there’s a couple different ways to take but the overall trail is a big circle. I personally wouldn’t take my dog on this trail compared to others we have taken her on. I would love to do this trail during sunset or sunrise next.

This "trail" was not really a trail. No signage, no markers.
Just dirt trails that bifurcated everywhere. The area suffers from years of neglect by the Forest Service. But, if you want to see horses, they are certainly around.

2 days ago

3/20/18 Great trail. Pretty easy even for a big guy like me (350lbs). Has some ups and downs but they’re pretty spaced out. There are a few vista views and there’s even a nice sturdy bench about a mile into the trail. Beware of lots of horse poop along the trail, also by the looks there were either bike tire or off-road walker tracks. The trail initially splits off the gold mine trail about 1/4 mile into it, the trail runs on the west side of the mountain so if you start before 10am the trail will be mostly shaded. There’s a $6 self pay parking fee. 2 porta potties in the parking lot.

2 days ago

Nice hike, no shade so best shine in the morning hours.

trail running
2 days ago

Nice mix of easier and challenging sections. Great views if you take the time to enjoy them. I got 7.35 miles the couple times I’ve run this trail.

Very difficult, long pants, gloves helped. the 1st .8 mile is almost flat, then at the sign that says 'not a real trail' it gets hard hard hard. The views at the top were amazing. Last year saw a Bighorn Sheep.
Not a beginner trail, bring food & food. Took us 2 hours up and we hike 3 times a week!

No shade be prepared. Great trail that is wide enough to wall side by side. Not to strenuous, conducive for talking and actually site seeing. You don’t have to focus on your footing. Great option to take dogs, good distance even without the summits. I went clockwise, ran a bit and did the two summits in 2 hours flat.

Awesome trail and the views of the lake are breathtaking.

Beautiful views, perfect to go after a snowfall! Only saw three other people on the trail!

Nice easy, sandy trail with no steep embankments. Mostly flat with a tiny incline in places. Pretty cactus - no wildflowers this year. Well marked.

really nice hike! People on here said to took about 2 hours but i finished it and the connector in 1hr and 20min. But, that is just because i am a trail runner so it was not long. Only had very minimal periodical stops. Overall, nice hike. I'm more for difficulty but, this hike is beautiful non-the same. You'll enjoy it! It is worth the drive. And it is free no fee to hike it (the best pat lol)

Great trail, 13 km and we finished in 2 hours and 45 minutes. We went clock wise so the steepest part of the trail is when you’re descending near the end.

Perfect weather day to take an easy walk and decided to check out Badger Springs. Not difficult at all. Great place to take kids since most of the trail was fairly wide. We arrived and only two other cars in the parking area. Nice peaceful and quiet little hike to a stream where we let the kids explore. Nothing strenuous for them and we had fun. As for the views, I’m giving it a 3.5 stars overall. It was decent but we will continue to search for something better.

I liked this trail. Easy to get to, no dirt roads to drive on, big parking lot. Pretty views . Easy trail to hike no major elevation and can hike farther than what AllTrails show. Would hike again!

I hike with my dogs a few times a week and will typically do this one if I want something easy but long enough to tire them out. The views are pretty nice of the surrounding mountains especially if you choose to do the lost dog lookout. I usually do this trail clockwise and it feels more like a walk than a hike. The trailhead is really well maintained and there is tons of parking. If you’re hiking watch out for mountain bikers as you share the trail with them.

Hugh Norris to WassonPeak:
We started at 9am and finished at 4pm. It was 10-mi RT. Very steep in spots and hard on the knees, but worth every ache and pain! Take plenty of water, food, and trekking poles!

3 days ago

Fun little moderate trail up into the McDowell mountains, lots of great cacti to see up close, gorgeous views back into Scottsdale.

Great trail, awesome incline towards the peak. Lots of loose rock but almost no crowd! Great views of the whole valley. Parked on Tatum and used trail 100 to meet with the trail to the peak.

This is one of my regular hikes. There are crowds on the weekend, but during the week if I have a chance I love this trail. It is well maintained and a good workout. It's also great for trail running. Bring your dog, but keep an eye out for chuckwallas, and snakes.

wouldn't bring your dog if you want to go all the way to the top, still an awesome hike to the saddle though.

Great trail, saw 3 rattlesnakes

5 days ago

Awesome trail...not difficult at all and also not busy at all! Trail is well marked .

I was on this trail for about 2+ hours and no other soul around. Just me and the wilderness of this park. The vistas are fantastic.

5 days ago

Good hike very easy .. it’s a long walk good scenery

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