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I would recommend starting early in the morning between 6–7am. First, it can get very hot as you descend into the canyon. You want to start the return trip before the afternoon heat sets in. Second, if you leave early you can avoid the crowds from the tour buses. It’s a stunning hike. I don’t think it deserves a ‘hard’ rating but that’s relative. Bring plenty of water, a hat and sunscreen.

Amazing views the whole way down! Don’t be deceived by the short mileage, this hike can be tough on the way back especially if you don’t go early in the morning. There are water bottle filling stations every 1.5 miles though!

Incredible. Be ready for a grueling climb back to the top of Bright Angel Trail.

I almost done want to leave a review to keep this spot secret. It is kinda difficult to find because there are no signs of any kind, and the map the give you at the entrance center is a joke. I literally waited for the “dots” to line up on the all trials app. The trail it’s self is more forested on both sides and there are NO Canyon views along the mile or so walk, HOWEVER, when you do reach the “end,” you rewarded with an amazing view and likely will able to enjoy it to yourself.

It was my favorite place we saw at the park, granted we only had a few hours, but I feel like it would be hard to beat!

A lot of reviews say go to the “end” but never really say what the end is.. the fire road/trail will open up a bit and there will be a small lookout view before some picnic tables, keep going past them about 50 yards or so, and head out along towards a point. If you don’t see a large standing rock near the edge, your in the wrong spot.

Excellent pay off with views of the Colorado.

Fun trail, but be warned to bring plenty of water and food to snack on. Would recommend definitely leaving as early as possible because once that sun is out the ascend back up the canyon can become quite strenuous. If you decide to go past skeleton point, be prepared to have some pretty steep points, upon returning. Overall would do this again, but would plan to leave earlier than 9am.

Amazing, but challenging hike. Once you make it to Plateau Point you are treated to an amazing view back towards the south of the canyon. bring plenty of water and check to see which water stations are open.

10 days ago

Very easy, flat, dog friendly trail. Though probably not wheelchair accessible, my father who uses an electric scooter was able to go on this trail, as the path is flat and hard dirt (a few rocks but easy to get around). At the end of the trail on the overlook of the canyon, there are many picnic tables and grills. Easy parking at the trailhead (I just google mapped the trail and it leads directly to the parking area).

Did this a few days ago, great way to beat the crowds! Stunning vista from the view point at the end (ensure you keep following the track past the campsite/toilet right to the end, there is no actual sign for it and i noticed a lot of people turned back early). Tough hike back out so be prepared for that and take plenty of water as you'll need it. Done in fairly good pace, just under 4 hours :)

My wife and I just did this hike. Amazing views. A bit challenging to go back up, yet overall experience was great. We did it in 3h20m at a very slow pace, taking lots of pics along the way.

Amazing views the entire hike! My girlfriend and I did it in about 3 hours (including photo stops and a snack break at skeleton point). Going down is easy. Up was a different story! Great hike though, one of my favorites.

Great trail with fantastic views at every turn. Total hiking time for my wife and I was 4.5 hours which included many stops for pictures and a light snack/photo/water break at Cedar Ridge and Skeleton Point.

I'd say it's very busy at OohAhh Point, a few less people at Cedar Ridge (also more space to spread out) and only a few people continue all the way to Skeleton Point or beyond.

Easy walk on the way down to the river, unbelievable views that you can’t miss! The walk back is quite difficult and requires you to be in excellent shape! The whole trek took us around 7 hours with breaks and photo ops.

20 days ago

The bomb!!

Did this hike at the end of April. Road getting out was pretty serious. Definitely need some ground clearance. We were expecting to pay $25 bucks to on the Havasupai reservation but nobody was at the gate so we just went through. Great views at the trailhead. As should be expected, the trail is steep with lots of loose rock. Very easy to slip. Took 4 liters going down and cached 2 at the edge of the esplanade. Also had a filter to refill at the river. We camped at the river on a nice little beach. Had packed an inflatable raft to cross to the north side which we did (had to put in about a 1/4 mile down river to avoid some rapids). Explored the north side a bit before heading up river and crossing back to the south. My garmin recorded almost 8 miles to the river. Left at 4am to hike out and caught sun on the first climb and the esplanade. Lots of good shade on the second climb. It was a good hike with great views. I think it took us 3-4 hr going down and 6-7 going up (with an hour break at the esplanade).

20 days ago

Beautiful introduction to Grand Canyon

Hiked this in April 2016 and it was my 3rd time to the springs. Along the way there are some spectacular views down the ravines. Once at the springs, I decided to do a loop by continuing on the trail and exit back to the south rim via Eremita Mesa. This will bring you out to the jeep access roads which you can follow back to the shuttle bus stop at the Abyss. Total distance for this loop was 11.3 miles. The last several were a bit tedious as it's mostly flat-ish and view-less walking on the forest service roads. Be forwarned that there are no signs marking your directions or progress mileage after passing Dripping Springs, so you'll need to be aware of your directions on the return if you plan to hike back to Hermit Road this way.

Arrive half an hour before sunset so you can reach ooh aah point. Spectacular views. Also cooler to hike back up in mostly shade. Hiked to skeleton point (1h24m) and back up (1h45m). Few hikers in the morning. Bring lots of snacks and 3l of water each. A truly spectacular hike.

