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Lots of slide rock and trail is not marked that well in spots, but cool view of Bisbee.

This trail is a beauty to hike.

Due to the trail being washed out, exposing large rocks and causing other rocks and trees to fall, a decently modified vehicle would be a minimum, even for bypasses.

If you want to get past the creek bed, you will need a more serious off road vehicle or something nimble like a RZR.
The Miner has been dumping boulders on the creek bed making it more like a narrow rock garden with a tight pass at the end.

Obstacles beyond the river bottom are larger due to erosion.

Breathtaking, peaceful and well with the effort. Navajo jewelry for sale at ther bottom of ther canyon so bring your wallet and lots of water! Hike early to stay cool.

Great information and nice little benches for sitting along the trail.

If I could give this more stars I would! Wow so beautiful and surreal. Such a sad loss but the trail really does a great job in remembering the 19 hotshots. Just a note very limited parking space and no campers allowed as the spots are for compact cars only. But if you are in a RV and see no others there maybe a quick pull Thur as there are plaques and dedication signs at the entrance of the trail that tells you all about the trail and the fallen 19.

10 days ago

I couldn't recommend this hike strongly enough. We feel privileged to have been selected for one of the limited number of permits issued each year to hike into Keet Seel. The hike was recently selected by Arizona Highways as the hike of the month, which will only serve to increase the demand for permits.

Our party of 4 decided to do the hike in 2 days vs a single day so we could take our time and fully enjoy the surroundings and exploring the Keet Seel cliff dwellings. We opted to stay at the Monument's camp grounds the night before we hiked into the canyon so that we could get an early start while the air was still cool.

I would rate the difficulty of this hike somewhere between moderate and hard. Hard, primarily because of the amount of water you are required to carry and having to traverse thru so much sand. We carried 7 liters of water each into the canyon. We cache about 1/3rd of our water near the first marker once we were in the canyon so it would be available for the climb out. This worked well for us, and we never ran out of water. I would strongly discourage anyone from considering filtering their water. Cattle and feral horse droppings quite literally line the stream bottom. In fact, it's virtually impossible to avoid walking thru it.

For shoes I would recommend "WATERPROOF" hikers or trail runners, preferably medium height. You could also consider low gaiters if you prefer low shoes. I definitely would not recommend trail runners that are not waterproof unless you like to remove you shoes every couple miles to dump out the copious amounts of fine sand that will filter into your shoes. Your shoes will get wet as you will be continuously crossing the shallow stream bed. Luckily the Arizona sun will dry your shoes quickly once you get the camping area.

The camping area near the cliff dwellings is a beautiful spot, surrounded by fencing to keep the cattle and horses from entering the area. The composting toilets are clean and well kept with virtually no smell.

I would highly recommend this backpacking experience. Especially if you enjoy beautiful/remote locations, star filled night skies w/ virtually no light pollution, and some of the most incredible ancient cliff dwellings to found anywhere. Remember your hats, sunscreen and insect repellent.

Hiked in July at 7am, with our 8 year old. Going down was obviously very easy, going up wasn’t as bad as I thought. From the base of the canyon wall to the top took about 35 minutes with about 3 short breaks. Prior to our decent we did see a black bear to the east in the canyon walking in the opposite direction after being mooed off by a stubborn cow. The ruins are pretty neat and worth checking out.

A hard but nice hike to the top of the „mountain“. Did it in the afternoon with over 100F and no shade at all. Would recommend to do it in the morning... if u don’t want extrem difficulty. we were two and needed 9l of water. Was a lot of fun, because u can’t see the trail when ur going up, but there is one. Had 1h17 up and less then the half down. Not any other hikers seen on this trail :)

Great hike... even better memorial on top

Nice recovery hike!

mountain biking
19 days ago

Nice and easy ride. Perfect for single speed mountain bike.

off road driving
21 days ago

Excellent trail. Not for stock vehicles anymore. Need experienced driver and modified vehicle.

do not go to the Yarnell Prescott area without doing this hike! It is incredible, emotional, a great workout, and really explains what happened. The tribute to each of the HotShots is classy and well done! it is worth it to go the .6 down to the fatality site. there are also a ton of beautiful lizards crossing your path along the way. Go early it gets hot and there is not much shade, and take a lot of water with you. There are even benches to sit on along the way and enjoy the view. One of the best hikes I've ever been on.

on Constellation Loop

24 days ago

nice and easy hike, safe to trail run alone as it is close to civilization. If you go to the left when you start you will enjoy a lot of shade towards the end!

27 days ago

Nice walk. Lots of wildlife. Good info from the rangers. Take it slow coming back up esp. if it’s hot out.

Great hike. Friendly people on trail. Spotted a 5 + ft bull snake on trail.

