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21 days ago

It was fun! my kids love it!! Just have to be careful with the loose gravel on the hike up and definitely need the flashlights so I am glad I read the reviews first. Go early to avoid the heat.

22 days ago

Beautiful hike with spectacular views!

on Carr Peak Trail

27 days ago

This is one of of my favorite hikes I've ever done! If you can only do one hike in this area, I'd recommend this one! I went on a Friday afternoon in late September and only saw one person near the start of the trail.
It had so much variety; scenic vistas from the get-go, aspen groves, mountain meadows, and rocky outcrops. The grade was enough to feel challenging but not strenuous and some rocky/rubbly areas kept it interesting.
Just be aware that you have to drive up a narrow dirt switchbacking road to get to the trailhead.

1 month ago

I hiked out of the Ramsey reserve and then ended up breaking off at Pleasant trail (~2 miles in) and followed that all the way to the road in Carr canyon then back. It was a pretty hike with lots of shade though it didn't really have scenic vistas of the valleys since it stays in the interior of the mountains.
I had a late start (~1230) and still made it back in plenty of time before they closed the lot. I went on Thursday and did not see one person after the reserve. Overall a good afternoon hike!

My favorite hike in outside of Sierra Vista so far. It was actually 10.0 miles of trail from the trailhead, to the summit, and back down. Takes about 3 hours to summit; very worth it. The views were incredible, and it was a lot of fun. Start very early if you can, it gets hot quickly. Bring at least 1.5 liters of water; I would recommend more than that. Enjoy!

4 months ago

This is a great hike. If you're hiking in the dry season make sure to bring a good amount of water. There is a lot of walking that is done on the south east facing slopes as well as walking along the ridge. This is a much nicer hike in the morning than in the mid day. Once on top, the views are great and the breeze is quite nice. It's a great place for a nap.

Steep hike up to the cave entrance, but totally worth it to explore the cave! Well marked switchback trail with steps. The cave is about a 30’ scramble down to get in and then easy to wander all the way to its end (600’ back). Great stalagmites and stalactites (unfortunate that people over the years have snapped off most of the smaller ones from the ceiling. Grrrrrr). Even with outside temps of 85°, it is a cool 68° in the cave year-round.

Lights: we used headlamps (and brought two flashlights for backup). Definitely needed them. The cave is pitch black - your cellphone flashlight will NOT be enough.

Nice hike with good view

Hiked the loop at the beginning of March and saw one hummingbird. Did see deer and had an enjoyable and relaxing hike. Very nice escape to nature!!

6 months ago

beautiful views all the way up. the trail is well defined but also a little rugged in spots to keep is interesting. it's worth noting my Garmin tracked it at just over 6 miles round trip. my hiking partners Fitbit tracked it at 6 as well

plan for about a 30 minute drive to the trailhead (starting when you enter Coronado). it's a pretty rough drive but my Chevy Cruze made it without much resistance.

definitely recommend

Took the kids today for spring break 2018 and they loved it! The cave was awesome and any trail with lots of climbing rocks is a hit with them. The are 7 and 9. We did the whole thing in about two hours(including exploring the cave)

7 months ago

One of my all-time favorite hikes!

7 months ago

Started from the top and walked down. Gorgeous views.

8 months ago

This hike was the one that got me started hiking & backpacking back in 1988. I was a soldier stationed at Fort Huachuca. Some of my buddies & I hiked to the summit. Back then, there was a USFS lookout tower on the peak, so we hiked up ther & spent the night. It was in fall, and the wind howled all night! One of the guys brought a bottle of blackberry brandy, and to this day 30 years later, I always take a little blackberry brandy with me when I'm solo or with adults on a non-Scout backpacking/camping trip.
Good memories!

9 months ago

Hiked this and did the Yaqui Ridge trail out to the border. Beautiful but very cold and windy morning.

We did this hike on 01/06/2018 and it was a beautiful sunny day, 75 degrees. We started from the Montezuma parking lot. The first two miles are very steep and even worse when the sun is beaming on your back making you sweat profusely. Once you're done with that trek, you actually hike behind the mountain and it does cool off quite a bit. The hike is beautiful and the views are breath taking throughout the entire hike. Make sure you have 3L of water per person. Also, make sure you pack sandwiches or some snacks because this hike may take you anywhere from 4-6 hours. The top of Miller Peak is windy so make sure you have a light jacket in your pack. Highly recommend but I do not recommend it for dogs.

Amazing hike with incredible views of Mexico and Southern Arizona. Started from Montezuma Pass parking lot. The first leg elevates quickly through grassy hills. The next leg turns into a forest along the mountains crest where you can see the summit in the distance. We walked across snow at a few points and the wooded areas continued till the top. The last leg was slightly wooded with open fields and more snow. Incredible views to the Mule Mountains, San Jose Mountain, Chricahua Mountains, Santa Rita Mountains, Dragoon Mountains, Whetstone Mountains, and the Catalina Mountains.

