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14 hours ago

Breathtaking views throughout. This trail takes you through some different terrain unlike South Kaibab and Bright Angel. I did Grandview to Cottonwood Creek to Tonto to Hance Creek and back up Grandview. Started about 6AM and finished about 2:30 PM with plenty of photo stops and snack breaks. It did rain in the beginning causing the route down to Horseshoe Mesa to be quit slippery. Bring plenty of water. I consumed 4L. Also brings pants....lots of brush/cactus especially on the Tonto over hanging onto the trail. Not super populated, I saw 2 rangers and about 10 hikers all around. The trail itself was relatively easy to follow and I did not feel the need to use GPS.

We were flooded with emotions when we reached the top of North Rim after 10.5 hours of trekking through the most magnificent canyon. A must do for pain seekers!

Awesome trail!! It can be very rocky and steep at times, but nothing too crazy. Th views are amazing. Very different than the views from the canyon rim. There's some cool ruins at the bottom too.

This trail is less crowded than many other trails in the park. The day I was there, the main Village had thousands of people walking around, and this trail head had 50-100 people at the viewpoint. My entire hike I saw about 5-6 other groups of hikers.

I took the down hill as part hike, part trail run. Rim to campground was about 45 minutes. the hike back up was about 1.5 hours at a good clip. This trail is doable in 2.5 hours, but you have to have decent weather and be ready to hustle.

100% recommend this trail.

Wife and I hiked South Kaibab down to the river, then back up via Bright Angel on Sat, 10/6. We definitely enjoyed the hike and lucked out having an overcast day and a little rain drizzle on the final 4 miles up Bright Angel. Here were our stats in case you are trying to do some planning for your own trip.

South Kaibab to Cedar Ridge - 42 min (we were stuck behind mules at the start of the hike and stopped to take off clothing layers)
Cedar Ridge to Skeleton Point - 30 min
Skeleton Point to Tip Off - 32 min
Tip Off to Silver Bridge - 1hr 3min
Silver Bridge to Indian Garden - 1hr 47min
Indian Garden to 3 Mile House - 39 min
3 Mile House to 1.5 Mile Rest House - 38 min
1.5 Mile Rest House to Bright Angel Trailhead - 40 min

Strava Stats
16.5mi - Distance
6:13:33 - Moving Time
7:17 - Elapsed Time
4,791ft - Elevation Gain
22:32/mi - Average Pace

4 days ago

This trail is easy and beautiful with glimpses of the valley below. I hiked Segment 36. The directions do not go with this segment.

Beautiful hike with beautiful views! Took us a little over two hours round trip, with a lunch break at the bottom. Easy going down, so don't let that fool you. Coming up will have your heart pumping and your thighs burning!

Elevation gain really did take its toll on me on the way back up the trail - glad I had been acclimated in the general region for at least a couple of days. Even still: what an incredibly beautiful hike. I got on trail by 630am and really loved escaping the crowds. By the time I reached Cedar Ridge on my way back up there were a large number of hikers so I appreciated the pretty quiet time I had on Skeleton Point by myself. I was only really passing through the Grand Canyon for one night so will definitely be coming back to do this trail again and explore others.

So I will be sore for the next 2 days, being a novice hiker, but it was so very worth it. It is tempting to stop at the halfway point, Cedar Ridge, but keep going! You can do it! It took us 2 hrs to get down and 2.5 to get back up, all with plenty of stopping and a snack break.
The halfway point does have bathrooms! But no drinking water so bring ample. We started at 1pm and got to catch sunset back at the top at 6pm. The sunset isn’t impressive at first (compared to other places like Zion) but stay with it and after the sun goes down, the clouds reflect crazy cool colors and the sky turns into a gradient.
If you don’t think you can hike it, rent a mule!

Relatively easy hike. Climbed down a few rocks to get to a more secluded spot, but there are some great spots out on the ledge to sit and have lunch, very peaceful with nice views.