If you have to choose one day hike at the Grand Canyon, I recommend this one.

As reference, I completed the South Kaibab Trail to Skeleton Point the day before the Bright Angel Trail.

Difficulty: I thought the Bright Angel Trail to Plateau Point was easier than the South Kaibab Trail (I might have also paced myself better). The trail flattens out before reaching the Indian Gardens point (4.5 miles). If you're used to walking long distances, the walk from Indian Gardens to Plateau Point and back should be a breeze. The uphill is very gradual, so if you keep a proper pace, you shouldn't need breaks. It took me a little over 5 hours to complete the trail (includes a 20 minute lunch break at the plateau and many short stops to take selfies and landscape shots). The signs at the Visitor Center for the trail overestimate the estimated completion time (8 - 12 hours) for experienced hikers.

Scenery: The ever-so-common views from the Rim Trail evolve as you walk deeper into the canyon. I would say the views are similar to South Kaibab up until you reach Indian Gardens. Once you reach this point, you are in an oasis. Because the trail is relatively flat after this point, you can actually look up and enjoy the scenery without stopping. The greenery with the canyon backdrop is just stunning. I was almost in tears as I walked from the campsite area to the Plateau Point. But oh man... Once you reach the Plateau Point... I couldn't stop myself from swearing. The hike is completely worth it. Spend some time at the point to enjoy a snack or lunch. Every degree of the 360 is beautiful. I'm pretty sure I took pictures of the same view about 20x.

Trail: The trail itself is a dirt path and easy to follow. Just follow the signs once you reach the campsite. There is a point where the trail splits to lead to the Plateau Point or the Phantom Ranch / Columbia River. Beware of the mule dung / urine. I assume there is at least 1 pack of mules traveling up and 1 traveling down each day. This means that there are multiple points throughout the trail that do not smell very good.

Tips: I learned an important lesson on my hike on the South Kaibab Trail the day before. Don't breathe in through your mouth. After hiking in more forest settings, I was not used to the amount of dust that kicks up in the dry setting. I made the mistake of breathing through my mouth the day before, and I ended up chugging way too much water. If your mouth stills feels dry despite breathing through your nose, keep a small amount of water in your mouth to keep your mouth moist. Stay hydrated, but don't chug. Your stomach won't like it.

25 days ago

We parked at visitors center by Mather Point. Took blue bus, and switched to red bus to Hermits Rest. That’s where we started walking the rim toward our car. I believe it was a good decision to go that way because for the most part you’ll be going downhill. First two miles we hiked on the very rim. That first two miles are not on the map. On the map you would see paved greenway, but there is hidden gem trail as well, right on the edge of the rim. I would consider these trail as Moderate. It is mostly few feet wide with the rock wall on the right and 3000 feet drop on the left. Don’t look down!! Not suitable for kids and dogs. We walked back 11.22 miles from Hermits Rest. First 6 miles are the most enjoyable and difficult, almost no people, and last 4-5 miles were paved and repetitive but still very nice. Highly recommend.

We are 62 and live in Asheville NC. This hike is very demanding on the return. Make sure you stop frequently and have plenty of fluids and food. The views were worth the post suffering.

The view the whole way is amazing! The hike itself is not long to what I’m used to. Going down hill is super easy, it’s going back up to the top that you have to worry about!!! When you’re going back up I suggest taking it easy and taking your time. The view is amazing so take your breaks and take some good pictures. I say bring water and bring snack to eat. Overall it was fun and definitely an experience you don’t get everyday!

Really nice short trail. The views are amazing and it's not very tough, just perfect hike for half a day. It'd have been so much better if there were no mules on the trail.

Killer day hike. Leave early and spend time at the point. Take snacks or lunch and plenty of water.

did this three times before. While it is challenging, the views you get to see down at the skeleton point worth the effort. On average , it took me about 3.5-4 hours round trip. Lots of water needed

Amazing hike into the canyon! The views were tremendous. My husband and I started around 11 and ended at 2:30. We brought 3 liters of water and lots of trail mix and fruit. Winds were about 30 mph but wasn’t a hazard. Highly recommend this trail to anyone visiting the GC. The orange shuttle takes you about 1/4 mile from the trailhead.

Nice hike. Took us 2 hours there and 3 back including a break for lunch at dripping springs. Nice views throughout and not many other people. Ran into a few on the trail. The springs is not spectacular, but it’s interesting.

wowoowowowowowow that was the coolest thing I did at the Grand canyon, definitely strenuous and took me 7 hours I'm somewhat in shape and I was sore the day after, bring a loooot of water not for beginners I'd say especially in hot weather

We did the hike only up to the 1.5 mile point plus a little bit further, before turning back. The views are amazing, lots of switchbacks to drink up the views and you’ll be able to get some great pictures

As noted by others, the view doesn’t change that much all the way through but it is such a breath taking view so I personally really enjoyed it

We also did the South Kaibab trail hike which had more variations of views (but not as ‘breath taking’ imho). So recommend doing South Kaibab if you can only do one, but highly recommend both

PS. Hopi Point is very close by via the red shuttle, this is rated as the best place to see sunset and can confirm it was awesome!

Great trail to see the Grand Canyon. It could get very windy and kick up a lot of dust at times. Overall it was a very fun challenge.

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