Really cool cave...trail is short but steep at parts. Brought my four year old and six year old daughters did well. Rocks in the trail can be loose and footing slippery at times but overall not too bad.

This was a great hike. Would be best to do in the spring when the wildflowers at the top are in bloom. The first third was desert, second third was forest, and the very last bit was a wildflower field. The hike is very straightforward, but difficult due to sun exposure throughout and the length of the trail, (5.4 miles from Montezuma Pass parking lot). Make sure to bring plenty of water. I heard a large animal moving through the forest, but couldn't tell what it was before it ran off, so bear spray wouldn't hurt to bring along too if you have it. Amazing views from the top!

Really short hike, but the cave is great! Definitely need to have flashlights with you.

10 months ago

excellent hike -- pleasant grade and almost constant great views. Can be done in 4.25 to 5 hours if you don't dilly-dally. Worth the drive from Tucson.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Nice hike up and back. Great views all around. Only encountered 3 individuals on my way up and back. Of note is I was hot on the way up because I was protected from the wind. If you tend to sweat take a towel, extra shirt and maybe a windbreaker, after coming around to the windward side of the mountain it got pretty cool and windy.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Awesome hike up the trail followed by a return down Montezuma Pass Rd to the visitors center. Had previously gone the opposite way. Saw deer, birds and a ton of grasshoppers.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Parked at Montezuma Pass parking lot, departed at about 8:00A.M. It took us about 2hr. 45min to reach the top (with brief stops throughout) and then about 1hr. 40min (with no stops) for the return trip. Very fun. Very scenic. You can see the parts of the U.S.-Mexico border wall from certain points. Very diverse trail segments. They'll be a half mile stretch where you feel like you're trudging through a desert then another half mile where you're in a coastal forest and then another where you're traveling along the wildflower ridden hills of Montana! There was no elevation sign at the top. This mountain complex can be subject to sporadic storms, so come prepared for that. The encroaching vegetation on some portions of the trail was very wet from overnight rain (soggy socks, yum), so if that does not float your boat...well then bring extra socks! Definitely the best hike in the Sierra Vista area.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Great views and had a lot of fun. Took my wife and I carrying our children in ospreys about 3.5 hours from the campground to the peak and back down. Total distance covered was just under 6 miles according to the garmin. Great time!!

10/10. Great trail.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Beautiful and everyone had a blast, except when the rain came in as soon as we hit the peak, so it was a little soggy coming down. no LTs died.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Read: Trailhead has a 5 mile steep dirt road leading up to it, don't think you can just drive up there with your economy rental vehicle! We went during monsoon season, so we parked our dinky car at the parking lot at the bottom of the canyon to avoid unexpectedly getting stuck up at the campgrounds. It took us 2 hours to reach the trailhead with pictures. Beautiful views all throughout the hike! halfway to the trailhead is a lookout spot for a waterfall. Trail meets the moderate profile, other than the lack of oxygen, there was nothing too difficult. Be prepared to hike 16 miles if you don't have a truck/4x4 during monsoon season. Ran across about a dozen hikers on a Saturday so great if you're paranoid about an unexpected emergency. Sighted only one rattlesnake but didn't cause any problems. Theres an outhouse at the trailhead with no water point, be sure to bring enough food and water for the entire trip.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

This was an awesome hike. The trail is well marked and easy to follow. There are 2 trail heads close to the terminus of a well managed dirt road which can be negotiated in a 2WD. We camped at Reef Townsite all weekend, enduring heavy bouts of rain, and the road was just as good going down.

We started out about 11:30 AM from the Reef Townsite trailhead (Sawmill Springs Trail) and shortly encountered the main Carr Trail, about 3/4 mile in. This way in brings you by the spring, which provides ice cold water good for soaking hats and neckerchiefs. Came across a few parties going up, but saw nobody on the way down. I expected more people given the proximity to the town of Sierra Vista, but it was pretty rainy this day.

The scenery is fantastic and the landscape changes quickly. The trail is at times thin and rocky, and then opens into glades and meadows then thickets. At one point there is a beautiful aspen grove which sings in the wind. About a half mile from the peak, the clouds rolled in on us. It was amazing, even though the thunder was ominous. We were enveloped in a cool mist which soon broke into a good steady rain. We were drenched!

We made the summit in patchy rain and scattered clouds. It was about 55 degrees, and every plant was swarming with mating ladybugs. There was nobody behind us, and so we had the summit to ourselves. Very cool experience. Everyone in our group loved it, dogs included.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Went on a cool day with lots of cloud coverage and it was perfect. The views are incredible and it wasn't too hard of a hike, I'm sure on a hot day it would have been a lot harder. I'm definitely coming back soon

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