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on Constellation Loop

2 days ago

cool trail

26 days ago

I love this trail, there are so many variations of it, every hike is different. After the rains.lots of pools with tadpoles. great way to spend a hour or two. people you meet are always friendly.

on Constellation Loop

27 days ago

Lots of debris during monsoon season so it made it difficult to navigate paths and markers.

on Granite Garden

28 days ago

Boulder hiking.
Tiny streams.
Cute bridge at trail head.

on Constellation Loop

1 month ago

nice and easy hike, safe to trail run alone as it is close to civilization. If you go to the left when you start you will enjoy a lot of shade towards the end!

2 months ago

We took the trail clockwise and the first mile was a bit confusing. Definitely keep your map open to be sure you’re staying on the correct trail. This particular trail is not marked on the map at the nature center or on any of the signs. You will however see many signs for other numbered trails.
At one point you will be walking alongside a road, but after that it’s a very interesting hike with varying terrain. We say several deer along the way. No part of this trail was closed due to bald eagles nesting, but one of the areas behind the trail is closed Dec - July and would only affect you if you decided to hike a different connector trail.
Also, the hike is closer to 6 miles, not 5. We enjoyed it and would do it again. We thought about starting/ending at another trailhead, but in the end liked finishing up at the nature center for the restrooms and shaded tables and chairs where we could rest up and have lunch before heading back to Phoenix.
PS- the person who did this hike the day before and rated it 2 stars didn’t do this hike. Looks like she just hiked around the lake instead of doing the actual Salida Loop. Perhaps that led to her low rating.

2 months ago

We had 3 kids all under the age of 5 and they love it! Great views and the trails are well marked.

Really enjoyed this trail. Not too hard but just right for a beginner. Great views.

3 months ago

Constellation Trail proved worthy of the early-morning outing. Cacti displayed their blooms all around.

3 months ago

Loved the trail. Beautiful views as well as some wild life. I am a beginner at hiking. While there were some tricky spots for me, I didn’t feel it was beyond my capabilities. The trail markers were easy to follow. It was nice that at junctions,the trail had this is were you are markers on the trail sign. It was nice to check my progress in comparison to the whole trail.

Enjoyed the beautiful scenery! Really enjoyed the friendliness of the other hikers.

Beautiful views around every corner. The folks here are amazingly nice. Everyone that walks by says hello. The trails are wide enough so you don’t need to be too concerned about snakes or wildlife. Photo opportunities around every turn. Enjoy this walk it is really worth it!

5 months ago

Nice trail, well kept easy to follow markers. I will be hiking this trail more often.

It was quicker than I expected, only took an hour, should be rated as "easy" rather than "moderate". nice views and beautiful weather made this a nice outing.

6 months ago

Nice hike through granite rocks!

Moderate trail. Could make it harder. Incredible scenery. Varied terrain

6 months ago

My family loved this hike! Great views and our daughter loved the terrain!

7 months ago

This trail is closed from December 1st through March or July, (for Bald Eagle nesting) I forgot what the barricade said. It may be a great trail but it would be nice if they noted it was seasonal so people don’t plan on a trip out there and not be able to hike it.

8 months ago

kinda short, but love it

Had a great time! Took two days

12/9/17: we did a 2 mile hike along North 40 trsil to Hole in The Wall trail to PMBA trail. about 2 miles and 1 hour. Very easy trail. not much to see but perhaps the full trail and the 260' elevation gain would be different.

I've hiked the trail a couple of times and really enjoyed it. The views are great, especially at the top of the loop. It's my favorite type of hike: uphill for the first part, downhill for the last.

A very nice short but challenging perimeter trail. A good urban trail. Enough variety to keep it interesting.

Great interesting trail. Completed with my 9 year old. Many variations to this trail to fit everyone's needs. Beautiful views. The only thing missing is some water.

9 months ago


Great trails and views. Would rate them as easy with maybe a couple of moderate spots toward the back end where you climb up to the top. Great views of the surrounding area and pretty rock formations.

Very fun little trail. Beautiful rock formations, running water in almost all ravines. Ran into a nice big rattle snake on most southern "Rock Wall Trail". He warned us of his presence within reason. We warned a trail runner of the snake so he unplugged one ear from his music.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Great trail system loop. Can't go wrong- it's all looped together. Amazing views of unique boulders. Good mix of easy and moderate hikes. Free parking. Close to town.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Great trail with rolling hills and pine trees. A couple miles in was Goldwater lake which was a great surprise.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

fun trail for the family

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