This trail is really beautiful but it wouldn’t be my first trail to recommend if you only have a couple days in the canyon and want wide open views of the canyon. This trail is great if you’ve seen the most common trails and want something a little different. Fairly easy with most elevation gain on your way back out. The only shade is around dripping springs and that’s the only source of water as well. If you don’t have anything to sterilize the water you need to pack enough for yourself.

This hike is a simple walk through the woods but oh my gosh is it amazing when you reach the point! This hike is suitable for pretty much everyone young kids, inexperienced hikers, etc. but oh man, the view at the end.. I’d hike MILES for that. It’s one of the few easy lookout points that don’t have a paved walkway right up to it so you are likely to find yourself with some alone time to take on the views. Sunrise would be incredible from this point. I witnessed a wedding on this point one evening at sunset. It’s just so perfect!

Probably my favorite hike under 7 miles at the canyon. The views are incredible and there tend to be fewer people once you get past cedar ridge which is always full of tourists. Bring adequate water because there is NO water on this trail. Some sections can be slick so take your time and make sure you have steady footing.

One of my favorite trails in the park! Hiked it multiple times while at the canyon. Please please if you pan to do it bring water! There is NO water access on this trail. Bring at least a liter per person, more if it’s during the summer. Beautiful views and once you get to the ridge it opens up and you can see all around the canyon. Difficult but doable if you take your time. Wear proper footwear, I don’t recommend sandals.

wow. amazing hike. best kept secret.

Great hike! The views are so breathtaking, we were smiling all along. We didn't find any difficulty in it, even the walk up was pretty smooth compared to other hikes we have done before, but we did some pretty tough ones and are hiking regularly. We did pass a few people coming up who were struggling. Hiking poles are definitely a great thing to have, especially to protect the knees on the way down. It took us just over 3 hours to complete the hike, stopping a lot for pictures on the way down and a little less on the way up.

Loved this hike! We did it in March, and got up early to do it so it was pretty cool for our whole hike. We did down and back to Cedar Ridge in 2 hours, but it was a challenge! Getting up early to beat the spring break crowds was definitely worth it, and we were able to catch views of some mountain goat hiking the trail next to us!

I have hiked the canyon 5 times in 5 years. I’ve done this hike twice this year, one on May 18th, the other on Sep 29th. The weather was similar both times 80 day & 45 night. The second time we had a little less daylight to work with so carry a head light. It took a little longer the second time because waterlines were broken at the bottom and had to walk into Phantom Ranch to use restrooms and get water. One could carry a filter and water up in the streams but I wouldn’t recommend the Colorado River.
There is something about hiking this Canyon that is addicting. Being at the bottom and working your way up is taxing but the shear majesty of this work of art is beyond breathtaking. The challenge of the climb is also something to brag about.
I’m 67 & had a total knee replacement at 61, I will hike this trail until my body won’t let me.

I’ve been to the Grand Canyon (south rim) a few times and hiked Bright Angel and South Kaibab trail. Those views are absolutely beautiful, but this trail’s view is my favorite and is truly breathtaking. HIGHLY recommend this short trail!

Bring water. Great scenery and the farther you go, the less people you see.

26 days ago

My wife an I arrived at the the Desert View entrance to the Grand Canyon on September 16 at 7 am. I immediately called the Grand Canyon taxi service, and was promptly met at the Grandview trailhead 30 minutes later. He shuttled us to the Tanner trailhead where we began our journey. The temperature at the rim was in the low 60's, but with each step deeper into the canyon, the heat became more noticeable.

The first five miles were fun, but below the Redwall and 100° heat we entered a virtual frying pan. Only by digging very, very deep into our energy reserves did we reach the river. We camped right next to the river at Tanner Beach so we occasionally caught a cool breeze.

We started each day's hike by 5:30 am, using headlamps for a bit before the dawn light showed us the path. We finished each day around 1 pm. While hiking we never passed up a chance to rest in the shade. We carried a topographical map and Delorme GPS - both of which proved valuable as route finding is not to be treated lightly. Cairns are frequently spotted but in the some places the trail is lost in rocks and scree.

