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I gone down 2 hours and 45 min., and up 3 hours and 27 min.
It was very hard but perfectly flow feeling.

I did this trail in reverse (Bright Angel to Kaibab). It took about 7 hours. I brought three liters of water and ran out with three miles to go. Not good! I'd bring four next time. You can probably get away with three going the opposite direction because there is a fill up station at the Indian Garden campground before the last uphill push to Bright Angel trailhead. The weather is beautiful in mid-October. The scenery is the most consistently spectacular of any hike I've done. Enjoy!

5 days ago

This was our 3rd day on our backpacking trip and assent. We started just above Papago Falls because we lost daylight and didn’t make it to Hance Rapids. It started raining just as we were packing up the tent and continued all day. I would have rated this a nicer hiker if it wasn’t for the weather. The trail was nice and gradual up the creek bed and then an uphill battle. I never felt any of the sections of the trail were dangerous even tho they looked it, it was pretty well marked with cairns. It started snowing heavily as we approached the rim which after being soaked from rain the snow killed our moral and made it difficult and dangerous to see the trail. It seemed like we would never make it to the top and were so happy to see the Trail marker. We parked on the side of the road near the trail head so it wasn’t a far walk out. This is a very difficult uphill do not underestimate the climb or the weather.

Breathtaking views throughout. This trail takes you through some different terrain unlike South Kaibab and Bright Angel. I did Grandview to Cottonwood Creek to Tonto to Hance Creek and back up Grandview. Started about 6AM and finished about 2:30 PM with plenty of photo stops and snack breaks. It did rain in the beginning causing the route down to Horseshoe Mesa to be quit slippery. Bring plenty of water. I consumed 4L. Also brings pants....lots of brush/cactus especially on the Tonto over hanging onto the trail. Not super populated, I saw 2 rangers and about 10 hikers all around. The trail itself was relatively easy to follow and I did not feel the need to use GPS.

We were flooded with emotions when we reached the top of North Rim after 10.5 hours of trekking through the most magnificent canyon. A must do for pain seekers!

Wife and I hiked South Kaibab down to the river, then back up via Bright Angel on Sat, 10/6. We definitely enjoyed the hike and lucked out having an overcast day and a little rain drizzle on the final 4 miles up Bright Angel. Here were our stats in case you are trying to do some planning for your own trip.

South Kaibab to Cedar Ridge - 42 min (we were stuck behind mules at the start of the hike and stopped to take off clothing layers)
Cedar Ridge to Skeleton Point - 30 min
Skeleton Point to Tip Off - 32 min
Tip Off to Silver Bridge - 1hr 3min
Silver Bridge to Indian Garden - 1hr 47min
Indian Garden to 3 Mile House - 39 min
3 Mile House to 1.5 Mile Rest House - 38 min
1.5 Mile Rest House to Bright Angel Trailhead - 40 min

Strava Stats
16.5mi - Distance
6:13:33 - Moving Time
7:17 - Elapsed Time
4,791ft - Elevation Gain
22:32/mi - Average Pace

Beautiful hike with beautiful views! Took us a little over two hours round trip, with a lunch break at the bottom. Easy going down, so don't let that fool you. Coming up will have your heart pumping and your thighs burning!

Relatively easy hike. Climbed down a few rocks to get to a more secluded spot, but there are some great spots out on the ledge to sit and have lunch, very peaceful with nice views.

One of my favorite trails in the park! Hiked it multiple times while at the canyon. Please please if you pan to do it bring water! There is NO water access on this trail. Bring at least a liter per person, more if it’s during the summer. Beautiful views and once you get to the ridge it opens up and you can see all around the canyon. Difficult but doable if you take your time. Wear proper footwear, I don’t recommend sandals.

Was a great hike
Very crowded the first few miles but then the crowds thin out the deeper you go , around the 3 mile mark
I disagree with a lot of. Reviews here about it’s difficulty , I exercise but am by no means in great condition and found the hike relatively easy
Just enjoy you’re surroundings and take it all in , the miles will pass by before you know it !!

