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Beautiful views. Fairly smooth trail with moderate climbs. Quite a few bikes, but probably because it was a Saturday.

did this hike yesterday. expect 4 foot snow on north kaibab . many retuned at 1 mile out. all but us summited. we kicked in a snow path but it was waist deep at times I wanted to give up the whole time. entire return was moonlit wonderland. but stoping just 5 min. with 3 layers was frigid. more snow gear recommended. . .water proof shows and extra socks. we took 3l water each and used it . tho there was water at last camp before n kaibab. . . good luck be safe. turn back if you need to. 45 miles 22 hours.

Definitely a good workout in the last leg of the trail. Parking at the trailhead is a bit tricky on the weekend and the trail is narrow in a few spots but not so narrow it is difficult to let others pass by. Takes a little over an hour to get up to the cave with a few brief water stops. The views are stunning and the cave offers a cool reprieve after the hike up. This is a rigorous but quick hike for any morning or afternoon. Trailhead is about 40 minutes from downtown Gilbert.

Great hike. I prefer to do the loop. If you take the wash to the river it’s not super difficult to locate the hot springs. Buts not clearly marked either. You’ll need to go up and over going “downriver”. You can not follow the bank. Bring lots of water and a snack. Takes me about 4 hours. I always try and pick up at least one piece trash that’s sure to be laying around.

great hike. awesome views throughout. good elevation after first mile. we hiked to the second pool and we had it all to ourselves

Fabulous trail! Amazing scenery much of the way including some bizarre large rock formations and distant valley views. 2.5 hours at moderate pace.

Amazing Hardest Hike Ever! I’m Over Whelmed with accomplishing this hike....Best Ever! GTAH,AZ 1-20-19 I kicked Ass on Flatiron !!!!

Good Sunday hike! Switchbacks and incline get your heart and muscles pumping. beautiful peaceful view at the top!

Beautiful trail. I was worried about coming back up, but it wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be. Definitely need yaktracks if there’s ice on the ground!

We connected up to Piestawa Peak from this trail and went up for the view, beautiful trail. To the peak it was def hard but freedom was moderate and worth the trek.

WOW. with all our rain this winter this hike was green and gorgeous ! I parked at the bajada trailhead, went North on bajada to goat camp, mesquite canyon, mule deer, back to bajada. very well maintained and marked (tho you should know what trails you need, free map at the pay station). total back to the car was 13.4 miles. started at sunrise and was rewarded w amazing views, plus most of the first couple hours, which is uphill, was in the shade of the mountain. I def want to try other trails in this park.

Awesome hike. From parking lot to wild burro and wild mustang back my Fitbit tacked 9.8 miles.

we got on the trail around 7:00am, which was great because we had the waterfall and overlook to ourselves! saw a number of people on the way down.

beautiful! intense. make sure you have the right footwear and plenty of water!

great hike! we missed the turn off Jacobs crossing at first and went a ways on the wrong trail. the app helped us find our mistake, and it looked like the sign had fallen down, and while we were hiking some strapped it back up. we ended up at the cave during magic hour, and it was gorgeous. hiked down during sunset and finished as a night hike once we were on the flat section. it was a full moon so we were able to see well enough. so beautiful!

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short, easy and fun. great grip on the sandstone. popular with plenty of traffic including jeep tours

This trail was a great challenging trail for beginners . Beautiful view once you are at the top. Went around 8am- not very many people .

beautiful trail. easy to moderate. great alternative to the main trail with a different view of the mountain

Great first hike in AZ.

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This my favorite trail! No trail to follow except for the few leading up to the cave. I’ve walked down the river bed quite far both ways and always enjoyed climbing over the huge boulders and figuring out the best path to get around the obstacles along the bed. Just remember that however far you hike in you have to hike back out! Bring lots of water and maybe some snacks if you go far, as navigating its obstacles wear you out faster than you think!

Very very easy trail to hike, did it with my wife and her young nephews. Gorgeous when you get to the end with the spring and you can see the many Native American Petroglyphs. Carried a single bottle of water with me and was fine.

Not well labeled. More for mountain bikers than anything else.

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A very rocky trail boot/hiking shoes of some kind needed. Worth the hike after some snow/rain lots of small waterfalls. Trail has shaded parts. Beautiful landscape within the canyon. Hiking pole/stick a plus. If doing the whole length of the trail use a camelbak as there are areas where you need to climb slightly. Be safe have fun and enjoy yourself on these trails.

up in 43:40 today. great hike but starting to get crowded

Awesome hike! Began at 7 when it was still dark. Made it to the point at around 1030. We took a break at almost every stop along the way (there's a rest house every 1.5 miles) because my knees bother me going downhill. Spikes for shoes are recommended during winter but there were people doing it (and slipping) without them. Made it back to the top around 1:30 in the afternoon. Don't underestimate the hike back up. My legs were dead by the time we reached the top. Worth it for the great view of the Colorado River at the plateau.

Cute hike, done it day and night. Ventured around the abandoned mines and that was pretty cool too. Last time I went up The Eliminator and down this way. Love it!

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Very pretty hike near the perimeter of Saguaro Lake. It’s rated as “moderate” but I would definitely consider this an “easy” hike. I went on a Sunday so it was a little on the busy side, but not overly crowded.

It's an easy walk up to great views. This is my kids' favorite hike.

Moderately busy, great for small children, easy trails, and wildlife in the city. We usually have a pleasant experience here, and have seen lots of desert animals, including coyotes and huge jackrabbits.

The Hike was nice and not super hard, however we came back to a broken car window and a stolen purse. We read reviews before we came of car break ins so it seems common. There were a few other cars reported broken into the same day. Just do t leave anything out in the open there.

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