Day 2 was a hot, brutal, beautiful trudge, and for some reason Springsteen's "The Ghost of Tom Joad" became my trekking song. We passed Cardenas Beach and doused our shirts with cold river water and refilled our water bags and bottles. We eventually reached the Escalante Creek beach at the Colorado River, where we enjoyed the most beautiful campsite on this trek.

Day 3 was a blast, as we navigated our way through the labyrinth of 75 mile canyon, then over the 30' high Papago wall, a class 3 scramble. Make sure that you don't go too far up the pitch here as we did! We missed the cairns and struggled to find the trail until we backtracked a bit. Fortunately, we prevailed and eventually found the Papago Slide, which was tricky but fun. 30 minutes of moderate walking took us to Red Canyon and Hance Rapids, where we set up camp in the shade. The temperature never dropped below 90° that night, so sleeping was fairly miserable.

The only people we encountered for 3 days were Colorado River rafters, and we did appreciate that they checked to see how we were doing.

We were especially fortunate to have cloud cover on day 4, as we ascended the Tonto 2500 feet to Horseshoe Mesa. A small stream of cool water provided relief at Hance Creek. Page Spring was also a delight. We were hit by a thunderstorm here - and quickly set up our tent and hunkered down for the night, listening to the rain and rocks sliding down the canyon sides.

On day 5 we made the final push back to the rim under clear skies, mostly in the shadows caused by the cliffs. The temperature dropped into the 60's, which felt like Heaven! Carol and I were both overcame with emotion as we reached the end of our journey. I think we have earned the right to be called "advanced" backpackers.

Did the whole loop with the spring, absolutely amazing and worth it. All that's written is correct, so take a lot of water (I drank 6.5L, not sure it was enough), bring salty foods and use this fantastic app to help you find the way, as it's not marked at all (if you zoom in on all parts of the trail when you're online, the map will remain clear even when you're offline and the GPS signal is great throughout the trail, so you can see exactly where you are all the time).

1 month ago

We walked the whole thing, which clocked in at more like 15 miles at the end of the day with all the lookout points and whatnot. It’s not hiking; it’s walking at a well-marked and often paved path. Stunning views. Can do all of it or any portions you want with the free shuttle situation.

started around noon and not nearly as busy (or hot) as expected especially once past ooh ah point. most of the trail is sand covered stairs, winding down the canyon wall at the start and then extending out into the middle of the canyon, which can be slippery in sections and is the only reason for not being 5 stars. views are incomparable!

My husband and I are in our 60s and avid walkers. We did this trail round trip in an hour and 40 minutes. Goes without saying the views are magnificent. Words of advice; go as early in the day as possible, take plenty of water/salty snacks, sunscreen and pace yourself. Coming up takes twice as long. We went at 1:30 in September and were in the sun 3/4 of the time. If I could do it over I’d go first thing in the am. Also can be a little nerve wracking when you slide on sand or loose gravel as the edges are not far away and it’s a long way down!

It was AWESOME. The views were breathtaking. I have never hiked in this kind of altitude before and did fine. The way up took my breath away for sure...had to stop every so often to catch my breath but was fine. It took us about an hour to go down (mainly because we took. A billion photos) and only 45 to go up. Bring LOTS of water (2-3 liters) and some salty snacks. Have fun! I can’t wait to come back!

Great trail with amazing views!

One of the nicest trails we have been on . I would consider it an easy trail for me . However, i enjoy a good challenge cardio wise up hill.

Majestic views, enough said! It’s the Grand Canyon after all!

1 month ago

Not really much of a hike here... but it’s the Grand Canyon so it gets 5 stars by default. Lots of good places to pull yourself to an overlook and enjoy the scenery.

South Kaibab isn’t a joke. You go down and it’s all great and fun, but when you gotta head back up...The rapid elevation change, the heat- all coming at you like a freight train on ascent. In summary, don’t brush off that 1 L of water per mile rule. I gave it 5 stars because, come on, it’s the Grand Canyon and you do get some amazing views.

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