Loved this hike! We did it in March, and got up early to do it so it was pretty cool for our whole hike. We did down and back to Cedar Ridge in 2 hours, but it was a challenge! Getting up early to beat the spring break crowds was definitely worth it, and we were able to catch views of some mountain goat hiking the trail next to us!

I have hiked the canyon 5 times in 5 years. I’ve done this hike twice this year, one on May 18th, the other on Sep 29th. The weather was similar both times 80 day & 45 night. The second time we had a little less daylight to work with so carry a head light. It took a little longer the second time because waterlines were broken at the bottom and had to walk into Phantom Ranch to use restrooms and get water. One could carry a filter and water up in the streams but I wouldn’t recommend the Colorado River.
There is something about hiking this Canyon that is addicting. Being at the bottom and working your way up is taxing but the shear majesty of this work of art is beyond breathtaking. The challenge of the climb is also something to brag about.
I’m 67 & had a total knee replacement at 61, I will hike this trail until my body won’t let me.

Fantastic but tough hike! I felt pretty confident going in, however the elevation change kicked my butt big time. At the 3 mile rest stop I felt slightly dizzy and could tell my hands were a bit swollen. Miles later, it was so much worse obviously as the elevation continuously changes throughout. I had to stop for awhile as my arms were so swollen I thought they would burst. A good rest and elevating my arms helped me snap out of it and continue on to make it 15 of the 17 miles.

The trail is well maintained, there are plenty of rest stops along the way, the weather was perfect when we went. I think it’s more the length of the trail, not being properly prepared, hiking during hotter times of day, and of course the elevation that can make this hike extremely difficult rather than the actual trail itself. It definitely is nerve wracking being all the way in the canyon knowing it’s up to you to get yourself back out!

When I go again, I will bring hiking poles to elevate my arms a bit, and pace myself more just to allow my body to properly acclimate so I don’t have the same issue! Otherwise it was amazing and I can’t wait to go back!

Hard but very rewarding when you finish it!

Strenuous trail, but absolutely beautiful! Continuously drink water and snack throughout hike. Took about 3 hours to get about 1/2 mile past Indian Garden and 3.5 hours back up to Bright Angel Trailhead on South Rim. I've done this trail 2x and I'm glad I prepared each time by doing lots of cardio. Much better experience the second time...more prepared. Highly recommend walking sticks...helps when your legs are fatigued in order to help get up the trail steps (which can be a bit tall at times). Enjoy!!

Bring water. Great scenery and the farther you go, the less people you see.

1 month ago

My wife an I arrived at the the Desert View entrance to the Grand Canyon on September 16 at 7 am. I immediately called the Grand Canyon taxi service, and was promptly met at the Grandview trailhead 30 minutes later. He shuttled us to the Tanner trailhead where we began our journey. The temperature at the rim was in the low 60's, but with each step deeper into the canyon, the heat became more noticeable.

The first five miles were fun, but below the Redwall and 100° heat we entered a virtual frying pan. Only by digging very, very deep into our energy reserves did we reach the river. We camped right next to the river at Tanner Beach so we occasionally caught a cool breeze.

We started each day's hike by 5:30 am, using headlamps for a bit before the dawn light showed us the path. We finished each day around 1 pm. While hiking we never passed up a chance to rest in the shade. We carried a topographical map and Delorme GPS - both of which proved valuable as route finding is not to be treated lightly. Cairns are frequently spotted but in the some places the trail is lost in rocks and scree.

Day 2 was a hot, brutal, beautiful trudge, and for some reason Springsteen's "The Ghost of Tom Joad" became my trekking song. We passed Cardenas Beach and doused our shirts with cold river water and refilled our water bags and bottles. We eventually reached the Escalante Creek beach at the Colorado River, where we enjoyed the most beautiful campsite on this trek.

Day 3 was a blast, as we navigated our way through the labyrinth of 75 mile canyon, then over the 30' high Papago wall, a class 3 scramble. Make sure that you don't go too far up the pitch here as we did! We missed the cairns and struggled to find the trail until we backtracked a bit. Fortunately, we prevailed and eventually found the Papago Slide, which was tricky but fun. 30 minutes of moderate walking took us to Red Canyon and Hance Rapids, where we set up camp in the shade. The temperature never dropped below 90° that night, so sleeping was fairly miserable.

