Photos of Greaterville Trails


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Wednesday, April 05, 2017

This is a little known hike for the most part. I'm sure some hiking clubs do it, but it's an off trail cross country type hike at any rate. You start by driving through Box Canyon from the west side, and taking the cutoff to Greaterville on the east side of the canyon. I always referred to this as the road to Melendrez Pass. There are a few radio towers right at the pass. There is however some private property now that has to be traveled around to get to the pass. That's the road you want. Right before the radio towers is an old jeep road that goes up to the right. You will need 4 x 4 along this road, or you'll have to start walking from there. We drove up in a jeep to the end of this road and parked at the top. There is plenty of room up there to turn your truck around, so that's not a problem. From that point, you just start bushwhacking up the side of Castle Dome until you reach the summit. There was lots of tall grass when we did it and it wasn't that difficult for going cross country. Some good views when you get on top and good place to sit and relax for a while. You'll undoubtedly have the place to yourself as this is not on many peoples radar as a hiking destination. I happen to like these kinds of places. You could hike this year round, but I wouldn't do it during the summer. Too hot. In fact, there's not a lot of places in southern AZ I would hike in the summer, unless there was lots of running water close by. This one is for the adventurous type for sure. Not your typical day hike, but it doesn't take all day either!!