There are many great reviews of this trail for hiking, so I will tailor mine to those interested in using this trail for trail running.

This is an awesome place to go trail running. For those of you from the Phoenix area like me, you will find this has many fewer rocks, is more clearly marked, and mixes incline and decline more evenly than most popular trail running spots like South Mountain in the Valley. A few more notes:

The two most difficult sections are the initial ascent and climb back up after leaving the deployment site. Thankfully, these sections are clearly marked and are characterized by switchbacks that lessen the severity of the climb. The rest of the trail has only minor climbs and is relatively flat. One other mitigating factor is the lack width on the trail. It is very narrow in certain sections, so be wary of trying to run past hikers.

Overall, this is a very good workout, but nothing that difficult. I was able to complete this in 1:50, and that included two stops to drink water and take in the memorial at the fatality site. The bus driver today told me that a marathon runner did it in 1:18.

I highly encourage everyone to go and pay tribute to the heroic first responders, learn their story, and get the heart rate going!

This beautiful trail in memory of the Granite Mountain Hot Shots is the most touching and heartwarming tribute one can imagine. The beautiful granite plaques memorialize each of the nineteen firefighters who lost their lives and truly depicts who they were as individuals. This is a well thought out trail with gradual switchbacks and benches placed along the path to rest and reflect. The 3/4mile decent to the fatality site contains crosses in memory of each hot shot encircled by nineteen gabions linked together. Momentos honoring these men cover the gabions as well as a memorial wall.
Completing this hike on Father’s Day made it specially fitting. God bless the souls of the Granite Mountain Hot Shots and the loved ones they have left behind.
I highly recommend this hike. Take your time and make a day of it. You will shed tears and be deeply touched by their bravery and sacrifice.

This trail is excellent. It's not only a beautiful tribute to the 19 hotshots that lost their lives, but the trail itself is a good combination of elevation gain and distance. Perfect training hike for trips that require both. You gain about 1100 ft over 5.5 miles to the Observation Deck, which looks down on the Fatality Site. To pay your respects, and to lose/gain another 500 ft and 1.5 miles, you can hike down to the site itself. Be prepared for a wave of emotion as you walk around the circle of gabions and view the mementos and heartfelt notes left for each hotshot. This is an out and back so, aside from the hike back up to the Observation Deck, the return is downhill. Fairly exposed with minimal shade. Bring plenty of water as there is none available at the trailhead. There are 2 portable potties in the parking lot, but parking is limited if you're not there fairly early. There is a shuttle that runs from Congress to the trailhead if parking is full. Previously the shuttle left from Yarnell.

1 month ago

Had no idea this place existed, just thought it was an overlook, but how was I happy to learn you could hike down into the canyon and it was a great workout! I met a man who said there used to be races and that many trained to be mail runners from town to town back in the old days. Awesome history and natural walkways, not even 50% man-made stairs, but rather very cool walking paths.

Incredibly beautiful trail but All Trails messed up big time on this one. Just read Cati Piorkowski’s review from 2017. She explains perfectly. Basically, this is 12.6 miles and *difficult*, not 7.8 miles, nor moderate as stated here. That’s two major errors. Folks are planning trips around the info provided here. This hike takes the better part of the day to complete. We ran out of water and, ending with the western portion of the loop, the incline was so steep and so tough. The fact that it was a June afternoon didn’t help, but I’m young and athletic and my body was just beat after this hike. In the summer, start at dawn and carry at least two liters H2O.

I am humbled and moved by our hike today. It was really steep and definitely not for beginners to take lightly. Make sure you take plenty of water. The trek down to the Fatality Site was worth the grueling climb back up. I am in awe and forever grateful.

Easy trail. Neat Ruins

Did this trail a yr ago and damn it’s a hard trail but so well worth it,, sad there was no water running like last yr!!

Great trail, but definitely longer than listed. Be sure to have extra water and sunscreen this time of year (June) as there are some long stretches without shade and some steep inclines. Views are stunning.

Steep from the start, certainly a good work out with my 40lb pack. Great trail in honor of fallen heroes. Get there early on weekends to get a parking space. There is a shuttle that runs also. Take lots of water, Yarnell gets hot in the summer.

1 month ago

As you walk across the original Navajo Bridge, you are treated to spectacular views of the Colorado River flowing through Marble Canyon as well as the nearby Vermilion Cliffs. Quick, easy and free...this is a must stop on the drive between Bitter Springs and Jacob Lake on US 89A if you have a few extra minutes.

1 month ago

Nice quick walk! So different from the Grand Canyon but as beautiful to explore. I do not recommend for people who cannot handle stairs. My mom had a hard time going back up. But easy for most.

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