The only people we encountered for 3 days were Colorado River rafters, and we did appreciate that they checked to see how we were doing.

We were especially fortunate to have cloud cover on day 4, as we ascended the Tonto 2500 feet to Horseshoe Mesa. A small stream of cool water provided relief at Hance Creek. Page Spring was also a delight. We were hit by a thunderstorm here - and quickly set up our tent and hunkered down for the night, listening to the rain and rocks sliding down the canyon sides.

On day 5 we made the final push back to the rim under clear skies, mostly in the shadows caused by the cliffs. The temperature dropped into the 60's, which felt like Heaven! Carol and I were both overcame with emotion as we reached the end of our journey. I think we have earned the right to be called "advanced" backpackers.

Great hike. Only made it to the 1.5 mile mark cause I started late afternoon and it was hot. Amazing views the entire hike.

Did the whole loop with the spring, absolutely amazing and worth it. All that's written is correct, so take a lot of water (I drank 6.5L, not sure it was enough), bring salty foods and use this fantastic app to help you find the way, as it's not marked at all (if you zoom in on all parts of the trail when you're online, the map will remain clear even when you're offline and the GPS signal is great throughout the trail, so you can see exactly where you are all the time).

Gorgeous trip. Might be obvious to some- but note that this trail starts halfway down Bright Angel, NOT at the rim.
The beach by the river was really nice, lots of fire ants though, so watch out.
The trail crosses a lot of small streams, you might get your feet wet if your shoes are not waterproof. Quite a steep incline through parts of it, others are very flat.
Took us 1.5 hours in and about 1.75 hours on the way back, with a half hour stop for lunch by the river. We were hiking at a very fast pace, chasing the sunlight.
There are places to rest in the shade. It’s worth getting all the way down there!

One of the nicest trails we have been on . I would consider it an easy trail for me . However, i enjoy a good challenge cardio wise up hill.

Great but don’t go with small children we lost one child he fell off.

Absolutely stunning. Did this in mid August. Started at 6AM. Made it down and up by 2PM, with about an hour of sitting at the bottom and another hour 2/3 of the way up. It was very hot by the time I was coming back up. Once you make it past the 3 mile house, there are a lot fewer people. I felt terrible for the people at the top when I came back up because it was so muggy that the North Rim wasn't visible, but once you make it a few miles down, you can see everything!

The best part of the hike was the last few miles. The views inside of the canyon itself are better than the ones from the top because there are fewer people, and because you get an up close look at the rock formations in the distance.

Don't do this hike unless you know what you're in for! Almost 18 miles and 5k feet in elevation is no joke.

My daughter and I did this trail in the middle of May. Made it down to the 3 mile rest house. I wanted to go further but the ranger talked us into saving some energy and do some of the rim trail. Glad we did we even grabbed some food and stayed around for the sunset. Once in a lifetime.

What an absolute blast! The trail is well maintained and wide. Talk about spectacular views! I highly recommend for avid and intense hikers!

on Grandview Trail Loop

2 months ago

My favorite experience in the park! If you hike down far enough, you have solitude for most of the way as most turn back early. It’s a steep trail but more shade than other trails (bright angel, south Kaibab). Very peaceful and different views the whole way.

Breath-taking views, the dissent is pleasant, however the return up is pretty strenuous.

Amazing views. Start early (6am) in August and bring water.

amazing trail! definitely difficult on the last 3 miles going up to bright angel trail. went in aug 11th, temp was about 105 deg. take at least 4 liters of water per person. I took 2 and still wasn't enough. barely made it to the next water point on the Colorado river. make sure you bring electrolytes in any form. the heat and sweat will drain you! salty snacks are a must and maybe some extra socks if you wanna take a dip in a tiny body of water. will be a while till I do this one again.

Great hike!!! If you want to challenge yourself further, go down to Skeleton Point and back, it should take an extra 2 hours.

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